Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: How Michael Jung Spends the Eventing Off-Season


FischerSolution erreicht den 11. Platz im Rolex Grand Prix über 1,60m💪🏼✨🎉
Es war ein wahnsinns Gefühl diesen Parcours mit ihr zu reiten 🚀
fischer group

Posted by Michael Jung on Sunday, December 10, 2017

One might be fooled into thinking Michael Jung would take time off from being completely amazing and enjoy a quiet winter break, but you don’t become World Number 1 by laying on the couch and drinking hot chocolate until spring.

While the eventing season is on a short holiday, Jung has been honing his skills in the jumper ring. It’s no secret he competes regularly in pure show jumping, but lately he’s appearing on some of the sport’s biggest stages.

At the 1.60m Rolex Grand Prix of Geneva in Switzerland earlier this month, where Kent Farrington won the star-studded division aboard Gazelle, Jung and the 8-year-old Westphalian mare fischerSolution finished 11th after a gorgeous round with just one rail down at the second to last fence. Watch their round above and click here to watch the entire class.

What could be next for Jung? Do you think he might tackle an Olympic path in show jumping?

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