Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Ingrid Klimke, Parmenides Earn Style Points at Gahlen Indoor Eventing


Das hat wieder riesig Spaß gemacht! Gahlen ist einfach immer wieder ein spannender Jahresauftakt!

Posted by Parmenides on Sunday, January 7, 2018

While arena eventing is gaining popularity worldwide, it still garners some criticism for the fact that a timed round may encourage riders to run too fast at solid fences. However, the organizers at Reiterverein Lippe-Bruch Gahlen in Germany may be on to something.

Best I can tell from the German to English translation of this report, their indoor eventing competition last weekend was judged on both time and style, as demonstrated by Ingrid Klimke and Parmenides in the above video. Former German eventing coach Martin Plewa and announcer Volker Raulf discussed each performance, informing the audience on what the judges were looking for and how they might score.

It’s a new format for indoor eventing–an inherently spectator friendly showcase of the sport–that still has some development ahead. Rider Jens Hoffrogge commented, “We riders were also a bit unsure how and if a short turn will be rewarded or not. This then affects the pace and the mood among the spectators.”

Vanessa Bölting ultimately found the new format agreeable and took the top two placings with Carlson B 2 and Comtesse 208 on scores of 8.5 and 8.3, respectively.

Ingrid’s lovely, smooth and controlled trip with Parmenides was rewarded with an 8.2 for third place. Ingrid and the 14-year-old Trakehner gelding owned by his breeders Marion and Eric Gottschalk have been longtime partners. They competed up to the CIC3* level in eventing are are now competitive in pure show jumping. Ingrid tugs at our heart strings when she shares that with Parmenides, “every round is a gift.”

[Gahlen 2018 – Double Success for Bölting]


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