Weekend Winners: Groton House, New Jersey, Chatt Hills, South Farm

Groton House Farm H.T. Preliminary Training winners Madeline Hartsock & Prinz S.W. Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

Can I start this week’s edition by just raving over our cover model a bit? I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Madeline Hartsock‘s Prinz S.W. since seeing them win the Junior Training division at the AEC last year. Square knees, pricked pony ears, expression like a kid on Christmas morning and a tail so bushy you could hang Christmas ornaments from it … I can’t even deal. Madeline and her 9-year-old German Sport Horse Pony (PR. H. Principal Boy x St. Pr. St. Hauptsutbuch Bienchen) won the Preliminary Training division at Groton House Farm H.T. over the weekend — congrats to this dynamic duo!

Another shout-out to the lowest finishing score in the country of the weekend: a 21.1 earned by Emily Beshear and Templewood in a division of Open Preliminary at Horse Park of New Jersey I H.T. Well-played.

And now for your weekend winners!

Groton House Farm H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]
Intermediate Preliminary: Katie Lichten & RF Luminati (36.7)
Junior Young Rider Open Preliminary: Abigail Niles & Carrick Finest Lad (29.2)
Open Preliminary: Jasmine Jencks & D’Paradi (34.2)
Junior Open Training: Abigail Niles & Delight (34.5)
Preliminary Training: Madeline Hartsock & Prinz S.W. (31.5)
Senior Open Training-A: Barbara Cassani & King’s Mustard (30.7)
Senior Open Training-B: Annie Read & Carolina PCH (31.8)
Senior Open Training-C: Beth Murphy & It’s Me (24.8)
Junior Open Novice-A: Dean Tengdin & Watson’s Autumn (32.6)
Junior Open Novice-B: Madison Haney & Revelation (26.2)
Senior Open Novice-A: Meaghan Wood & Make Change (27.4)
Senior Open Novice-B: Sarah Noble & Man About Town (27.6)
Senior Open Novice-C: Jean Detert & Dorchis (32.0)
Senior Open Novice-D: Mike Robbins & Alexander (24.5)
Training Novice: Nancy Read & Caribe PCH (26.0)

Many thanks toJoan Davis of Flatlandsfoto for this photo gallery of Groton House Farm winners!

Horse Park of New Jersey I H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]
Advanced: Buck Davidson & Carlevo (31.3)
Open Intermediate-A: Maya Black & Black Ice (41.2)
Open Intermediate-B: Caroline Martin & Cristano Z (31.3)
Open Preliminary-A: Emily Beshear & Templewood (21.1)
Open Preliminary-B: Maya Black & Miks Master C (28.9)
Open Preliminary-C: Emily Beshear & LVS Jackson (31.8)
Open Training-A: Mikki Kuchta & Cano Cristales (28.5)
Open Training-B: Bobby Meyerhoff & Lumumba (29.3)
Training Rider-A: Goldie Roth & Rain Dancer (44.0)
Training Rider-B: Elizabeth Posillico & Hill Dancer (27.5)
Novice Rider-A: Cindi Cauffman & Lamondale Florinia (33.8)
Novice Rider-B: Emeline Gilbert & Herr Winzig (28.6)
Open Novice-A: Skyler Decker & Excel Star Eminem m2s (32.4)
Open Novice-B: Amanda Beale Clement & BE Kilgoric Felix (28.6)
Beginner Novice Rider: Michelle Donelan & Rocket Man (34.0)
Open Beginner Novice: Lindsay Hafer & Reflecktions (31.3)

3rd in Training and Champion in TIP🦄💕 ran and jumped his little heart out

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Chattahoochee Hills H.T. [Website] [Live Scores]
Open Intermediate-A: Leslie Law & QC First Class (36.1)
Open Intermediate-B: Leslie Law & JKF Vogue (37.2)
Open Preliminary-A: Andrew McConnon & Bossinova (30.0)
Open Preliminary-B: Lauren Hoover & Atlanta VII (33.6)
Open Preliminary-C: Arden Stephens & Ultra T (43.1)
Open Training: Julie Norman & La Sonrisa (26.4)
Training Rider-A: Cindy Phillips & 3rd Times The Charm (28.1)
Training Rider-B: Hannah Page & WHF Wilhelmina (32.9)
Novice Rider-A: Christy Wood & Queen Valentine (33.1)
Novice Rider-B: Kaitlyn Brittendall & Blyth’s Madeline GS (31.8)
Open Novice: Charlotte Cloudsdale & Oxygen (28.8)
Beginner Novice Rider-A: Erin Walker & Cinerescent (29.4)
Beginner Novice Rider-B: Anna Mitchell & All That Hoopla (37.9)
Open Beginner Novice: Sarah Dunkerton & Here’s Hope (32.8)

South Farm H.T. [Website] [Results]
Preliminary: Charlotte La Bouff & Elizabeth Henry (28.9)
Training A: Wishful Thinking & Barbara Lyons-Sprouse (38.8)
Training B: Lady Hannah B & Kendahl Holden (33.6)
Novice A: Drummer Boy & Madeline Bletzacker (24.5)
Novice B: Princess Bailey & Samantha Bonath (29.8)
Novice C: Dartanyan & Samantha Szpak (35.7)
Beginner Novice A: Lyric Corinna & Garcia (27.2)
Beginner Novice B: M. Graham & Tiffany McDermott (35.6)
Beginner Novice C: Watercolors & Marion Dix (31.7)
Starter: Ltl Ireland Summr Soldier & Hannah Reeser (28.9)

I like my ribbons like I like my horses…Brown 😂😂 #successatsouthfarm

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