#DogsOfEN: Plantation Field International Edition

Your dogs were out and about over the weekend at Plantation Field International Horse Trials in Unionville, Pennsylvania! This canine-friendly event even featured demonstrations from Tail Blazers Agility Club of the Brandywine Valley, PA.

is taking a painting break… The most beautiful dogs and horses at this #plantationfieldinternational #pennsylvania today….❤️

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The course is ready! #tbacagility

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It is agility time! #tbacagility

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Other dogs opted to tackle Plantation’s cross country track, check out the trade fair or just bum around the barns. Here are a few of your photos from the event!

Toonie says this line is a trotting 20 when you are a Clumber. #livingwithclumbers #outstandinginafield

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Wonderful day with @yogamox at plantation field horse trials!!!!!

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Walter testing out the CIC** drop into water #futureeventdog #greatform #jackrussellterrier @ab.butler @mcmechan

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He is just a very tired little dog.

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She's the best #blacklabs #stellathelab #blacklabsmatter #labsofinstagram #countymodel #countysaddlery #cosequin #cosequinmodel

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Demo day! ❤️❤️

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And our honorable mention animal of the week, Boomer the goat!

Meeting lots of friends! #plantationhorsetrials

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Go Eventing, and bring your dogs!