Friday Video from SmartPak: Meet YOUR New Frangible Fences at Plantation Field

That’s right, folks — these ones are entirely down to you and the huge effort of the eventing community in raising vital funds for frangible technology. The two new tables — one at Intermediate, one at Preliminary — will make their debut this weekend at Plantation Field, and charity maven and all-around go-getter Jon Holling is on hand to give us all a first glimpse.

Frangible technology, as we all know, is no joke, and the eventing world is hard at work to figure out ways to make our sport safer without sacrificing the elements that make it unique. One of the most reliable methods for increasing safety is the widespread use of technology, such as frangibles and MIMS clips, which allow a fence to collapse out of the way when struck, minimising the risk of a rotational fall, which tends to occur when a horse hits an immovable obstacle. The only problem? These useful little guys aren’t cheap – in fact, the cost averages out at around $1,000 per fence. While the USEA supplies a frangible grants each year totalling $26,000 per annum, it’s become clear that the need for this technology significantly outweighs the funds allocated to it.

After a series of tragic accidents last year, 5* rider Jon had had enough. He teamed up with Leslie Law, Kyle Carter, Emily Holmes, Andy Bowles, Doug Payne, and Robert Kellerhouse to try to realise a huge goal: raise $500,000 to ensure that all tables at Preliminary and above would be fitted with frangibles by 2023. So far, that fundraiser is at over $80,000, and this weekend, you’ll get to see the first fruits of their — and your — efforts in action.

Positive action and big results — it’s what the eventing family does best.

Go Eventing!