Cross Country Costume Party! Plantation Field Halloween Starter Horse Trials Photo Gallery

Seriously, SERIOUSLY guys!! The Plantation Field Halloween Costume Starter Horse Trials is a no-miss holiday tradition. Held on Saturday, Nov. 2, it was a complete blast to see people out there dressing up and getting things done. Halloween costumes were encouraged, and while some people chose not to dress up, those that did … wow!

There were angels, devils, sports teams, monkeys, skeletons and, my personal favorite, a Christmas themed outfit. The horse had bells everywhere, and you could hear it throughout the cross-country course like Santa’s sleigh in the night sky. What an awesome sport that pony was!

Monica Fiss Burdette’s elf is named Valentino. No knowledge of his ability to sit on a shelf. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

One of the other talks of the event was the spotted lantern fly costume. Those invasive creatures have been seen at Plantation on more than one occasion.

Natalie Haggard was the talk of the show with her spotted lantern fly! Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

The school bus costume was also a huge hit!

Sarah Bryan and The Magic School Bus that is Indian Outlaw. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

The course was inviting, with stadium held in a lower field this time, and people had a ton of fun. People’s imagination really showed through their costume designs. You could also tell there was a balance of costume must-haves vs. what may or may not cause your horse to not be a happy camper. Hmm … if I wear these wings, will they stay on through cross country?

Rylie Nelson and Donaghy prove feathers & wings should be standard attire. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

Jessica Werner knows is tis the season for Chia Pets!

Lynn Kundravi and her fluffy Popcorn. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

Lila Rhodes was top of the pecking order! Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

Even spectators got into the Halloween spirit.

Release your inner dragon. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

They had hot cider at the food truck, which was also a big hit, as the show started out a little windy and chilly! I was supposed to be competing, but alas my horse messed up a shoe the night before the show, and I did not get to debut my little red riding hood and the big bad chestnut wolf out on the Beginner Novice course. Until next year ….

I got a chance to chat with Amy Dragoo, one of area II’s favorite event photographers. She said, “The first year we had only one person, who made her bumble bee with black tape and a crop stuck to her butt. This year my dad has been gone 12 years. It is such a fun way to honor my dad. Halloween was a favorite of his, and he died on Día de Muertos so it is my way of honoring him.”

Regina Turner nailed the Día de Muertos theme beautifully. Photo by Amy Dragoo Photography.

Thanks so much to Plantation Field for hosting another special event, and to Amy Dragoo Photography for the amazing photos and very punny (haha) captions!

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