10 Best Reader Comments About WEG Rider Housing

Photo via @normandy2014 Twitter account Photo via @normandy2014 Twitter account

The @normandy2014 Twitter account posted this … quaint … photo yesterday of eventing rider housing for the World Equestrian Games, and the photo received a number of hilarious comments on our Facebook page. We just hope the riders packed light! Here are our top 10 favorite reader comments about the dollhouse-style bunks our riders will be sleeping in next week.

10. Jennifer Carazo: “Well at least they’re close to the venue.”

9. Judi Campbell: “Box stall for humans?”

8. Jodi Millan-Cooper: “I’m guessing the grooms stay here, not the riders.” (GUESS AGAIN, JODI!)

7. Liz Millikin: “God help you if you are claustrophobic.”

6. Nicky Harris: “Wow. Hope it has a toilet and shower at least. Wouldn’t look right if the riders were showering with the horses.”

5. Gloria Schaefer: “No shavings?”

4. Katie Ryan Walker: “The barracks.”

3. Heather Brandon: “Kind of reminds me of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

2. Hawley Bennett-Awad: “Snuggle sessions.”

1. Kurt Breitenstein: “I want one of those for my backyard … perfect place for the mother-in-law!”

Go Eventing.

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