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Contest Alert! Win an Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Sheet

The Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Sheet. Image courtesy of World Equestrian Brands.

Summer officially starts on Friday, and we are celebrating the change in season by teaming up with EN’s amazing sponsor World Equestrian Brands to give away the new Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Sheet. This fly sheet has a slew of features to help protect your horse from sun, dirt and pesky insects this summer.

  • Purposefully colored yellow mesh to help repel flies (read more about the color in this University of Florida study)
  • UV protection to help reduce bleaching from the sun
  • Lightweight mesh keeps horses cool on warmer days
  • Adjustable straps on the neck with a stretch hood over the ears
  • Anti-rub lining on the neck, withers and chest
  • Clips on the chest for easy blanketing
  • Belly flap with adjustable straps
  • Long tail flap with plastic covered fillet string for easy cleaning

How to enter: It’s easy! Simply snap a selfie with your horse — or anyone’s horse (we’re not picky!) — and email it to [email protected] Entries are due by midnight EST on Sunday, June 24. The EN team will select our favorite selfies and post them next week so you, dear readers, can vote for the winner.

The Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Sheet retails at $135. Learn more about the fly sheet here.

Good luck to all! Go Eventing.

Canada Names Eventing Team for 2019 Pan American Games

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Canada has named the eventing team for the 2019 Pan American Games, which will take place Aug. 1-4 in Lima, Peru. Like the U.S., Canada must win team gold or silver to secure qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Congratulations to the following four combinations named to the Canadian Eventing Team, as well as the four reserves:

[Canadian Equestrian Team Nominated for Lima 2019 Pan American Games]

Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: A Different Kind of Helmet Cam

This helmet cam is the first of its kind, giving viewers the chance to see what upper level cross country prep looks like from the perspective of the groom. From the grooming, tacking, studding and greasing, “ride” along as you help Anna Siemer prepare for cross country at Luhmühlen.

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Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Bay Mare Don’t Care

Mares. It’s love ’em or hate ’em, apparently. I’ve met numerous people who have claimed that they’ll never own one. They’re just too opinionated, or moody, or sensitive, they say.

I say that’s ridiculous. Get a good mare on your side and you’ll have a trusted partner for life. Not to mention they’re just as tough and athletic as the boys — may I reminded you that two out of the last three five-star winning horses have been mares?

This week we’ve found three bay mares all described as being completely lovely and kind. Bring any one of these ladies home and give them a chance — they might just turn you into a mare person!

Red Brook Road. Photo via Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds.

Red Brook Road (BELLAMY ROAD – ESSA BRILHA (BRZ), BY ROI NORMAND): 2014 16.3-hand New York-bred mare

This daughter of Bellamy Road is a true barn favorite — not a single person present at her Finger Lakes Finest photoshoot had anything even remotely negative to say about her. “Brook” is impeccably well-mannered, a very good thing given how tall she is, which she displayed during her photoshoot by standing like a rock during the windy, rainy weather while her photo as being taken. Her groom reports that she is very kind and doesn’t even need to be tied for grooming and tacking.

Brook has enjoyed a fairly light racing schedule of just a couple races per year and has enjoyed turnout time at her owner’s farm, which she is reported to love, during her downtime. This is the kind of easy-going mare that should adjust to life in a stable as a riding horse just swimmingly.

Located at Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington, NY.

View Red Brook Road on Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds, Inc.

Cubbie Girl North. Photo via CANTER Illinois.

Cubbie Girl North (AMERICAN LION – ICY LAND LADY, BY NEWFOUNDLAND): 2016 16.0-hand Illinois-bred mare

This filly is ready to put all your preconceived notions about young OTTBs to rest. Hot and unmanageable? Nah. Don’t let that lead shank fool you: It looks like this three-year-old needs it more to get her to trot rather than than to keep her under control. Once she gets going, she shows some very cute movement though!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her limited hustle to jog out, Cubbie Girl North has no interest in racing. She has clean legs and minimal wear and tear with just four career starts. With such stellar conformation, solid feet, and a great brain, Cubbie Girl North is sure worth a shot as your next sport horse prospect.

Located at Fairmount Park Race Track in Collinsville, Illinois.

View Cubbie Girl North on CANTER Illinois.

Shanghai Spring. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Shanghai Spring (LIAISON – SHANGHAI PRINCESS, BY PRIVATE VOW): 2015 16.0-hand Ohio-bred mare

This regal plain bay just screams show horse. She’s already very mature and well-balanced for a three-year old, displaying three nice gaits and a soft mouth. As a two-year old, Shanghai Spring has two starts and placed third in both, but then a non-racing related puncture wound sidelined her. She’s recovered perfectly, but by the time she was ready to race again her owners had other more prospects to focus on.

“Mei” has shown that she is well-mannered and confident. She stands quietly when asked — whether it be on the crossties, in her stall, or at the mounting block  — and she enjoys attention. Though still very green under saddle, she tries hard to do what she’s asked and shows no hesitation in trying new things.

Located in Xenia, Ohio.

View Shanghai Spring on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Wednesday News & Notes from Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

Future event rider of America! We love this photo from Area II adult amateur eventer Melissa Fox, who explains: “My son Jack, 2 years old, loves going to events to help his mommy. Here he’s helping with my horse Command Approval’s ice boots at Seneca Pony Club Spring H.T. on Saturday after a great cross country run in the Training.”

We’ve had Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but now that those are behind, we should take some time to thank those patient kids of ours who show up to the shows with their parents and find endless ways to entertain themselves. For that matter we should also thank the patient horses who tolerate these knee-biters despite that patently not being what they were bred or trained for.

National Holiday: National Kissing Day

Major Events:

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Kent School Spring H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Essex H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Surefire Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Stable View Summer H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Midsouth Pony Club H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Abbe Ranch H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Your Wednesday News & Notes

Best of the Blogs: The Pain of Rehab. Camilla Mortensen knew something wasn’t quite right with Cairo last fall but thought she got to the root of the problems when her mare was diagnosed with a minor strained check ligament and ulcers. In the midst of a rehab though, Cairo went lame and after the dust settled, it seems that the hind proximal ligaments were the actual culprit. [It’s Not Over Until the Fat Mare Sings]

Nana Dalton had quite the trip to Tattersalls with her young horse. Between a dead car battery, running short on fuel for both the generator and the lorry, broke lorry steps leading to a crashing fall and some unexpected jet lag for a homebred mare, Nana had her hands quite full on what was supposed to be a quiet trip. [It Could’ve Been Worse]

Does this sound like movie magic? A rider develops a horse from the beginning up through the Olympics, then almost loses the ride. Pioneering a new method of funding, he raises a record breaking amount to keep the ride, only to fall and suffer a catastrophic head injury a year later that leaves him in a coma. Fighting back to ride again, he and the horse go on to (fill in the blank…). [Jonty and Art: The Film]

Attwood Wisdom of the Week: 

#tuesdaytipdayWhen you are up against the clock to get your horse show arena perfect, call Attwood. Last week the…

Posted by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Want to know more about the most advanced footing solutions on the market today? Please call Attwood Equestrian Surfaces at 888-461-7788.

U.S. Names Team for Aachen CCIO4*-S

The Hauptstadion at Aachen. Photo by M.Strauch/Aachen 2015.

US Equestrian has named the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team for the CCIO4*-S at Aachen, which will take place July 19-20 in Aachen, Germany. While Aachen is not part of the 2019 FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series, the venue is once again hosting a team competition this year. Erik Duvander is serving as chef d’equipe for the U.S. team.

Congratulations to the following horses and riders:

Phillip Dutton and Z. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Phillip Dutton (West Grove, Pa.) and Z, an 11-year-old Zangersheide gelding owned by Thomas Tierney, Simon Roosevelt, Suzanne Lacy, Caroline Moran, and Ann Jones

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Deniro Z. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Liz Halliday-Sharp (Ocala, Fla.) and Deniro Z, The Deniro Syndicate and Ocala Horse Properties’ 11-year-old KWPN gelding

Caroline Martin and Islandwood Captain Jack. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Caroline Martin (Miami Beach, Fla.) and Islandwood Captain Jack, a 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Caroline and Sherrie Martin

Tamie Smith and Wembley. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Tamie Smith (Murrieta, Calif.) and Wembley, Kevin Baumgardner’s 16-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding

Click here to read more about CHIO Aachen and the U.S. team’s past performances at the competition.

Go Eventing.

Weekend Winners: One Weekend, 10 Events, One Million Blue Ribbons

Larkin Hill H.T. Training A division winners Cassie Sanger and Ultra Violet. Photo by Joan Davis / Flatlandsfoto.

Speaking of blue ribbons, you know who else deserves them? Horse show photographers. Exhibit A: Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto, who stood out in what appears to be a hurricane to take pictures of Larkin Hill H.T. in Nassau, New York. The description Joan used was “craptastic weather,” and cross country was cancelled halfway through Novice. If you see her at Groton House H.T. later this month, be sure to thank her for her service!

What a busy weekend it was in the Eventing Nation, with 10 events taking place across the country. That’s a heck of a lot of winners! The honor of lowest finishing score of the weekend goes to Jane Bok and Santino, who scored a 19.3 to win the Novice A division at Larkin Hill H.T. Well done, Jane.

And now, your weekend winners!

Larkin Hill H.T. [Final Scores]
Prelim/Training: John Roach & Royal View (30.2)
Training A: Cassie Sanger & Ultra Violet (20.0)
Training B: Leah Meisterling & Ardeo Hill Hero (32.9)
Novice A: Jane Bok & Santino (19.3)
Novice B: Kelly Rooney & Dresden Silver (29.5)
Novice C: Darrah Alexander & Shirsheen Du Carel (29.5)
Beginner Novice-A: Adelaide Grave & Toby (32.1)
Beginner Novice-B: Catherine Barstow & Jazper (36.5)
Beginner Novice-C: Caitlin Niedzialkowski & Hasanna (39.5)
Beginner Novice-D: Kristen Smith & Ballinamurra Destiny (33.8)
Beginner Novice-E: Yuki Igari & Poppin Good Pic (32.8)
Intro A: Willow Crowley & LFS Jumpin’ Jack Flash (32.2)
Intro B: Nicole Banks & Easy Breeze (32.5)
Intro C: Lisa Jones & Katnis (34.7)

Aspen Farm H.T. [Final Scores]
CCI3*-Short: Sara Sellmer & PDQ Leigh (32.7)
CCI2*-Short: Kayla Dumler & Faramir (34.8)
Open Intermediate: Stephanie Goodman & Drs Resolute (32.5)
Open Preliminary A: Mikayla Hoffman & Eli (31.3)
Open Preliminary B: Madison Langerak & Normandy’s Kivalo (24.1)
Jr. Training: Madelyn Myers & Bare Necessities (34.5)
Open Training: Marc Grandia & Rubel (27.2)
Training Horse: David Adamo & Solaguayre California (26.4)
Training Rider: Bobbie Smith-Ede & Winston (28.8)
Jr. Novice: Lilly Linder & Mia San Mia (23.3)
Novice Amateur: Tracy Stein & Apollo (29.2)
Novice Horse: Jennifer Dunzelman & Hardscrabble Salem (30.2)
Novice Rider: Piper Newman & Ferngully (30.0)
Beginner Novice Horse: Jordan Linstedt & Lovely Lola (25.0)
Beginner Novice Rider: Karen King & Deadwood Sage (41.5)
Jr. Beginner Novice: Makenna Henry & Danciana (31.8)

Woodland Stallion Station H.T. [Final Scores]
Open Preliminary: Taylor Mcfall & High Times (36.8)
Open Training: Leah Yacoub & Halperin Zahara (29.3)
Open Novice: Carrie Finno & Kaiden (40.9)
YR Novice: Lexie Gonzalez & Le Salvan (29.8)
Jr/YR BN: Faith Dalessandro & Spurs and Stilettos (25.0)
Open BN: Anne Morgan & Sonic (29.7)
Introductory A: Matilda Hickman-Smith & Roxstar FSF (29.7)
Introductory B: Giuliana Battistella-bunce & Pluto (31.9)
FEH-2 Year-old-Open: Jillian Terzian & Nsf Bye The Way (83.3)
FEH-3 Year-old-Open: Max Gerdes & Bounce DFEN (79.9)

View this post on Instagram

I had a fabulous show with my new students this weekend, at the Woodland Stallion Station one day horse trials. Bella and Ziva showed continued improvement in their dressage, despite some spooky shadows near the judges box, and finished up in 6th place. Max and Hazelwood achieved a personal best dressage score, as did Jess and Sunny who managed to win their BN dressage with a whopping 24.4%, taking the highest score of the whole show! Lucy and her wonder pony pulled off a 2nd place finish at novice with a much improved score, and finally Matilda Hickman-Smith brought home a blue ribbon, finishing in first place on her dressage score of 29.7%. Thank you to Natalie Brady for the fabulous jumping warmup for Matilda and Roxy, and to John Robertson of Tayside Sporthorses for all the wonderful jumping training at home.

A post shared by Suzanne Hickman-Smith (@hssporthorses) on

Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. [Final Scores]
Open Intermediate: Ryan Wood & Chusinmyconfession (34.0)
Open Preliminary: Ryan Wood & Zempat (35.0)
Open Preliminary 2: Arden Wildasin & Southern Sun (33.5)
Open Training 1: Colleen Rutledge & Global Absolute (30.5)
Open Training 2: Jaclyn Burke & Chance of Hidden Heights (34.0)
Modified 1: Rebecca Hagy & Lusi (31.7)
Modified 2: Emily Shilling & Enchanting Class (26.8)
Open Novice 1: Jackie Smith & Savvy Joe (32.2)
Open Novice 2: Grace Gaynor & Jaunty Doll (30.2)
Novice Junior: Lainey Phillips & Netherfield Park (30.7)
Novice Senior: Lindsay Berreth & Oh So Extreme (26.7)
Beginner Novice Young Rider: Bryanna Sealor & Lion (31.4)
Beginner Novice Junior: Addison Leigh & Birch (28.1)
Open Beginner Novice 1: Mogie Bearden-Muller & Quebracho Z (30.6)
Open Beginner Novice 2: Michaline West & Southport (29.6)
Elementary Junior: McKenna Miller & Max’s Painted Moon (32.8)
Elementary Senior: Hannah Hawkins & Autopilot WRF (30.6)

Full Gallop Farm June H.T. [Final Scores]
Intermediate/Preliminary: Nilson Moreira da Silva & Fernhill Rock Phantom (46.8)
Preliminary: Nilson Moreira da Silva & Suite One (41.2)
Preliminary/Training: Kaitlin Hartford & FGF Gray Not Bay (43.5)
Training: Morgan Batton & Sommersby (30.0)
Novice-A: Grace Boni & Rio Grande (27.9)
Novice-B: Barbara Stelling & Holy City (32.1)
Beginner Novice-A: Kristen Wilson & FGF Wonderwall (25.8)
Beginner Novice-B: Lauren Turner & King Of Queens IV (24.8)
Starter (Tadpole): Jullian Woolridge & Highland of Hope (31.9)

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So proud of the team today competing at 8 solid days of our summer intensive training camp payed off with great results across the board‼️special shout-out to @ag.eventing for her help grooming and getting us to our rides on time! Extra special shoutout to our team dads who endlessly support the endeavors of their riders!Thanks for spending your Father’s Day with us for another #horseshowweekend • • • • Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our team! @County_Saddlery_Georgia @BGoneWhitelineGA @TheHitchandTow @Correct_Connect_ @HarbinEquineandFarm • • #OTTBsOfInstagram #OTTB #BestForBacks #CrossCountry #XC #Chestnut #KneesUP #KneesToNose #Eventing #EventerProblems #EventersOfInstagram #TeamWool #FlyingAgain #FairwayKing #RetiredRacehorse #Bay

A post shared by River Birch Farm (@riverbirchfarmga) on

Golden Spike H.T. [Final Scores]
Preliminary Open: Rosie Smith & Seamus (27.9)
Preliminary/Training-Open: Shallary Guymon & Coco Chanel (57.2)
Training Open: Katie Frickel & Epaulet (37.1)
Novice Junior: EmmaLee Tanner & Maximus (27.1)
Novice Open B: Anika Bronfman & Sidecar (29.3)
Novice-Open A: Julianne Calder & Lismore (29.3)
BNovice Junior: Cassidy Dixon & Pippy (23.6)
BNovice Open A: Colleen Christie & Billy Montana (23.9)
BNovice Open B: Mindy Groth-Hussey & Viniq (25.3)
Intro-Junior: Taya Hess & Javamon (34.7)
Intro-Open: Paula Cudd & Latte (25.8)

Valinor Farm H.T. [Final Scores]
Modified: Susan Gornall & Abounding Angel (36.0)
Open Training: Paige Crotty & Excel Star Armina Z (25.7)
Training Rider: Jillian Middaugh & Miss Behaved (39.5)
Novice Junior: Kiera Delalhanty & Silver Wand (26.7)
Novice Rider: Andrew Beal & Capstone’s MJ Tasmainia (26.4)
Open Novice: Babette Lenna-Gonyea & Ardeo Rock and Roll (20.2)
Beginner Novice Junior: Grace Valvano & Salvatorio (31.1)
Beginner Novice Rider: Linnea Ackerman & Farrington’s Rothaarige (32.8)
Open Beginner Novice: Mike Robbins & horse (28.1)
Intro: Kendall Turney & Take Another Road (39.4)

Bucks County Horse Park H.T. [Final Scores]
Preliminary/Training: Caroline Martin & Ideal (32.7)
Training: Jennie Brannigan & O’Meara (25.5)
Novice 1: Caroline Martin & Redfield Bajall (24.3)
Novice 2: Leanne Hobbs & Fault Free (Tizzy) (31.7)
Beginner Novice 2: Abigail Sweger & Unforced (28.0)
Beginner Novice 1: Caroline Martin & HSH First Impression (33.5)

Silverwood Farm H.T. [Final Scores]

Honey Run H.T. [Final Scores]

Congrats to all. Go Eventing!

Tuesday Video from SpectraVet: Steve Symansky, the Ultimate Horse Show Dad

Happy Father’s Day ❤️ Steven Symansky ❤️….albeit a little tardy 🙈 Yesterday I was looking for a nice picture to post of us, but then I came across this gem from back in the day of handheld camcorders. After editing down about 40 minutes of actual footage all filmed by my dad, I was able to put together 7 minutes that fully captures the essence of Steve.If you know anything at all about eventing or nervous dads or have ever met Steve before, this video is definitely worth a watch with sound ON. There are small guest appearances by Karen O'Connor, Jimmy Wofford, Phillip Dutton, Bruce Davidson, Jan Byyny, Randy Ward, the Green’s dogs Ben and Jerry, Brian O'Connor and my good buddy Kim Severson, who it appears he was quite fond of 😂My dad showed up to Radnor on Saturday morning for my first CCI2*. He was excited to check out the XC the course and took my little brother with him. When he returned to the barns he was in full tears, telling my mom he didn’t know how I was going to jump all the jumps. My mom sent him away to go watch XC where he met some people to watch with, and judging from the stain on his shirt they decided to give this nervous loud father some wine to settle him down.Steve has never met a stranger. He has always been my biggest cheerleader. I hear him around any big track he has ever come watch. At my first Kentucky I could pick out his cheers over thousands of spectators while I was on course. I heard him on XC at my first World Championships in Normandy. My mom and I used to make him come watch the big competitions in person, but over the years we all realized he gets too nervous and prefers to watch the live stream at home. Since I was a kid he’s kept himself busy running horse trials and scoring programs as a fun hobby in his spare time. On Father’s Day yesterday he was scoring at Seneca even though I wasn’t even competing there. He does it for no reason other than he’s incredibly selfless, and it’s his way to be part of a sport and community his family grew up with and that I still love.Thank you for being the sweetest, funniest, loudest, most energetic and supportive dad I could have dreamed of. I got pretty lucky ☺️

Posted by Lynn Symansky on Monday, June 17, 2019

Facebook on Father’s Day weekend is full of feels as horse-crazed girls and guys celebrate the dads who hauled the trailer, carried the buckets, and most importantly supported them in this undoubtedly bonkers hobby. But if we want to find the pinnacle of horse show dads, we need look no further than Steve Symansky, father of five-star rider Lynn Symansky.

Not only is he Lynn’s loudest cheerleader, but he’s given countless hours to the sport scoring, organizing and being an all-around volunteer in Area II. To celebrate Father’s Day, Lynn dug up footage from her first CCI2* at Radnor where her dad was more than a little nervous for her, but carried on, handheld camcorder in tow. The next seven minutes are equal parts heartwarming and hysterical.

From Lynn:

“My dad showed up to Radnor on Saturday morning for my first CCI2*. He was excited to check out the XC the course and took my little brother with him. When he returned to the barns he was in full tears, telling my mom he didn’t know how I was going to jump all the jumps. My mom sent him away to go watch XC where he met some people to watch with, and judging from the stain on his shirt they decided to give this nervous loud father some wine to settle him down.

“Steve has never met a stranger. He has always been my biggest cheerleader. I hear him around any big track he has ever come watch. At my first Kentucky I could pick out his cheers over thousands of spectators while I was on course. I heard him on XC at my first World Championships in Normandy. My mom and I used to make him come watch the big competitions in person, but over the years we all realized he gets too nervous and prefers to watch the live stream at home. 

“Since I was a kid he’s kept himself busy running horse trials and scoring programs as a fun hobby in his spare time. On Father’s Day yesterday he was scoring at Seneca even though I wasn’t even competing there. He does it for no reason other than he’s incredibly selfless, and it’s his way to be part of a sport and community his family grew up with and that I still love.”

From the archives: Steve Symansky cheering for Lynn at Kentucky.

Go Steve. Go Eventing.

U.S. Announces 2019 Pan American Games Team

Graphic courtesy of US Equestrian

US Equestrian has just announced the U.S. Eventing Team and reserves for the 2019 Pan American Games, which will take place Aug. 1-4 at Equestrian Club Militar La Molina in Lima, Peru. The U.S. Eventing Team must must secure team gold or a silver medal-finish to earn qualification for Tokyo.

Three direct reserve horses have also been named as automatic replacements if the original horse named for a team member needs to be substituted.

Following the review of submitted applications, the following combinations have been selected for the U.S. Eventing Team (in alphabetical order):

  • Boyd Martin (Cochranville, Pa.) with Tsetserleg, Christine Turner’s 12-year-old Trakehner gelding
    Direct Reserve: On Cue, Christine Turner’s 13-year-old Anglo-European mare
  • Doug Payne (Aiken, S.C.) with Starr Witness,  an 8-year-old KWPN mare owned by Doug, Laurie McRee, and Catherine Winter
    Direct Reserve: Vandiver, a 15-year-old Trakehner gelding owned by Debi Crowley, Jessica Payne, and Doug Payne
  • Tamie Smith (Murrieta, Calif.) with Fleeceworks Royal, Judy McSwain’s 10-year-old Holsteiner mare
    Direct Reserve: Mai Baum, a 13-year-old German Sport Horse gelding owned by Alex Ahearn, Ellen Ahearn, and Eric Markell
  • Lynn Symansky (Middleburg, Va.) with RF Cool Play, The Donner Syndicate LLC’s 11-year-old German Sport Horse gelding

Liz Halliday-Sharp (Ocala, Fla.) and Cooley Quicksilver, The Monster Partnership’s 8-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding, have been named the traveling reserves.

The following athlete-and-horse combinations have been named as reserves to the U.S. Eventing Team (in alphabetical order):

  • Phillip Dutton (West Grove, Pa.) with Sea of Clouds, The Sea of Clouds Partnership’s 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding
  • Sydney Elliott (Bossier City, La.) with QC Diamantaire, Carol Stephens’ 9-year-old Oldenburg gelding
  • Will Faudree (Southern Pines, N.C.) with Pfun, Jennifer Mosing and Sterling Silver Stables’ 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding
  • Lauren Kieffer (The Plains, Va.) with Vermiculus, Jacqueline Mars’ 12-year-old Anglo-Arabian gelding

The 2019 U.S. Pan American Eventing Team is subject to approval by the United States Olympic Committee.

In preparation for the Pan American Games, members of the U.S. Eventing Team will compete at the Maryland International CCI3*-S on July 5-7, as well as the Barbury International Horse Trials CCI3*-S on July 4-7.

Watch the team announcement video below. Congratulations to all. Go Eventing.

[US Equestrian Nominates U.S. Eventing Team for Lima 2019 Pan American Games]

#EventerProblems Vol. 185, Presented by Haygain: Humans of Eventing, Part II

Photo via the Humans of Eventing Facebook page.

If you haven’t already been introduced to the Humans of Eventing Facebook page, I implore you to go explore this majestic corner of dark web eventing internet. While I don’t have absolute confirmation about the page’s founder, I have a very strong guess, which readers are welcome to confirm or dispute in the comments. Please know that you are much beloved by the eventing community, [name redacted].

Humans of Eventing is, at its essence, #EventerProblems at its finest — as evidenced by this sampling of posts. Bonus: some adorable dog photos. If you missed Part I, check it out here. Today we present Part II!

“My tombstone will read that I should have entered beginner novice”

Overheard in the barns at Spring Bay

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Saturday, April 6, 2019

“I took off from a different zip code!”

Overheard after a cross country run at Galway

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Friday, March 29, 2019

“If people can have a stuffed pony strapped to them on cross country. I can have a box of wine”

Overheard during a course walk

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Sunday, February 10, 2019

“You notice more shadows than Punxsutawney Phil”

Heard out on Cross Country

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Saturday, February 9, 2019

“I see you and him doing this in forward four strides”

“I kinda just see him leaving me here and going back to the barns”

Overheard during a course walk

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Saturday, February 9, 2019

“At least don’t break my expensive reins!!”

A rider yells to her horse as he canters on without her.

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Saturday, October 20, 2018

“Not to go into details but I am glad I wore the darker pants”

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Sunday, September 30, 2018

“Jump the A, throw up a little, then jump the B.”

Heard out on a cross country course walk

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Saturday, September 29, 2018

“How did she look through the coffin?”

“Honey, like I’ve told you… I only know how football is supposed to look”

Overheard out on cross country

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Sunday, September 16, 2018

“I love you but your half halt is broken”

Heard out on cross country

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Saturday, September 1, 2018

And … because a photo is worth 1,000 words:

He dunked his head in the vet box water tanks and then did this for the interviews. Nox couldn’t let his father have all the fun.

Posted by Humans of Eventing on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Go Eventing!

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