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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: Stable View Oktoberfest Instagram Roundup

What a weekend it was in Aiken! You came, you saw, you kicked some… well you know. Here’s how it all went down, from your point of view.

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Absolutely amazing weekend at Stable View!!! 💖💖 First ever prelim with Cascor is in the books and I could not be happier with how he and Minnow were jumping 🦄 Cascor finished in 6th on his dressage score and Minnow added just a few XC time points 🌟 Now we just have to figure out how to keep our cool in the dressage arena 😬 So happy to have my boys back in Florida & the Southern show season under way 🤩🤩 • • Also check out my new stock tie from @stockbubble 😍😍 decided to be bold and go for the purple 💜 • • #eventing #showjumping #eventhorse #feltritt #sprang #hest #hester #bayhorse #warmblood #warmbloodhorse #horseshow #horses #jumpinghorse #fortheloveofstockties #stockbubble #area8eventing

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My little jumping bean this weekend at Stable View!

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The only time he’s quiet is when he’s asleep 🙈

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Some of the motley crew @stableviewaiken

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size matters. #smallhorsesdoitbetter

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Arden Wildasin, Olivia Hahn Win National Divisions at Stable View Oktoberfest

Arden Wildasin and Tokyo Drift. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Arden Wildasin and her mother, Sarah’s, Tokyo Drift are the winners of the Open Preliminary B division on their dressage score of 29.6.

Arden has taken her time with the 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse (O.B.O.S. Quality x GTI Diamond). She imported the classy mare four years ago, but waited to introduce to her competition until last year when the partnership was rock solid.

“I’m just taking my time to slowly get to know her because she is definitely different than my other horses,” Arden said. “She’s definitely very eager. They all are, but she sometimes wanted to do it her way, which is totally fine, but going out there we needed a stronger partnership and that’s what we were building before we actually made the commitment to do eventing with her.”

Olivia Hahn and Fernhill Chaos. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Olivia Hahn and her own 12-year-old Irish Sport horse, Fernhill Chaos (Chacoa x KEC Donna Diamond by Glidawn Diamond) took the lead in the Preliminary Rider division. Olivia and “Chaos” are a fairly new pair, but that didn’t stop them from maintaining the lead throughout the whole weekend, ending on their dressage score of a 30.4.

“He’s a really good cross country horse. I just kind of have to sit there and point him; he just gets in his mode and locks onto everything and it’s such a good feeling. This is my fourth show on him now and I’m just starting to figure him out,” Olivia said.

You know your round is good when you’re patting your horse ver the final fence – Olivia Hahn and Fernhill Chaos. Photo by Shelby Allen.

“This was the first time I’ve ever schooled him on the flat on grass, so he was definitely a little bit more excited and his trot is the hardest trot to sit ever, so that was really hard, especially with the humidity, to get through the test without passing out. He was such a good boy and he’s come so far in his flatwork since I’ve gotten him. In show jumping he was amazing. He picks a rhythm just like cross country and I just point him and he loves his job; he’s amazing,” she said.

Doug Payne and Camarillo. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Doug Payne won the Open Preliminary A division with Virginia Doleshek’s Baron, a 9-year-old Oldenburg (Barone Van Gogh x Fasten Your Seat Belt). Doug was also 12th with Camarillo, a 6-year-old Holsteiner (Chicardo x Rehobeth), on a score of 40.3.

Mary Bess Davis and A Touch of Natal. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Riding for Tiffany Stewart, Mary Bess Davis piloted A Touch of Natal, a 6-year-old Warmblood (Natal x Ruxton Ruslein) to win the Open Novice. They had a foot perfect show jumping performance today to finish on their dressage score of 30.2.

Lisa Edinger and Quinto Quest. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Lisa Edinger and Quinto Quest came out on top of the beefy Novice Rider division. Lisa and her 6-year-old Irish Sport Horse by Future Trend put in a classy clear to complete the event on a score of 29.1 — the only sub-30 result in the division.

To follow all our coverage from this weekend, click here.

Taleen Hanna contributed to this report. 

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Stable View: Kristin Schmolze Is Ready to Take Foxdale’s Celtic Charm to the Top

Kristin Schmolze and Foxdale’s Celtic Charm. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Kristin Schmolze closed out her weekend at Stable View Oktoberfest with a win in the Open Intermediate aboard Foxdale’s Celtic Charm. Penny Worsham’s 7-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Diarado x Cheeky Rossa) had a personal best in the dressage, a 25.3, and added only 4.8 time penalties for a final result of 30.1.

“If you get his nose there and he knows what he’s jumping, he’s going to jump it. He’s very honest and he loves his job,” Kristin said. “Everything was actually fairly easy for him, which is great. Really, his big thing is if I have the rideability. He’s young and he’s game so it’s taken a while to get him to settle but since he’s been going Intermediate, it’s just getting easier. “

“Charm” is a graduate of the USEA Young Event Horse Program, and now as a 7-year-old it was a big dream for the owners to get this horse to the FEI World Breeding Eventing Championships at Le Lion d’Angers, but as many plans this year, it’s not meant to be.

“We were hopeful to maybe get him over to France for the Young Horse World Championships, but with everything going on, it was so unlikely, so we nixed that idea and he’ll do a three-star long here instead. Then, we thought as a consolation, with one more year of Blenheim happening, we thought that maybe we’ll try to get him to the 8-year-old division there next year because it was a real bummer [to miss Le Lion],” Kristin explained. 

Meaghan Marinovich and Riviera Lu. Photo by Shelby Allen.

The developing partnership of  Meaghan Marinovich and Riviera Lu were second. Megan imported the 12-year-old mare (Rembranat x Ranfena, by Diapson des Gaves) last fall from Luciano Miranda Drubi, who previously competed the horse through the three-star level in Brazil.

These two were tied as the quickest of the day, coming in with four additional time penalties for a final score of 32.3. These two were originally competing in the CCI3*-S division, but a mishap with their dressage test had them eliminated early in the weekend. Stable View, fortunately, was able to accommodate them in the national division.

“I’m pretty new to this level. I did it a long time ago and I lived in England and did it a lot over there, but I haven’t been back at this level for about 10 years. She’s so cool; she locks onto everything,” Meghan said. 

Andi Lawrence and Cooley Northern Mist. Photo by Shelby Allen.

The only other pair to match Meghan’s speed was Andi Lawrence and her own Cooley Northern Mist, a 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Cobra x Neat Moonlight Clover) who finished fifth on 42.3 points.

Jenny Caras and Trendy Fernhill. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Jenny Caras and Trendy Fernhill, a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Ars Vivendi x Cruseings Girl, Cruising) owned by Elyse Eisenberg claimed third place. This combination had the lowest dressage score across all divisions this weekend, a smashing 21.4, and they added one rail and 9.2 cross country time penalties for a three-phase result of 34.6.

Nick Larkin and Cellusana Alex Too. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Jonathan Holling was fourth with Pioneer Archibald on a result of 40.7. Hillary Irwin and By A Hundredth picked up 12.4 to finish sixth (48.9). Nick Larkin grabbed seventh place with Cellusana Alex Too on a score of 49.3.

Laura Welsh and Galactic. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Eighth place went to Annie Goodwin and Erin Sylvester’s Mettraise on a score of 61.2. Autumn Schweiss and Global Invieto DHI were ninth (73.9) after picking up one stop, Jamie McAllister and Army Ranger also had 20 penalties on course to finish 10th (79.3), and Laura Welsh and Galactic were 11th on a score of 87.4.

Go eventing.

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Photo Gallery: Stable View Oktoberfest Cross Country Highlights

Arden Wildasin and UDI-LA. Photo by Shelby Allen. Arden Wildasin and UDI-LA. Photo by Shelby Allen.

It has been a banner weekend at Stable View Oktoberfest. This Aiken staple was the perfect backdrop for cross country day. There was plenty of smiles and splashes to go around — here’s a few highlights:

To follow all of our coverage, click here.

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Sunday Links from One K Helmets

The USEA Foundation’s Frangible Technology Fund at work! Photo by Shelby Allen.

For everyone who supported the USEA Foundation’s Frangible Technology Fund, here’s the result of your efforts. Stable View has new MIM clip enabled tables for Preliminary through CCI4*-S competitors on course this weekend. They were cleverly set at the end of the course, too, for protection against any potentially fatigued horses. Fortunately, they weren’t needed on Saturday, but I know everyone is happier for them being there.

National Holiday: National Family Health and Fitness Day

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Stable View Oktoberfest: [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

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Sunday Video: 

Superstars Emerge at Stable View Oktoberfest

Boyd Martin and Fernhill Prezley. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Boyd Martin and Fernhill Prezley took home top honors in the CCI3*-S at Stable View Oktoberfest. Nancy Hathaway’s 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Aldatus Z x Killerisk Diamond, by Gildawn Diamond) had a handy trip around the cross country to add 1.2 time penalties for a final result of 30.6.

Hallie Coon piloted Cooley SOS. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Hallie Coon piloted Cooley SOS into second place in the three-star. COVID-19 derailed eventing plans for everyone this year, but it was advantageous for Hallie as she decided to take a step back to basics with the 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse who tore around the cross country today just one second over the time for a final score of 30.8.

“He is not the easiest horse in the world. He is very tricky especially on the flat and in all aspects he’s very opinionated, sassy and he knows what he wants and he knows what he doesn’t want. I moved him up the grades a bit quick last year. We came to the four-star here at Stable View last year and managed to get around, and then trip over a training sized tiger trap in the woods at the end of the course and I took a tumble. Things sort of spiraled downward a little bit from there,” Hallie said. 

“I was going around the warm-up for cross country today and just petting his little neck and saying ‘You’re a good boy!’ just trying to reassure him the whole time. I probably sounded like an 11-year-old going out to do their first novice, but it’s just about keeping him settled and keeping him happy in the job. He went out there and he tried his guts out for me so I’m absolutely thrilled,” she said. 

Kurt Martin and Compromise Elsewhere. Photo by Shelby Allen.

A double clear round propelled Kurt Martin and Compromise Elsewhere from eight to third after the final phase. The 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Cavalier Two For Joy x Drumn Bouncer), who is owned and also competed by Nicole Wisniewski, was bold and brave in all the right ways to finish on a score of 31.9.

Eighteen pairs completed today’s cross country test, but only two pairs managed to do it inside the time. Elisa Wallace and Let It Bee Lee were the first followed by Kurt and Compromise Elsewhere. Elisa finished in sixth place (36.1).

Kelly Prather and Catch Me Cooley. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Meanwhile in the CCI2*-S, behind Liz Halliday-Sharp on the leaderboard, stands Kelly Prather and Catch Me Cooley. Kelly’s 8-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Clover Brigade x Loughnavatta Sabrina) is looking more promising with every outing. Here in Aiken, he finished in second place on a score of 28.9.

Kimberly Steinbuch and Classiro. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Kimberly Steinbuch and Classiro had a lovely clear round to end the weekend in third place on a score of 32.3 in the 9-year-old Holsteiner’s (Classe x Panama I) debut at the level.

Jacob Fletcher and 5o1 Hollywood Legend were fourth on a score of 32.6, and Kurt Martin was fifth with Reloaded on a three-day score of 34.

Many thanks to Stable View for putting on an incredible event and to all the volunteers who make it all possible.

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Liz Halliday-Sharp Doubles Down at Stable View Oktoberfest

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Fernhill By Night. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Liz Halliday-Sharp’s string runs the gamut this weekend. On the one hand, she’s got her experienced, longtime partner Fernhill By Night, and on the other she’s got the new ride Maryville Sir Henry. Just about the only thing these two have in common is their coloring and that they both won International divisions at the 2020 Stable View Oktoberfest.

Fernhill By Night has seen his way around many of Capt. Mark Phillips’ cross country courses, so his biggest competitor in the CCI4*-S division was the clock. With Deborah Halliday’s notoriously lazy 17-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Radolin x Argentina XII, by Argentinus), Liz knew the best way to do that was with efficient, accurate lines. A final course walk with Eric Duvander gave her a clear plan.

“I said to Eric yesterday that I want to make sure that I really have my racing lines dailed in because he’s not the fastest horse on earth, but he does try and he does gallop. I just really need to be on it every single piece of grass. I need to go out of the box hot and I need to know where to turn, where I can 100% maximize my speed — where I can and just be efficient. Eric’s very good at that and he knows me well, he knows the horse well. There were a few areas where he said, ‘Oh you can actually just come in like this” and he was 100% right. That made a difference.,” Liz said. 

The pair came home with no jump penalties 12 seconds over the time. This left the door open for a handful of riders to overtake the pair, but ultimately the win (and the biggest prize purse!) was all theirs on a final result of 29.3.

“I felt I rode as fast as I could today, there wasn’t anything left in there that I could have done without taking a risk that wouldn’t be fair to the horse,” she said. “He definitely deserves to win, I think. That’s how I felt today, the old boy really deserves to win because he was just so good in all three phases and he just really fought for me.”

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Maryville Sir Henry. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Stablemate Maryville Sir Henry has only been in Liz’s barn since April, but the new partnership is quickly blossoming. Where “Blackie” is lazy and cool-headed, “Henry,” the 7-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Sir Shutterfly x Pennies Royale, by Cavalier Royale) is still getting comfortable in his own skin.

“He’s taken a little bit of time for us to gel, but today he felt amazing. He’s actually a quite spooky horse so it’s taken a bit of time for him to find himself in the show jumping and everywhere but he’s got endless scope and he’s so fast,” Liz said. 

Henry came into Liz’s life at the suggestion of eventing legend Ian Stark. He was previously owned and campaigned by Erin and Robert Kellerhouse in California, but now Liz is hoping to secure owners so she can continue to produce him up the levels. This weekend he went wire-to-wire finishing on his dressage score of 27.4. This is the pair’s fourth consecutive win.

“We actually did our first real event together in June here, and he was a very different horse in that jumping ring then, he was quite spooky and he had one down. He jumped well, but he was just green. Yesterday he was just totally class, just really professional and careful. He’s come a long way, which is fun. Here we are three months later,” she said. 

Doug Payne and Vandiver. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Dressage winner Doug Payne cleaned up in second and third place. The reserve spot went to Vandiver, a 16-year-old Trakehner gelding (Windfall 2 x Mystic Replica XX) owned by Debi Crowley, Doug and Jessica Payne, after 2.8 time penalties gave them a final score of 31.1.

Doug Payne and Quantum Leap. Photo by Shelby Allen.

The up-and-coming Quantum Leap,  a 9-year-old Zweibrücker gelding (Quite Capitol x Corporate Report) owned by Doug and Jessica, cruised to six time penalties for third place on a three-day score of 32.8. Doug was also 17th with Starr Witness on a score of 51.3.

Clayton Fredericks and FE Always In Time. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Australian eventer Clayton Fredericks secured fourth place with FE Always In Time. He and the 9-year-old Trakehner, who is owned by Clayton, Adele Siewert and Eckart Siewert, added 6.8 time penalties for a score of 35.1. Clayton’s second ride, Diana Crawford and Kingfisher Park’s 11-year-old Hanoverian (Stakkato’s Highlight x Levina, by Levisto) FE Stormtrooper wrapped up his weekend in 12th place on a result of 42.2.

Matt Flynn and Wizzerd. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Second overnight, Matt Flynn and Wizzerd, the 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Wizzerd WV x Oklund) owned by Patrick Flynn, Kathleen Flynn, and Merry Go Round Farm, added 9.6 time penalties to an otherwise fault free round for fifth place on a score of 35.5.

Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights had a solid performance today. An extra 3.2 time penalties slots them into sixth place on 38.3 points.

Karl Slezak and Fernhill Wishes. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Karl Slezak finishes in seventh as the highest-placed Canadian. He’s here this weekend aboard the careful Fernhill Wishes.  Sydney Elliott and QC Diamantaire added eight time penalties to finish in 8th place, followed by Waylon Roberts and Lancaster in 9th on a score of 39.2.

Zoe Crawford and K.E.C. Zara. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Zoe Crawford rounds out the top ten with K.E.C. Zara. This pair had the fastest performance of the day, coming in five seconds over the optimum time of 6 minutes and 16 seconds.

Of the 38 starters in the four-star, 10 ran into trouble around this track. Ellie O’Neal unfortunately fell from Zick Zack at 14B, a corner. Aside from the rider’s bloody nose, both are not reporting injuries. The Amen Corner at 21B proved to be the most influential fence on the course, claiming four refusals.

Go eventing.

Taleen Hanna contributed to this report. 

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Alex O’Neal & Miss MoneyPenny V Step Up in Stable View CCI3*-S

Alexander O’Neal and Miss MoneyPenny V. Photo by Shelby Allen.

After an influential show jumping phase, Alex O’Neal has taken control of the CCI3*-S class at Stable View Oktoberfest with Miss MoneyPenny V.

This pair was on track to win the three-star at Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia last month, but two rails knocked them out of contention. Today’s double clear round felt like redemption.

“I was pretty upset about that because I thought she jumped great at Chatt and I just didn’t do her any favors,” Alex said. “Today she was really wild in warm up which had me a little worried because she’s usually pretty quiet. But she really used it to her advantage and jumped really careful and bold.”

Alex has nothing but praise for this classy 8-year-old Anglo European (Talan x Dime, by Irco Mena), who is owned by his mother-in-law, Sally Cox. They were one of 12 pairs to jump clear in this division.

“I thought it was really hard. I think Chris Barnard has been building really technical tracks this fall and kind of caught us all off guard because they aren’t very big when you walk them, but you start watching horses go and you can’t get away with making a small mistake or changing your line. I think he’s doing a good job of making sure we’re on our toes and riding like show jumping riders and not just event riders,” Zach said.

Boyd Martin and Fernhill Prezley. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Boyd Martin took second and third with two of his up-and-coming rides, Fernhill Prezley and Penhill Celtic, respectively.

Boyd got ride on Fernhill Prezley, Heidi White’s 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Aldatus Z x Killerisk Diamond, by Gildawn Diamond), last fall and most recently the pair took first in the Horse Park of New Jersey CCI3*-S over the summer. So far this weekend, he’s on a score of 29.4.

Boyd Martin and Penhill Celtic. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Stablemate Penhill Celtic is a recent East Coast transplant. He was previously piloted by California eventer Bec Braitling, and this weekend partnered with Boyd, Arnell Sporthorses’ 8-year-old (Je T’aime Flamenco x Norway Maid, by Coevers Diamond Boy) remains on his dressage score of 29.6.

Hallie Coon and her own Cooley SOS, a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Emilion x Dalways Courage, by Courage II), are in fourth after a clear round kept them on their dressage score of 30.4.

Sydney Conley Elliot and Commando D’ Osthuy. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Fifth place is a shared tie between Sydney Conley Elliott with Commando D’ Osthuy and Kurt Martin aboard D.A. Liftime on a score of 31.

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Maryville Sir Henry. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Liz Halliday-Sharp and her own Maryville Sir Henry continued their domination of the CCI2*-S division after the second phase. They jumped clear to keep a score of 27.4. Liz got the ride on this 7-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Sir Shutterfly x Pennies Royale, by Cavalier Royale) from Erin and Robert Kellerhouse in California. With Liz, he’s won his last three outings at the level.

Kelly Prather and Catch Me Cooley jumped clear for second place on a score of 28.9, and Leslie Law took third with Tout De Suite on a two-phase result of 30.5.

More to come from Stable View. Go eventing.

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Stable View: Liz Halliday-Sharp & Fernhill By Night Claim CCI4*-S Show Jumping Lead

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Fernhill By Night. Photo by Shelby Allen.

With only one rail separating the top 17 in the CCI4*-S at Stable View Oktoberfest, show jumping was slated to be a game changer, but course designer Chris Barnard sprinkled in plenty of roll back turns and forward lines just to make sure the second phase was influential.

The veteran combination of Liz Halliday-Sharp and Fernhill By Night relied on their longstanding partnership to get the job done. A clear round inside the time bumped them into the lead of the 40-entry class on a score of 24.5.

“I thought he jumped amazing I was really, really thrilled with him. He’s like my old friend now because we’ve been together a long time and I was saying to the girls I just really enjoyed myself riding around because we know each other so well,” she said of the17-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Radolin x Argentina XII, by Argentinus) owned by Deborah Halliday. “He really does know his job now. In our past I suppose time penalties were an issue because I’d look after him too much, but I think now we’re in a place where we just know each other so we move on and keep rolling.”

A trip around without rails or time was no easy task, thanks to Chris. Consider this his service to the U.S. High Performance program — his courses really challenge riders.

“I think we’ve seen a lot of really tough courses, like in the ERM and things like that in Britain, and certainly from what this was even 10 years ago we now jump bigger, stronger, more square, difficult, technical tracks. I think Chris does a brilliant job. He challenges you to make sure that you’re accurate and you keep rolling, but he’s always very fair which I think is good course designing,” Liz said.

“It actually rode really well if you came in with a good flow I thought, but you had to keep moving, definitely. I thought that last line at the end was clever as well to have the triple down to the four stride. It made everybody keep riding.”

Matt Flynn and Wizzerd. Photo by Shelby Allen.

With a recent Advanced win in their back pocket, Matt Flynn and Wizzerd had a handy clear today to stay on their dressage score of 25.9.

Matt is aiming for the CCI4*-L at Tryon this fall, and he’s been traveling and competing with Doug and Jessica Payne to prepare. “About a month and a half ago they told me to get down here and jump with them,” Matt said. Together, they’ve gone to eventing and pure show jumping competitions, including a rated jumper show here at Stable View last weekend.

Matt took some bold, time saving measures with the 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Wizzerd WV x Oklund) owned by Patrick Flynn, Kathleen Flynn, and Merry Go Round Farm, like going inside some cleverly placed decoration between fences 9 and 10, to make the time work for him. “Jess says I go around like a hunter rider. She said I could go slowly like that, but I had to go inside the standards if I did,” he said.

Doug Payne and Vandiver. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Overnight leader Vandiver clipped one rail to drop to fifth, but Doug Payne saw another from his string, Quantum Leap, take over third. Quantum, a 9-year-old Zweibrücker gelding (Quite Capitol x Corporate Report) owned by Doug and Jessica, was Doug’s final ride of the day, and he he used what he learned on his previous rides to his advantage.

“I had “Gin” first and I made a turn and she lost it a little bit and had the front rail of the 7A, and I kind of wrote it off because she’s a little green,” he said. “I made the mistake on her, and didn’t think much of it, then I made the same freaking mistake on [Vandiver]. I’m kicking myself. Same exact set up too. I just made sure with Quantum not to make it again. It’s the benefit of having a number of horses. You only learn by making mistakes.”

Quantum holds 26.8 points ahead of tomorrow’s cross country, followed by Vandiver on 28.3. Starr Witness, holds 18th overnight after having two rails down on a score of 35.3.

“[Quantum] was excellent I couldn’t have asked for better. He and Starr Witness are definitely green at the level, but I was extremely happy with how well he jumped. They’re both starting to become extremely comfortable at the level and using their bodies better. He’s the biggest trying horse you’ll meet, so it’s pretty exciting,” Doug said.

Will Faudree and Caeleste. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Will Faudree is fourth with the flashy Caeleste, an 13-year-old Holsteiner mare (Contender X Happygolucky, by Lucky Lionell) owned by Jennifer Mosing and Sterling Silver Stables, after a clear round keeps them on 27.4.

Clayton Fredericks and FE Always In Time. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Vandiver shares fifth place in a tie with Clayton Fredericks and FE Always In Time, a 9-year-old Trakehner owned by Clayton, Adele Siewert and Eckart Siewert. It was a good day at the office for the Australian rider. His second ride, FE Stormtrooper, an 11-year-old Hanoverian (Stakkato’s Highlight x Levina, by Levisto) owned by Diana Crawford and Kingfisher Park, also jumped clear for seventh place on a score of 29.4.

Ellie O’Neal and Zick Zack. Photo by Shelby Allen.

This division produced a double clear jumping rate of 35%. Those who could push for a forward ride and keep the rails in their cups were rewarded, and none more so than Ellie O’Neal. She and Zick Zack were the biggest leaderboard climbers of the day, moving from 19th to 8th after a lovely round.

This show is far from over. The four-star pairs will tackle Capt. Mark Phillips’ cross country tomorrow morning. To see what they’re up against, check out our course preview at this link. Stay tuned for more from Stable View.

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Doug Payne & Vandiver Top Stable View Oktoberfest CCI4*-S After Dressage

Doug Payne and Vandiver. Photo by Sam Keats.

Doug Payne is comin’ in hot at the 2020 Stable View Oktoberfest. Paired with the experienced Vandiver, he won the Advanced two weeks ago at the Blue Ridge Mountain H.T., and the pair stepped up to lead this 40-entry CCI4*-S class today.

Where you shake out in the placings is one thing, but your individual results carry so much weight to these riders. Two weeks ago Doug and “Quinn,” a16-year-old Trakehner gelding (Windfall 2 x Mystic Replica XX) owned by Debi Crowley, Doug and Jessica Payne, had a personal best Advanced score (23.1), and today they produced a 24.3, their best result at the four-star level.

“He’s continuing to get better and frankly our time with Corona — our little Corona vacation — was really productive. He’s just getting better and better as he goes. There is certainly room for improvement, but I was honestly very happy with how he was,” Doug said.

In reflection, Doug says there isn’t any one moment that jumps out as particularly superb, it’s the progress with the overall impression. “In the end looking top down he was probably just about as consistent as he’s been yet. We had one little bobble, but that’s the thing that’s been missing in the past — being able to produce a very steady flowing test and he was able to do that today so that is exciting for his future.

“[We’re] trying to be super accurate and also making the transitions between movements seamless. I think that’s the biggest component that’s been missing in the past. It was lacking a little bit of the polish and especially the transitions. We’ve been lucky enough of late to be able to start to string that stuff together and produce a really polished, finished product,” he said.

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Fernhill By Night. Photo by Stable View.

Second place belongs to Liz Halliday-Sharp and longtime partner Fernhill By Night. Liz has been very selective of where “Blackie” runs over the last several years, so her decision to come to Aiken, S.C. was tactical.

“I try not to run Blackie anywhere he can’t win money if I can help it,” she said of the 17-year-old Irish Sport Horse (Radolin x Argentina XII, by Argentinus) owned by Deborah Halliday. “I don’t run him a lot these days.  I was here in June and the ground was really really good. The surfaces here are always really reliable, so I thought it suited him.”

This pair is just in striking distance on a score of 24.5. “He was a good boy. He obviously knows his job and he is notoriously lazy. He felt really jolly and he was happy to be there. There were two little things that kept him out of the lead. He had a little hop in the turn on the haunches, and he tripped and nearly fell on his face in the last halt,” Liz laughed. “I’m very confident he would’ve been in the lead otherwise.”

Matt Flynn and Wizzerd, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Wizzerd WV x Oklund) owned by Patrick Flynn, Kathleen Flynn, and Merry Go Round Farm, are in third place on 25.9. This pair, too, are on a hot streak after winning the other Advanced division at the Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. two weeks ago.

Waylon Roberts and Lancaster. Photo by Stable View.

Fourth place is shared between Sydney Conley Elliot and Waylon Roberts on score of 26.4. Riding for Canada, Waylon is here this weekend with Lancaster, a 13-year-old Canadian Sporthorse owned by John Koppin, Michelle Koppin and Waylon.

Sydney, a self proclaimed perfectionist, is focused on how she and QC Diamantaire, a 10-year-old Oldenburg (Diarado x Lantana, by Sandro Hit) owned by Carol Stephens, can continue to improve her score moving forward. “‘Q’ is always a good boy. There’s still a lot to be desired from that horse, but it was steady. I’m very critical of him and what he gives me every test, but he was such a good boy overall,” she said.

This pair is having only their second start of the year. “I think their brains and body got a much needed vacation. Q had not been out since Fair Hill, so Chatt Hills was our first outing — he hadn’t run cross country in almost a year. He was awesome. He’s such a lazy horse by nature, so it was fun to have him excited to leave the start box and a little riled up.”

With COVID-19 all but destroying our season, we’ve got a beefy CCI4*-S lineup for you this weekend. Forty combinations have stepped forward, and they’re packed to the brim. The top ten are spread over just 3.6 points — less than one rail over tomorrow’s show jumping. This will make accuracy and speed essential in the jumping phases, or the door will be wide open for a shake up.

Kurt Martin & D.A. Lifetime. Photo by Stable View.

Kurt Martin & D.A. Lifetime won the dressage in the CCI3*-S. They’re on a score of 27 ahead of the show jumping phase. Alex O’Neal is second with Miss MoneyPenny V on a score of 29, and Zoe Crawford is third with K.B.S. Quick Strike on 29.3 points.

Kelly Prather and Catch Me Cooley. Photo by Stable View.

Liz Halliday-Sharp leads the CCI2*-S division with Maryville Sir Henry on a score of 27.4. Dana Cooke holds second place with FE Whole Lotta Rosie on 28.4. Kelly Prather piloted Catch Me Cooley into third place on a score of 28.9.

Show jumping kicks off tomorrow morning for the International divisions. The four-star will start at 9 a.m. followed by the three- and two-star groups.

Go eventing.

Stable View Oktoberfest: WebsiteEntry StatusRide TimesLive ScoresEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

#EventerProblems Vol. 242: A Smooth Sea…

Photo by Joan Davis/Flatlandsfoto.

… Never made for a skilled sailor. Or in this case: a perfect ride never made for a skilled eventer.

This week’s #EventerProblems is inspired by Area I eventer Julie. From Julie: “This is me and my OTTB Sweetie coming out of the water at Coursebrook farm horse trials at Novice. She left out a stride and surprised me but I stuck the landing. She went on to jump the BN fence in front of her with me holding on for dear life. Photo credit Joan Davis of Flatlandsfoto for capturing this epic moment!  By the way I’m 57 so sticking the landing was even more important because this sack of bones doesn’t bounce like it used to!”

Well sat! Our favorite part is that her horse looks completely unbothered. She’s already locking onto the next fence.

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Happy Labor Day! It’s the unofficial end of summer and man I’m so excited for FALL! I’ve got my goals set for the new season but it’s also important to reflect on the past. This summer I’ve learned that sometimes uncomfortable change is needed for meaningful growth. I also learned how important it is for us to be our horse’s advocates. Scarlett’s behavior before her initial scope could have easily been written off by some as a training issue, behavioral issue, or just a “red mare” issue but in reality it was pain in her belly and her joints. Since we’ve gotten that fixed, she’s become a different beast. I’m still learning to relax my upper body at her canter so I can follow her movement better. My tension stems from a long history of being tossed by her bucks and switches in the back…she hasn’t done either maneuver since her ulcer and IRAP treatments so it’s weird having a horse that canters…fairly normally. 😂 We’ll keep working on it. 👍🏼 . #HeelsDownHeartLifted 💚🧡 . 📸 @isaaclauphoto . . . . . . . #redheadscarlett #chestnutmare #chestnut #mare #ottb #horsesofinstagram #ottbsofinstagram #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofinstagram #equestrian #equestrianlife #equine #dressage #eventingnation #eventerproblems #horsebackriding #instahorse #jumping #horse #horses #equestrianphotography #equestriansofinstagram #equestrianstyle #eventing #northcarolina #hillsboroughnc

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Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Photo via @dragonfirefarm on Instagram.

It doesn’t get much more fun than the mom and daughter duo of Jen and Taylor McFall. Jen was a proud mom this weekend as she watched her five-star horse take her daughter to her first Intermediate. The pair finished fifth. Jen didn’t do too bad herself either! She and Stoneman were sixth in the CCI3*-S. Congratulations to the Dragonfire Farm crew!

National Holiday: Voter Registration Day!

Events Opening This Week: USEA MDHT YEH Qualifier and NEH FinalFull Moon Farms H.T.War Horse Event Series November H.T.River Glen Fall H.T.Horse Trials at Majestic OaksTexas Rose Horse Park Fall H.T., West Coast Championships at Twin Rivers Ranch

Events Closing This Week: The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy FarmRadnor Hunt H.T.War Horse Event Series October H.T.Ocala Fall HTWoodside International H.T.St. Johns H.T.

Tuesday News: 

Virginia Horse Trials International has announced that they will include an Intercollegiate & Alumni Team Challenge for their Oct. 28-Nov. 1 event. This is open to current undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni. Teams may be mixed between schools and levels.

VHT (Virginia Horse Trials) International is pleased to include an Intercollegiate & Alumni Team Challenge during the Oct. 28-Nov. 1 VHT International & H.T. Current undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni are invited to participate. Send your team roster and any questions to Team Coordinator, [email protected].

Spiral staircases got their start in the firehouse, but did you know it’s because of horses? The firefighters slept upstairs while the horses, who pulled the engines, lived downstairs. With traditional stairs, these stations found that hungry horses would scale the stairs. So turns out hungry horses are to blame for this unique design. [Spiral Staircases, Fire Poles, & Fire Stations]

Fangirling is not saved only for amateur riders. Professionals admire others as well! [‘It’s hard to get to the top of our sport and to stay there’: some of the world’s best name their favourite riders of the decade]

Talking about money can be … awkward. Noelle Floyd has opened up the floor for rider to anonymously talk about finances and how that affects their relationship with the sport. [An ER Nurse with a Trust Fund Navigates Horse Expenses After a Divorce]

The New York Times explores the Unionville event name discussions: Estate’s Racially Divisive Name Threatens Future of Premier Equestrian Event

Tuesday Video:

Sunday Links from One K Helmets

Bubby Upton and Cola III. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

The British team is well known for their breadth and depth of talent, and here’s another pair chomping to climb the senior ranks. Bubby Upton and Cola III are tracking to finishing their CCI4*-L debut this weekend at Burnham Market. They’re ninth ahead of the show jumping after a clear cross country inside the time. This is a horse that Bubby produced herself, and their ascent to this top level is certainly something to celebrate!  You can read even more in Tilly’s cross country report. 

Major Overseas Action:

Burnham Market: Entries & Ride Times | Live Scores | Website | Live Stream | EN’s Coverage | EN’s Twitter | EN’s Instagram

U.S. Weekend Action:

Apple Knoll Farm H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Meadowcreek Park Fall Social Event: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Sundance Farm H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Twin Rivers Fall International: [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Sunday Links: 

Why There Will Never Be Another Valegro

Pakistan’s Olympic-bound horse Azad Kashmir passes away from heart attack

West Palm residents fume over proposed equestrian waste recycling plant

‘The best photo I ever took’: husband’s last cross-country picture of his wife wins national prize four years after her death

Judy Murray rides Valegro as sporting icons meet to film exciting new series

Beyond the Black Square: Horse Shows Aren’t Doing Enough to Support BLM

Sunday Video: Don’t miss this intimate interview with Charlotte Dujardin

Explore the Infamous Cross Country Course from The Sydney Olympic Games

It’s been twenty years since the Sydney Olympic Games where Australia took home team gold (with our now-stalwart Phillip Dutton as a member) and David O’Connor and Custom Made snagged individual gold. The 2000 Games where monumental, not just for the grueling competition, but it was also the long format’s last appearance at the Olympics. By 2004, the FEI shifted to the current short format, excluding phases A-C on the endurance phase.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, CrossCountry App have released a digital recreation of the cross country course. Tour the interactive map from the view of the competitior, with fence-by-fence insights from greats like Mary King, Blyth Tait, Stuart Tinney and Amanda Ross who remember their ride and their incredible horses. Audio overlay includes narrative from course designer Mike Etherington-Smith who explains how the venue and course came into being over three years.

“One great thing that has come out of the Sydney Olympics is the legacy of the venue” explains Blyth Tait who is now designing courses at Sydney. “It is a world class facility which must contribute to the preparation for Australian teams when going overseas. It is such a credit that it is such a great venue twenty years later.”

The Sydney International Equestrian Centre continues to regularly host eventing competitions where riders from 60cm to four-star can experience the thrill of riding over the same terrain and galloping through the Olympic water jumps.

“It has been an engrossing and fun project” says CrossCountry App co-Founder Jose Diacono who was herself a volunteer Team Liaison Officer – or Ollie Vollie as they were called. Mike Etherington-Smith, Competition Manager Franz Venhaus and Deputy Competition Manager Vince Roche supplied documents and photographs and many others contributed photos of the competition and fences. The digital course includes the fascinating stories behind the fence names which celebrate the aboriginal heritage and history of the site.

The Anniversary Course includes audio extracts from a highly entertaining zoom panel in which Mary King, Blyth Tait, Stuart Tinney and Amanda Ross relived the excitement by watching their rounds with Mike Etherington-Smith. Hosted by former Australian Olympic coach Prue Barrett and Eventing commentator Fiona Hughes of SitTightRadio.

Find the 20th Anniversary Sydney 2000 course at and on CrossCountry App.

Wildfires Devastate California, Oregon, Washington: How You Can Help [Updated 9/17]

Fires turn skies blood orange. Photo courtesy of Madison Flanders.

Wildfires continue to ravage the West Coast, killing 35 and burning nearly five million acres of land. These fires are leaving thousands displaced across California, Oregon and Washington State. Officials in California are saying that three of the fires currently burning are the largest in state history. Last week Washington lost more acres in a single day than in the past 12 seasons combined, according to Governor Jay Inslee.

Fire alone is not the only danger to residents, smoke inhalation has become a major concern for horses and humans alike. As air quality across the western United States continues to tank, UC Davis has compiled a guidelines for horses exposed to wildfire smoke. A windy weather system is expected to move in throughout the week, and could dissipate some of the smoke, but experts fear it could also fan the flames.

The USEF released a statement this week leaving the decisions of cancellation be left to individual competitions because “venue conditions can vary and can change rapidly depending upon weather, geography, and other factors.” The governing body has recommended that, in situations where the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches 151 or above, an organizer consider suspending or cancelling competition. In cases of cancellation, organizers must inform competitors about refund or credit policies. You can read their entire statement at this link.

With hundreds of fires ranging, residents are forced to prepare for evacuation. Eventers Shannon Lilley and Lauren Billys Shady both were forced to relocate their horses last month amid approaching flames. Thankfully, both barns were able to escape to safety.

Equestrians have banned together to help those in need, with many turning to Facebook for assistance with hauling or stabling relocation. Here are regional groups with options: PNW Equine EvacuationNorCal Equine Emergency EvacuationSouthern California Equine Emergency Evacuation.

As you likely know by now, Oregon, California and Washington are currently experiencing an unprecedented wildfire…

Posted by American Association of Equine Practitioners on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Here is a running list of resources that have been brought to our attention, which we will keep updated. Please email [email protected] with additional listings.

American Association of Equine Practitioners, or AAEP, has created The Foundation for the Horse, which is delivering supplies quickly to those in need including care, medical supplies, hay, feed, and more. Visit their website to learn more, and be sure to select “Disaster Relief” when donating.

Cowgirl 911 is an animal evacuation and assistance group made entirely of community-driven volunteers. Right now they are focusing their efforts on the Pacific Northwest and connecting those who can help with those who need help. If you can offer transport or donations, click here.

The UC Davis Emergency Veterinary Response Team has been working tirelessly to rescue animals of all sizes affected by the fires. So far they’ve treated over 1,000 animals impacted by the Lightning Complex Fire. This team is made entirely of volunteers. If you’d like to donate, you can find more information at this link.

The Oregon State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine is providing care tho animals affected in Oregon. Click here to donate to their Wildfire Response.

Sound Equine Options, a nonprofit in Gresham, OR, is working to re-home and care for horses affected by wildfires. Click here to donate. For those with barn space to share, especially in the northern Willamette Valley, please email [email protected] with your name, barn location and contact information and they will be in touch to connect you with those needing safe haven.

USEF Disaster Relief Fund is accepting donations via its website.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our West Coast friends. Stay safe!

This story is ongoing and updates will be posted here as they become available. Most recent update: 9/17 8:20 a.m. eastern. 


#DogsofEN: Quarantine Doggos

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Weeble following the rules…not willingly! 😂

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Possibly the only good thing about 2020 is that many of us have had more time at home with our doggos. Here’s your latest collection of four-legged friends. Keep tagging them with #DogsofEN for a chance to be featured.

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Into cross country today… may the rain gods be kind…

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Always stop & smell the roses. #pupsinpajamas 📸: @kaitlynmcin

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Tuesday News & Notes from Legends Horse Feeds

Spent the weekend photographing at Flora Lea Farm LLC. Today started off a little exciting– enjoy this "save of the day…

Posted by I{mpack}t Studio on Sunday, September 13, 2020

Tuesday News & Notes has become the platform to showcase the save of the week. She nearly — erm, pretty must did — went for a swim at Flora Lea Farm with . Last week we showcased Megan Jones’ stickability at the Wirrina Cover Derby Day in Australia. Now stateside, sink or swim, eventers get it done! Do you have an epic save? Send it to me to be featured! [email protected]

National Holiday: National Linguine Day

Events Opening This Week: The VHT International & H.T.Rocking Horse Fall H.T.Galway Downs International Event & H.T.Rocking Horse Fall H.T.

Events Closing This Week: Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club Spring H.T.Morven Park Fall International H.T. & CCISWindRidge Farm Fall H.T.Poplar Place Farm H.T.Horse Trials at Majestic OaksHeritage Park H.T.Spokane Sport Horse Sixth Annual Fall H.T.

Tuesday News: 

Listen Up! US Equestrian High Performance Director Erik Duvander and US Equestrian Developing and Emerging Rider Coach Leslie Law join the USEA Podcast to discuss what postponement means for Team USA. [USEA Podcast #266: Team Talk #2]

Kamille Marcussen was making her biggest break since leaving her home in Iowa to be a working student in Florida at 15 years old, she had the opportunity to move to Europe to work for Kristen VanderVeen. Just days before her flight, she got the devastating news that her pesky lump was in fact papillary thyroid cancer. She fought like hell and only a few weeks post op, she found herself back in competitions. [Back From The Brink: Marcussen Fights For New Normal Following Cancer Treatment]

The London International Horse Show, fondly called Olympia, has been cancelled. Despite hours, days and weeks of hard work from the staff, it was decided the show could not move forward. This will include the cancellation of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup, the Olympia Grand Prix, the puissance, the FEI Dressage World Cup and the FEI Driving World Cup qualifiers all held at the event. [‘Great regret’ as coronavirus forces Olympia cancellation]

Do you spend time out at the barn and think, I bet there’s a better way to do this? Maybe that’s your inner entrepreneur speaking. Developing your own project in the equestrian space is a daunting task, you aren’t alone there, but it’s far from impossible. [I Left Corporate America to Create My Own Equestrian Product. Here’s What I Learned.]

A digital passport is the latest proposal aimed at easing equine travel post-Brexit in 2021. Proponents believe it would offer a level of identification and biosecurity far beyond what’s in use now. Digital passports would include up-to-date vaccination records. For now, EU still requires paper documents, but this could be a step toward the future. [‘Digital passports’ cited as future in post-Brexit international equine travel]

For a dose of gridspiration: Mavis Spencer’s Favorite Jumping Exercise

Tuesday Video: Ride-a-long from Tryon!

Last Chance to Take Home A Winner from Inaugural A.D. Auction!

At 8PM CET tonight (2 p.m. eastern), Monday, 14th of September, the first edition of The AD Auction will come to an end. All the horses presented by Cooley Farm, Wrenwood Stables and Babes Horses have had tremendous success among bidders. Don’t miss your chance to buy your next champion!

One featured Cooley horse in the Alex Delazer Auction this weekend: Cooley Rules. Photo courtesy of The A.D. Auction.

Only few hours left until the end of the first edition of The AD Auction. The Celtic Collection has been successful from the beginning and there have been many bids starting from a few minutes after the opening of the auction.

So far, the highest bid has been placed for Cooley Rules, a 2014 gelding by Beachball. Beachball is by OBOS Quality, who is a sire that has been hugely influential in breeding top horses in Ireland including horses such as Mark Q, who has been campaigned by Kevin Babington. The dam of Beachball competed very successfully at CSI5* level with Cian O’Connor. 

Cooley Rules has evented to 1m10 level being a winner in his first run and 3rd in his second. He has show-jumped successfully to 1m25. He shows huge potential for top level sport. He has huge scope carefulness and quickness in his jump, combined with brave and fearless attitude to the cross country and a top-level gallop.

Among the horses presented by Cooley, Countess Cooley has also attracted a lot of attention. This mare is a full sister to Cooley Earl who has evented successfully at CCI5* level. She was placed 4th in the 4yo final at Cavan Winter Showjumping Championships in 2019. She has the potential to compete at the top level of either showjumping or eventing. She was bred at Cooley Farm and has been extremely trainable from the start and has always had a great attitude. She is a pleasure to work with and always wants to please.

Wrenwood Phoenix (2020, ISH, Chacoon Blue x Quidam de Revel II Z). Photo courtesy of The A.D. Auction.

The top price among the foals in the auction is Wrenwood Phoenix, born on July 17, 2020 by Chacoon Blue x Phia de Regor. Phia is a young daughter of Centa De Muze is showing all the attributes and quality to follow in the footsteps of her brothers and sisters. Grand dam Centa de Muze is recognised as being one of the most influential mares in modern breeding. Offspring from this family are highly sought after all over the world. To give an example, Todos De Regor, by Chacco Blue, topping the 2019 Flanders summer foal auction, selling for a whopping €73,000 euros!

Among the Babes Family’s horses, Philo is the current top price. This stunning yearling colt is by Balou Du Rouet and his mother, Ma Fleur JS, has competed so far to 1.45 level as a 7-year-old. Ma Fleur is a prolific winning mare and a beautiful model. She was the National 5 years old champion, also winning many international classes, including spring 6 years old Grand Prix in Bonheiden, both summer and winter 6 years old Grand Prix’s in Sentower Park and many more victories all across Europe, culminating in her finishing her 6 year old year in 2nd place on the FEI world ranking list. Ma Fleur is a daughter of Emerald and from a Cassini II dam. She is now competing very successfully in Young Riders classes. Her stunning son will be as successful as his forefathers.

These are only four of the twenty horses part of the Celtic Collection of  The AD Auction. 

Check out the entire collection and place a bid for your future star on The auction will end today, Monday 14th of September at 8PM CET/2PM Eastern. 

From September 11 to September 14 on the innovative online auction “The Alex Delazer Auction” will launch its first edition. The Celtic Collection is a unique opportunity to enter the stables of Cooley Farm, Wrenwood Stables and Babes Horses, who will present 20 horses in the showjumping, eventing and American hunting disciplines. 

Matt Flynn & Doug Payne Take Home Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. Advanced Wins

Matt Flynn and Wizzerd. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Cross country day at the 2019 Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC proved to be influential. Doug Payne closed out a wire-to-wire win the in the B division, but he relinquished the A division to Matt Flynn.

Matt Flynn and Wizzerd were the first Advanced pair to come through the finish flags, and they made every second of their trip around the White Oak cross country course count. Their success this weekend, including finishing on a score of 40.9 has been the product of determined training in an unprecedented year.

The partnership started the weekend with a personal best on the flat, for which Matt credits Erik Duvander. “Dressage was great for him. Erik Duvander was kind enough to help warm me up, and he’s been working with the horse a lot this year. He’s really getting stronger and he put in a personal best for him at that level, so that was really exciting to start off with.”

Doug Payne has not been the only one bumping up his show jumping practice, Matt has joined him here for a few trips under the lights. “Show Jumping last night was really super. I was really happy with him in the Tryon Stadium. I came here a couple weeks ago with my buddy Doug [Payne] and have been doing some jumper shows on the road with his gang and working on that phase the past month or so, which felt really paid off, and I was happy with his round,” he said.

Of course no event is complete without the exhilarating cross country phase, and this pair will certainly be ones to watch when they return for the CCI4*-L in November. “Obviously it’s great to have the horses gallop on the terrain and see what it felt like. This was my first time running the event here in general, so that’s extremely valuable, and I think also in November I will continue to work to even ride more forward,” he said. “I thought it was a good track. It was definitely challenging, but it was sizeable enough that it was rewarding to a good, forward ride, which I think is good preparation for these horses coming back to do the CCI 4*-L here in November. My goal was to do my best to ride the forward lines and stay out of Wizzerd’s way and travel on more than I tend to, which is a goal I’ve been working to improve.”

Bobby Meyerhoff and Fortuna. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Bobby Meyerhoff and Fortuna, the 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare (Balou du Rouet x Consul) owned by Robert D. Meyerhoff, improved from sixth to second after cross country, ending on a score of 45.80. The mare left the box on fire, making sure Bobby had his hands full, but improved over each fence.

“It started out very nice, until fence five where I had a little hiccup, and the mare did an amazing save there, and we kicked on and got our groove back,” Bobby said. “From then on, the course jumped fairly nice. It was big and bold, and I felt the mare change her way of galloping and jumping the big tables, and she took me and felt great.”

Katherine Brown and Victor Z. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Katherine Brown only added 2.40 to her score to end up in third on a total of 52 riding her own Victor Z, the 9-year-old Zangersheide gelding (Vittorio x Concorde).

“My horse has a tremendous gallop, and I never looked at my watch,” she said, “but he just covers the ground so easily. I have a better mental image now. I’ll keep truckin’ along with some more fitness work and hopefully we’ll be back here in the fall a little bit later.”

Doug Payne and Vandiver. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Today did not start as Doug Payne expected. His first- and second-placed horses both saw trouble out on course, but as expected the experienced Vandiver stepped up to win in the B division. The 16-year-old Trakehner gelding (Windfall 2 x Mystic Replica XX) owned by Debi Crowley in partnership with Doug and Jessica Payne, ended on a score of 33.50.

In second place overnight, Doug came to grief at the B element, a skinny brush, with his first ride, Quantum Leap. He did not clear the flags, though he continued on course, and was eliminated. His A division leader, Starr Witness, misread the bank and skinny elements of the Lighthouse Water, picking up two stops to drop them out of the ribbons.

Speaking of experienced, the Olympic gold medalist Leslie Law finished up in second with Voltaire de Tre’, the 11-year-old Selle Francais gelding (Gentleman IV x Socrate de Chivre) owned by Tre’ Book, on 39.10. Rounding out the top three, Nilson da Silva and his own 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding (Spirit House x Clonakality Hero), Rock Phantom, finished on a score of 49.

Across both divisions, no one could catch the time. With recent rains and footing that leaned toward slippery, this isn’t entirely surprising. Katherine Brown and Victor Z came the closest at 7:02, just six seconds over.

Of the 21 starters, 11 finished without jumping penalties for a clear rate of 52.4%. Issues on course focused around the Chimney Rock Complex (12ABC) and the White Table to Corner (18AB). The Chimney Rock Complex produced some gritty riding as the divisions continued when word traveled back that the slick ground made a tricky job even harder.

For all the nitty gritty details, check out our live updates.

Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC: WebsiteEntriesRide TimesLive ScoringLive StreamingWhite Oak Course XC Maps

Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. Advanced XC Live Updates: Doug Payne & Matt Flynn Win

Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Good morning, EN! We are very excited to bring you live updates from the Advanced cross country at Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC. Doug Payne remains the one to beat as he’s leading both of these feature divisions, so we will keep a close eye on him this morning. Click here to catch up on our coverage.

Advanced competitors are up against 26 numbered fences over 3950 meters. The time to beat is 6 minutes and 56 seconds.

We will be here  keeping record of all the action as it happens, but you can also tune in and watch it live yourself at this link. The first rider leaves the box at 11 a.m., so join us then and keep refreshing this page for all the latest.

12:44 Doug Payne wins the Advanced division with Vandiver! Check back on EN for a full report later today.

12:34 Nilson finishes clear with a time of 7:33.

12:28 Nilson is clear through 4.

12:26 Nilson and Rock Phantom have left the startbox. He has the opportunity to finish in second place of the Advanced B division. He’s got about 12 seconds of wiggle room.

12:25 Matt Flynn and Wizzerd our our provisional winners of the Advanced B division.

12:23 Nilson has one final ride. He had to do a tack change, so he’s just warming up now. He’ll be the final Advanced rider on course.

12:22 Leslie Law finishes in 10.8 time penalties for a provisional score of 39.1. That should move him into second place of the B division.

12:18 Daniela finishes with no jumping faults in a time of 7:21.

12:17 A big jump nearly unseated Leslie at the middle element of the Chimney Rock, but the veteran competitor stuck it to jump clear.

12:16 Leslie Law and Voltaire De Tre are now with us on course. He’s clear through 10.

12:15 If you see Daniela this today make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!

12:13 Ah, what a shame, Ann has missed fence 19 The Sunburst Table. This is actually her second time missing this table — she was eliminated for doing the same with her first horse — so I’d venture to say this one was skipped on the course walk.

12:12 Madeleine finishes clear with a time of 7:54.

12:11 Lovely trip through the water for Ann Goodwin.

12:11 Now we welcome Daniela Moguel and Cecelia riding for Mexico.

12:10 Madeleine and Crosby’s Gold are clear through 20.

12:08 Ann Goodwin is back with Fedarman B. She has a stop at the trakhener at 7A. She takes her time to determine her options, and she’s clear on the second try.

12:06 Madeleine Scott and Crosby’s Gold have a strong start. They’re clear through 10.

12:05 Ellie has a refusal at the corner at 17.

12:04 Doug Payne and Vandier finish clear with a time of 7:22. That gives a provisional 10.4 time penalties. 33.5 is his final score and right now it keeps him on top of the leaderboard.

12:03 Ellie elects to take the option in the Lighthouse water to give the green horse some time to see his surroundings. It’s a good choice for them and they have a great ride out.

12:01 Darn! Ellie misses the line at 7 and has a runout at the skinny after the trakhener.

12:01 Ellie O’Neal and Zick Zack are clear through 4.

12:00 Doug has conquered his demons from earlier rides. He and Vandiver are easily through the Chimney Rock and Lighthouse Water.

11:59 Doug and Vandiver clear through 8.

11:58 Hallie and Clien have a miscommunication at the boat in the Lighthouse Water. They just get there on a slightly off stride with an angled approach. Clien tries to find a way to get over it, but it doesn’t quite work. Hallie did pop out of the tack, but was up immediately and seems to be ok.

11:56 Doug Payne is out with division leader Vandiver. He did not have the finishes he wanted with his first two horses, so I’m sure he’ll leave the box more determined that ever.

11:55 Hallie Coon and Clien are off and away. They’re clear through 7.

11:54 Bobby Meyerhoff finishes just 18 seconds over for a current score of 45.8. He’s been one of the fastest so far.

11:50 Allison Springer and Business Ben finish with no jumping faults in a time of 7:39.

11:48 Nilson finishes with 20 jumping and a time of 7:48.

11:47 Fortuna is full of energy for Bobby Meyerhoff. They have a sticky moment at fence five, but make it a great save.

11:45 Nilson has had a runout at the corner at 18. This one is catching quite a few competitors today.

11:45 Allison Springer and Business Ben are out on course. They’re clear through 6.

11:44 Nilson with a great shot at this stone wall:

11:44 Megan Sykes finishes clear in a time of 7:25

11:42 Wow! Really lovely ride for Megan and Classic’s Mojah through the Blue Table + Corner at 18.

11:42 Ashlynn and Emporium finish in a time of 7:52.

11:41 Nilson is back with his second ride, Lady Colina.

11:39 Ashlynn has a sketchy moment but gets it done at the tricky corner at 18.

11:39 Megan Sykes and Classic’s Mojah are our next starters.

11:38 Ashlynn is the first rider to take the option in the Lighthouse Water. They have a very classy ride through there.

11:38 Katherine Brown finished with a clear round aboard Victor Z in a time of 7:02.

11:37 Ashlynn Meuchel and Emporium have had a strong start here.

11:35 Whitney and Military Mind have a second runout at 24, the MIM table. That’s disappointing just two from home.

11:35 Katherine Brown and Victor Z are having a cracking ride. They’re clear the Lighthouse Water.

11:34 Whiney has one runout at the corner at 18.

11:33 Ann Goodwin unfortunately did not jump fence 19, the Sunburst Table. She’s been pulled up at fence 23 and will be eliminated.

11:31 Military Mind is full of run for Whitney, and she works hard to be successful through the Lighthouse Water.

11:30 Ann Goodwin has a runout at the Blue Table Corner at 18

11:29 Now we welcome Whitney Mahloch and Military Mind on course.

11:28 Ann and Mettraise have one of the best rides through the tricky Chimney Rock complex.

11:26 Ann Goodwin is clear through four with Mettraise.

11:21 Doug has had another stop at the D element after making it up the bank. He is clear over the option. Looks like he’s opting to continue.

11:20 Doug has had a stop at the C element at the Lighthouse water, a bank up.

11:19 Leslie Law and First Class finish with 20 jump penalties in a time of 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

11:18 Doug Payne is out with division leader Starr Witness.

11:15 Leslie Law and First Class have a bobble through the final element of the Chimney Rock complex. He circles to represent.

11:06 Matt Flynn is the first through the finish flags in 7:30, 34 seconds over.

11:05 Nilson has a runout on the final element of the Chimney Rock Complex. He’s successful on the second attempt.

11:03 Nilson da Silva and Magnum’s Martini starting strong around the lake. It also looks like Doug has heard about his elimination and has pulled up.

11:02 Matt Flynn and Wizzerd are clear through the water.

11:02 Doug Payne has jumped outside the flag at middle element of the chimney rock complex with Quantum Leap. Because he continued, he will be eliminated.

10:43 Looks like we’ve had two riders withdraw before cross country: Kyle Carter with Reddy or Not and Gaby Ruane with Lismakeera Brewski. Both of these pairs were in the Advanced B division.

Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC: WebsiteEntriesRide TimesLive ScoringLive StreamingWhite Oak Course XC Maps

Doug Payne Still on Top in Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. Advanced Divisions

Doug Payne and Starr Witness. Photo by Shannon Brainkman Photography.

Double overnight leader Doug Payne looks like he’s gotten quite comfortable at the top of both Advanced divisions at Blue Ridge Mountain Horse Trials at TIEC presented by EquiSafe Global. After three clear rounds in the show jumping, it doesn’t look like he has any plans to leave here without two blue ribbons.

Starr Witness, the 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare (Chello III VDL x Veneur) owned in partnership with Catherine Winter and Laurie McRee, added nothing to her Dressage score to remain first in the A division with a 25.70 heading into cross country. The same was true for Quantum Leap, the 9-year-old Zweibrücker gelding (Quite Capitol x Corporate Report) owned by Doug and Jessica Payne, adding nothing to their 26.10 Dressage score to hold onto second place.

“These two are both stepping up to the level,” he said of his Advanced A mounts after touring the Chris Barnard course design. “Quantum [Leap] has had a little more experience than Starr Witness, but both of those guys responded really well and I think they benefited from the time we spent here in the summer.”

Matt Flynn and Wizzerd. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Matthew Flynn improved from fourth to third, riding Wizzerd to a clear round to keep his original score of 27.30 aboard Patrick Flynn, Kathleen Flynn, and Merry Go Round Farm’s 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Wizzerd WV x Oklund).

Doug Payne and Vandiver. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Doug’s untouched score of 23.10 with Vandiver, the 2004 Trakehner gelding (Windfall 2 x Mystic Replica XX) owned by Debi Crowley in partnership with Doug and Jessica Payne kept them atop the Advanced B division.

The remainder of the leading trio also remained unchanged after Show Jumping, with Hallie Coon (Ocala, FL) on 26.90 aboard Celien, the 2007 Dutch Warmblood mare (VDL Tenerife x Hamlet) owned in partnership with Helen Coon, and Ann Goodwin (Aiken, SC) in third on a score of 28.00 after two phases with her own Fedarman B, the 2010 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Eurocommerce Washington x Fedor).

“Vandiver has never jumped better, honestly,” Payne emphasized. “He just keeps getting stronger and stronger, and he’s just got about the biggest heart of any horse I’ve ever had. It’s getting to be a lot of fun with him, actually, because he’s so reliable and jumping great.”

The Advanced divisions head out on Capt. Mark Phillips’ cross country course today beginning at 10:57 a.m. We will have live updates right here on EN, so check back for minute-by-minute action. For more information on how to watch ALL divisions live, click here.

Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC: WebsiteEntriesRide TimesLive ScoringLive StreamingWhite Oak Course XC Maps


Sunday Links from One K Helmets

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After a week of testing and monitoring Ellie, we received the wonderful news that everything appears “normal”. We are really surprised that they can make such a bold statement considering her parents. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️She has no significant abnormalities. Although they can't promise she won’t have any problems, they basically think she should not have any developmental issues 👏👏👏 This was the best information ever! She truly is a miracle. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, calls, and texts. Much love and we are extremely thankful for everyone’s care and support. Hopefully Ellie will be home in time for plantation field to cheer on her dad! Buck and Andrea

A post shared by Buck Davidson 🇺🇸 (@buckdavidson) on

Congratulations to Andrea and Buck Davidson on the arrival of their daughter Emelia Elizabeth Davidson. “Ellie” has spent some time at Children’s Healthcare of Philadelphia after her birth last week, but we are so pleased to see that healthcare providers have said her results are currently “normal.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as they continue to celebrate this most special addition.

National Holiday: National International Helmet Awareness Day

U.S. Weekend Action:

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Snag These Sweet Deals to Celebrate International Helmet Awareness Day

Allison Springer was the first five-star rider to compete while wearing a helmet in the dressage phase. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Wearing a properly fitted helmet is more than a fashion statement, it’s protecting your most important asset: YOU!

If you are looking to add to your rotation, or maybe you need to replace an older one (If you had a fall recently — consider this your sign to buy a new helmet!), this weekend is the time to do it. Held September 12-13, International Helmet Awareness Day is here to encourage all riders to mind your melons.

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For a refresher, here’s how you can make sure you’re buying a properly fitted helmet:

How to Shop for a Helmet

Are you ready for International Helmet Awareness Day? We sure are! To help you find the best helmet for your head shape and hairstyle, we even have a new video for you: How to Shop for a HelmetWant to learn more about helmet fit? Read more here:

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