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Photo by Abby Powell.
Alert! Alert! You should already know that there are a new set of dressage tests for 2022, but now there are new new dressage tests. That’s right — a couple tweaks have been made to...
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There are a few real legends of our sport who’ve earned the respect of everyone around them — their contemporaries and competitors, officials, organisers, the next generations, and so on, and so forth. Among them?...
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Photo by Leslie Wylie.
I’ve definitely had the experience of bouncing happily down the centerline of my first recognized horse trials of the season, halting, and saluting way-too-excitedly … only to get rung out of the arena seconds later for...
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Emily Hamel and Corvette. Photo by Shelby Allen.
We are just over three months away from the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event (April 28-May 1, 2022), and anyone who’s been eyeing a trip will be pricking their ears at this news: The Land Rover...
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British photog Nico Morgan is a living legend of equestrian art. In the mild-weather months he can be found shooting ringside at horse shows, tucked into galloping lanes at three-day events, or crouching trackside at...
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bec Braitling (@boobraitling) Week two of snow in Virginia, and I’m real over it. I honestly don’t think I could survive any further north, I am such a...
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The Windrush Equestrian Foundation for young riders is the legacy of Christina Knudsen, a passionate British eventing rider. It was her dream to build up a training center where young riders learn what it needs...
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Photo courtesy of Aiken Horse Park Foundation.
The Organizers of the 2022 $50,000 Grand-Prix Eventing Festival at Bruce’s Field, presented by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services (GPE), would like to extend a unique VIP opportunity to interested parties. The 2022 showcase will be...
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The event season is off and running! And with it, a need for volunteers. Two recognized events are taking place this weekend: Grand Oaks H.T. in Weirsdale, FL, and Stable View Aiken Opener in Aiken,...
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Tarps protecting the arenas! Photo courtesy of Stable View.
Even though you went south to avoid the cold, by now you are likely aware that it will be well below freezing on both Friday and Saturday nights in Aiken! The latest weather information indicates that...
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