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Liz Halliday and Cooley Quicksilver. Photo via Facebook.
While the best young horses in Europe were competing for top honors in France this weekend, I was watching my 6-year-old Thoroughbred complete his first Novice horse trials at a local event. He finished on...
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8,343 struggles later you guys and your horses are still going strong. Keep up the good work, citizens of EN! And keep tagging ’em #EventerProblems on Instagram for inclusion in a future edition. I guess...
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A fitting finale: Izzy Taylor and Monkeying Around clinch the six-year-old World Championship at Le Lion d'Angers. Photo by Tilly Berendt.
It’s been Izzy Taylor‘s week, and a fitting last hurrah to what has been her most successful season ever. Rounding off the morning’s showjumping session, she jumped an effortless double-clear to clinch the six-year-old World...
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1,244 It’s no exaggeration to say the cross country course at Le Lion d’Angers is one of the most beautifully decorated in the world. I get excited every year to see what in the world...
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Megan Lynn and Have at it Playboy. Photo by Miranda Akins/Photography In Stride.
You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning to kick off the Hagyard Midsouth Classic Three-Day, CCI, and Horse Trials. A stunning sunrise greeted the Kentucky Horse Park while horses presented on the jog...
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As I drove to St. Louis on Thursday afternoon I was filled with excitement and nausea — my life-long dream of riding with George Morris was finally coming true. Part of me wanted to sing...
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Photo courtesy of Laura Crump Anderson.
Laura Crump Anderson is an Equestrian Fitness Specialist at InForm Fitness Leesburg. She is certified as a personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine and specializes in working with riders of all ages and...
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Izzy Taylor and Monkeying Around over one of the elaborately-designed fences on Pierre Michelet's CCI* course. Photo by Tilly Berendt.
Say what you like about the French: they know how to have a good time. The atmosphere at Le Lion today was electric from before the start of cross-country, with thick crowds at every fence...
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Laddie. Photo via Sport Horse Nation.
In the market for a new four-legged partner? You may find your unicorn on our sister site, Sport Horse Nation. To help with the search, we’re going to feature a selection of current listings here on...
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Jessica Springsteen announced earlier this week that she has officially added Volage du val Henry to her string after spending the summer getting to know the mare and dabbling around the European circuit together.
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