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The Scottish highlands look a bit chilly! Photo by Skye Ross.
At this stage in my life, I’m fairly convinced that December factually passes in a time warp, because not only am I always unprepared for December 1st, but before I can hardly blink, January 1st...
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Lea Adams-Blackmore and Sharon White at the Pan American Games. Photo courtesy of Sharon White / US Equestrian.
Welcome to The Debrief, where we’ll recap the experience of a rider following a big result or otherwise memorable competition. Lea Adams-Blackmore has had a busy season. In the last year, Lea conquered her first...
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Photo by Tina Fitch Photography.
The annual Galway Downs fundraising clinic is set for its 26th year – Jan. 19-26, 2024 and sign-ups are open now! Olympic eventers Ian Stark and Jock Paget are the featured clinicians. Land Rover Kentucky...
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2023 Kentucky Invitational champions Daniel Bluman (ISR) and Gemma W © Red Bay Group
Since 2018, show jumpers have joined the roster of sport during the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event for the Kentucky Invitational Grand Prix. It’s an opportunity for these riders to jump in major atmosphere, which...
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Joan Addison, Jimmy Elder, Ann Heukendorff, and John and Judy Rumble at the 2023 MARS Bromont CCI4*. (Michelle Dunn photo)
We’re starting off today with some sad news: Olympic rider and longtime supporter of the sport John Rumble has passed away at the age of 90. Casual eventing fans may recognize John’s name as an...
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I hate to jolt you out of your post-Thanksgiving haze, but there’s only 21 days until Christmas. Have you done your holiday shopping yet? (I haven’t started yet either). But that’s okay! I’ve come up...
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