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Photo via Sport Horse Nation.
In the market for a new four-legged partner? You may find your unicorn on our sister site, Sport Horse Nation. To help with the search, we’re going to feature a selection of current listings here on...
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Written by both 🇬🇧 & 🇯🇵 日本語は下のほうにあります。 The Biggest chapter (for now!) in my life is now over. It was such an amazing… Posted by Kazuma Tomoto on Monday, October 25, 2021 Working in this extraordinary...
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Sara Kozumplik-Murphy and Devil Munchkin were the winners of the CCI3*-S. Photo by Al Green Photo.
We loved watching The Event at TerraNova this weekend, which took place at the TerraNova Equestrian Center in Myakka City, Florida. While the EN team was sad not to be present at this inaugural event...
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Parker loving the attention at the show and his gorgeous ribbon 😊😊 Posted by Jennifer Carter on Monday, October 25, 2021 I’m waxing poetic for former 5* horses today, apparently (see my Monday News & Notes...
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Leslie Law and Lady Chatterley won the CCI4*-S. Photo by Al Green Photo.
Horses and riders in 12 divisions, from Starter to CCI4*-S, tackled the show jumping phase of competition Sunday at The Event at TerraNova, over a track designed by Nick Granat in the world-class setting of...
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Ellouise Bragg makes her way out on cross country with her dad, Alex Bragg's, former 5* horse, Zagreb. Photo via Team Bragg Eventing on Facebook.
I really love seeing former top horses thriving as they step down from the demands of the upper levels. In the case of British rider Alex Bragg’s Zagreb, it’s Alex’s daughter Ellouise who has taken...
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Courtenay Tuxhorn. Remember this name. She may have come to the sport of eventing a bit late, she will make herself known in short order. Courtenay grew up in Southern Maryland and the only thing...
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The calm before the action at FENCE horse trials. Photo by Shelby Allen.
It’s beginning to really hit home that there are precious few opportunities to get out and event for the remainder of the year, now that the season is winding down. (Well, unless you’re headed to...
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Jennie Jarnstrom-Dennis and Flower Girl. Photo by Al Green Photo.
Florida-based Swedish rider Jennie Jarnstrom-Dennis galloped around clear and fastest of the day to take the lead in the inaugural CCI4*-S, sponsored by B&D Builders, at The Event at TerraNova. Jarnstrom-Dennis (SWE) and her Hanoverian...
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Kevin McNab and Cute Girl head towards the course's finale as an enthusiastic throng watches on. Photo by Tilly Berendt.
Eventing Nation’s coverage of Le Lion d’Angers is brought to you by Kentucky Performance Products, our go-to source for the best support your horse can get. With a full line of proven supplements designed to help...
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