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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Website, Latest News, EN Olympic Digest Newsletter Signup, EN’s Instagram, EN’s Twitter, EN’s Coverage, The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo, The Form Guide: Team Edition Want to stay in the know with all things Olympic eventing? We’re...
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One question we’ve been asked (over and over again) is where to watch the jog livestream. Sadly, the short answer appears to be nowhere. The media powers that be have not yet cottoned on that...
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Our EN Slack chat is always a pretty fizzy place to be, with rapid-fire messages coming in from a number of timezones throughout the day and night. But when part of the team is at...
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Jessica von Bredow-Werndl Jessica ride TSF Dalera. Photo Copyright © FEI/Shannon Brinkman.
Compiled from FEI and US Equestrian press releases.  Everything about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has been a journey into the unknown. But there was a ring of familiarity combined with spirit of great sport...
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The golden boys: Ireland's Sam Watson puts Tullabeg Flamenco through his paces. Photo by Sally Spickard.
With just over twelve hours to go before the first horse inspection, we’ve been treated to our first look at how this week’s competition could play out for our teams out in Tokyo with the...
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Charlotte Dujardin (@charlotte_dujardincbe) I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve fallen totally and utterly head over heels for Charlotte Dujardin‘s Gio, or ‘Pumpkin’, as he’s known to...
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Great Britain Team bronze medalists. Photo by FEI/Shannon Brinkman.
We made it to our first equestrian podium today, with the dressage teams fighting it out for podium positions ahead of tomorrow’s individual freestyle final. While Germany won the gold and the US took silver,...
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The winning podium: Germany Gold, USA Silver and Great Britain Bronze. Photo by FEI/Christophe Taniere.
  Compiled from FEI and US Equestrian press releases.  Tonight’s victory for Germany in the Dressage team event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will go down in the history books. For the last 27...
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When it comes to lengthy soliloquies to the competitors at major events, you know EN’s got you covered. But sometimes, you just need something quick and thorough to service all your needs – and fortunately...
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Alexandr Fominov and Martini. Photo courtesy of the Belarus Equestrian Federation.
The Tokyo field has thinned by one after Belarus individual competitors Alexandr Fominov and Martini were withdrawn from the entry list due to an undisclosed veterinary issue. The problem was spotted by inspecting veterinarians in the Tokyo stables after...
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