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There’s nothing I love better than a life hack, especially if it saves me money – but with so many voices on the internet touting all sorts of mad solutions to problems I didn’t even...
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Kyle Carter and Madison Park. Photo by Sally Spickard.
It was always the goal for Madison Park to retire sound and healthy from top level competition. With an Advanced and 5* career that lasted well into the Thoroughbred gelding’s teens, it became a simple...
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Photo via Jon Holling on Facebook.
This is NOT me cheering for the Eagles this weekend (or maybe it is, honestly, I’m all for a Kansas City/Philadelphia Super Bowl for all sorts of reasons), but this is me sharing two of...
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You probably know the two chaps in charge of the British eventing team — Dickie Waygood and Chris Bartle — as a pair of slightly mythical figures, able to swoop in and turn the very good into...
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Winter, in a nutshell. Photo courtesy of Walnut Lawn Farm.
Its January, and I’ve now had TWO really good flat schools in a row on Turkey. For those of us who don’t go south, this is big, because it means I’ve left the road hacking...
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It feels like a near universality for young, horse-mad folks in the US to dream of running away to Ireland — the Emerald Isle of horsepower and horsepeople, where riding across the country is something...
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