The Inside Scoop on Equestly Riding Gear from the Eventing Nation Team

Team EN has been looking pretty stylish lately: if you saw us at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, presented by Mars Equestrian, you may have noticed our matching jackets, vests, and shirts. This year, we’re showing off our Equestly gear every time we hit the road! Check out what our team has to say about their new Equestly clothes.

On the Seamless Sun Shirts

These are SLIMMING! I have always been a zip-up sun shirt gal, but I’m obsessed with these shirts. – Allie Heninger

So, I’ve always been self-conscious about the belly pooch that has seemingly attached itself to my body since I graduated college. (Thanks a lot, freshman 15 that never went away). Because of that, I try not to wear too many shirts that are form fitting. With these sun shirts, I actually feel confident and stylish in a tight shirt. I don’t know what wizardry is embedded in these, but I need more of them. – Veronica Green-Gott

As a long-armed, long-torsoed gal (my trainer, in the latter part of my teenage years, used to send me into the ring with a pat on the thigh and the enormously unencouraging “go get ‘em, Gorilla Arms”), I’ve long since given up on the idea of one of those nice thumb-holed tops working for me. A bummer, really, as I’m also, deep down, a closet emo kid, and that’s about as close as the world of My Chemical Romance albums and horse shows get to colliding. 

Anyway, Equestly has really done me a solid and changed all that with their Seamless long-sleeve top, a little godsend that has become a staple in my reporting and riding wardrobe since I requested one in basically every single colour from the company. (My favourites are the black – hello, emo, duh – and the rusty orange one, which is a real nice hue, all things considered). It’s just about the only top I’ve ever had that’s actually generous in the arms (I feel like I could actually have a jump school with my thumbs through those holes, which is SAYING SOMETHING for my knuckle-dragging general outline), and although I’d love the body to have an extra inch or two of length to be perfect, I’ve found these bad boys stay put all day if I tuck them into my jeans or breeches, and that’s good enough for me. They’re crazy comfy, super cute, and they don’t hold onto armpit stank, which is an issue everyone I know — myself included — has always had with riding tops. A real win. – Tilly Berendt

I love the material of the shirts and how long the sleeves are, but I think they could be more size inclusive. I usually wear around a medium or large in most shirts, but this large was quite tight and a little short in the length. I feel like if it was slightly longer the tightness wouldn’t have been as noticeable. – Shelby Allen

On the Lux GripTEQ Breeches

Love love love the Equestly breeches and spring line of shirts! They’re cute, flattering, but more importantly keep me comfortable all day between teaching, riding, and managing the farm. Especially with this hot weather rolling in, I’ve been able to stay cool while still getting work done. The one thing I’d love to see would be more pockets!! But the flap over the one pocket is awesome to keep hay/dirt out! – Gillian Warner

The pants are crazy comfy and I love that they have belt loops, so I can try to pass them off as show breeches this summer! – Allie Heninger

These breeches combine the comfort and breathability of leggings with the look of a traditional breech. As someone whose leggings are always rolling down, I love that I can wear a belt with them. My one wish is that they came in a knee patch version! – Veronica Green-Gott

I picked up a cute green pair of breeches, and while I’ve mostly just worn those around the house so far (welcome to the lame horse club, boo), they’re going to join my gymming line-up, because they’re super comfy, super cute, and extra grippy so I won’t fall off my spin bike while I try to stay fit enough to not fall off my horse next time she’s rideable. I’ve never been a riding tights kind of girl, but these ones have swayed me. I suspect they’ll keep me stuck tight to the saddle when I really need that extra bit of help. – Tilly Berendt

I love the breeches! They’re so allowing and stretchy, but still flattering. The silicone patches are very sticky and help keep me in place. I love the big phone pocket too. – Shelby Allen

On the Lux 2-in-1 Jackets

In North Carolina, we regularly experience at least 3 seasons, sometimes 4, in one day. The versatility of the jacket paired with the long sleeve shirt allows me to be comfortable outside throughout all the changes, and look stylish at the same time! – Cassidy Oeltjen

My best experience with Equestly so far has been their Lux 2-in-1 Jacket. I ordered this in hopes of having a layer for being out in all types of weather at events. It has been SO great – I love how the inner shell zips in and out, leaving a nice light rain jacket if you just need something to shield you from the rain. With the inner shell in, it’s nice and warm. I also love the length of the jacket. Nothing makes me feel more marshmallow-esque than wearing multiple layers that don’t go past my waist. I’m also pleased to report that I stood out in a downpour at Stable View a couple weeks ago and the outer shell held up great! No leakage, and the generously sized hood also did wonders to keep me sheltered. – Sally Spickard

You know how Marie Kondo says that your clothing has to spark joy? Well, my Lux 2-in-1 Jacket is just about the joy-sparking-est thing in my closet. It’s been worn everywhere from horse shows to the barn to bougie jazz bars in Philadelphia and it made me happy every time. It kept me dry in a tornado warning/thunderstorm in the streets of Philly and kept me warm typing away in the media tent at Carolina International. The hood stays up on its own without constantly fiddling with it. Plus it’s my horse’s lucky color– yellow. – Veronica Green-Gott

I’ve worn the jacket nearly daily since getting it, because not only is it probably the only truly waterproof coat I’ve ever owned, it’s also SO handy – on warm days, I take the fleece insert out; on cold ones, I pop it back in, and that kind of versatility (plus the touch of waist-cinching) is what I’m here for. I wear my white vest less, purely because I’m a hot mess and I’m trying to keep that thing nice so I can stop looking like a homeless person who’s just snuck into the press conference, but it’s very cute and flattering. – Tilly Berendt

I’m obsessed with the jacket! It’s light enough without the liner to wear all spring but plenty toasty when you pop that liner back in. – Shelby Allen

Our one piece of advice from the entire team: size up for a perfect fit. 

Equestly doesn’t just make great clothing. They’re also driven by their mission to give back to the equine community. They truly go above and beyond for their sponsored riders and for the eventing community. Learn more about their carbon neutral initiative and the founders of Equestly here

To shop all of their great riding gear, click here

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