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Sally Spickard is a Korean adoptee living in San Diego, California. Sally joined the Eventing Nation team in 2013 and has subsequently written for Noelle Floyd, Heels Down Mag, and other publications both in and out of the equestrian world. Sally is an eventing fan through and through and enjoys telling the stories of riders who are not well-represented within equestrian media.

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Wednesday Videos from KPP: Lucinda Green on Three Types of Fences and How to Approach Them

As the competition season winds to a close, we love turning an eye to education here at EN. Educational content has become easier to find as time passes, and today we have no shortage of advice from reputable riders and coaches. If anything, it can turn into information overload — quite the opposite issue to what we used to experience!

Lucinda Green is one rider whose knowledge base extends well beyond our own, and she’s started to share more tidbits gleaned from her popular XC Academy virtual program as well as clinics taught globally on her social media. I’ve collected three for your library today, all centering around approaches to various types of cross country fences. Watch and learn!

Can’t view the embedded Instagram posts below? Click here, here, and here to view them directly on Instagram.

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Save the Date for Galway Downs’ Annual Fundraising Clinic

Graphic courtesy of Galway Downs.

It’s time to mark your calendars for the annual Galway Downs Fundraising Clinic and schooling weekend, held each year at the popular Temecula, CA venue to boost revenues for facility improvements and other facets of hosting eventing competition.

Riders have the option to sign up for lessons — dressage, cross country, and/or show jumping — with a variety of both local and international professionals. You can typically expect most California-based riders — Tamie Smith, Hawley Bennett-Awad, Chloe Smyth, Erin Kellerhouse, Kaylawna Smith-Cook are some local examples — to participate as clinicians, and this year organizer Robert Kellerhouse has added New Zealand Olympian Jock Paget as well as British 5* rider and course designer Ian Stark to the roster.

The clinic will be hosted at Galway Downs January 20-22, 2023, and entries will be available soon on the Galway Downs website.

The Unstoppable Nicola Wilson to Open Yorkshire Yard for Mentorship & Training

Nicola Wilson wins the 2021 European Eventing Championships. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

Life, these days, looks much different for Olympian and 2021 European champion Nicola Wilson.

The year had begun as one would for a top event rider, but all would change in an instant just a handful of fences from the Badminton finish line.

It had already been an intense day of sport on cross country day at Badminton, but when Nicola and her European Championships partner, JL Dublin, arrived at a right-handed corner at fence 27, it happened in an instant. Both were on the ground, and the air seemed to leave the venue. The horse rolled to his belly and stood up. His rider did not.

Nicola says the first thing she can recall now is coming to in the Badminton medical tent, just before transport to Southmead Hospital for further evaluation of a traumatic spinal injury. She would spend the next 19 days in the intensive care unit. The details of the accident remain fuzzy; as incidents like this often do, it happened in an instant, leaving little resource for understanding the how and why.

“I knew, then and there, my eventing days were over,” Nicola recalls. She speaks with a positive pragmatism, her voice devoid of pity for herself or the circumstances, full of relief and gratitude that her horse was unharmed in the fall. While I listen, I am calling to mind the image of the accident from my view on the live stream, feeling my stomach clench like it was happening again. I feel silly. Here I am, talking to the woman who survived what I simply watched from thousands of miles away.

“I was surprised that I wasn’t panicking about not being able to feel, and how accepting I was of that,” Nicola continues. “And I suppose my main thought at that point was to try to recover and be as functional as I can. I just hoped that I could have a quality of life and earn an income and live a lovely life. That suddenly became my main focus, and everything else, I suppose, sort of goes into insignificance.”

A long road lay ahead for Nicola, 46, who sustained multiple spinal fractures as well as a condition called Central Core Syndrome that resulted in loss of sensation and movement in her extremities. After release from the ICU, Nicola was transferred from Southmead Hospital to the spinal rehabilitation unit at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough, where she would continue her recovery until she was finally able to return home in mid-September. Through this period, Nicola regained use of her hands and arms and also began to walk with assistance.

She always finds a way, and a little help from husband Alastair also goes a long way. Photo courtesy of Nicola Wilson.

And her sunny, irrepressible demeanor remained unscathed.

In fact, just before our interview, Nicola sent me a WhatsApp message indicating she might be running slightly behind. She’d been en route from opening a new equestrian center at Craven College, an event to which she had committed at the beginning of the year.

“Of course I told them I would still be there,” she says. “If only I might need a bit of help with the scissors for cutting the ribbon!”

As Nicola eased back into life at her home yard, which she owns with her husband of 16 years, Alastair, she began to consider what would come next.

Here she was, with a purpose-built, fully functional yard that would no longer be the home of her competition horses. During her recovery, her top horses were sent to continue on with other riders: JL Dublin is now partnered with Tokyo silver medalist Tom McEwen, while rising star Coolparks Sarco has taken up with Team GB rider Piggy March, as two examples. Some of the young horses in Nicola’s program have continued on under the guidance of assistant rider Robyn Grey, but the reality Nicola’s come to accept is that her yard now needed to be repurposed.

From this emerged an idea. What if she were able to make her facilities – and herself – available for other riders seeking a base from which they could learn and compete in the UK with guidance from a top rider?

“My competitive career has ended due to this life-changing serious injury, but I feel fortunate that I’m in a position going forward of helping others achieve their dreams and goals, as those who have trained and helped me have done,” she explains. “We have the facilities here, and we know the system works. We can work on the flat, show jumping, and cross country. We have lots of hills for fitness work, and the stables were all purpose-built and designed for myself training horses to compete at five-star and Championships. So it seems a real shame to not use those facilities, and I would very much love to be able to mentor and coach and be as involved as people would like me to be.”

It’s not often riders seeking mentorship or apprenticeship are offered a chance to ride under the full attentions of a rider like Nicola. In most instances, you’re balancing your own training and competing with that of your coach. In this way, Nicola’s done what many may find to be unfathomable: from the end of her own career, she’s found a way to launch others’.

I ask her if this is a place she’s arrived at, mentally, over the last six months. She considers this for a moment, but her answer comes without difficulty. “It is bittersweet, but at the end of the day, I know I can’t anymore. I am in the position that I am in, and I want to make the most of that and move forward in a positive way and enjoy life rather than looking back in regret or negativity.”

A view of some stables in Nicola’s yard. Photo courtesy of Nicola Wilson.

“I need to and want to, that’s the kind of person I am. I will move into the next chapter of my life with as much passion and determination as I did the first.”

To that end, Nicola extends this invitation to aspiring upper-level riders everywhere: come to Yorkshire, and she’ll give you everything she has.

“I know I would get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure out of it,” she muses. “It can be a difficult world, can’t it? We need the most support when things are difficult, to help move on in a positive way and hopefully on to success.”

Nicola doesn’t want pity. At this point in our conversation, my poker face has essentially been dismantled and I’ve wiped away more than a few embarrassing tears. Once more, I feel silly as she tells me not to feel sad for her. Why was I the one crying?

Nicola wants you to know she’s doing ok, and she’s getting stronger each day. And she’s ready for this new development, telling me it feels like the right next step.

“[The accident] gave me completely new perspective on life,” she says. “I suppose that was the card I was dealt. There’s no U-turn, I could do nothing about it. And I’ve always been a naturally positive person and tried to look on the bright side, so I think that helps.”

“I’m not saying life is a bed of roses,” she concludes. “But when your husband kisses you on the forehead in the grass next to the fence because he thinks you’ve gone on, and then suddenly you’re awake, and then suddenly you get a feeling and you can wiggle a finger or a toe – then you realize that what matters is what you do with this next life.”

If you’re reading this and interested in basing in Yorkshire with Nicola, please inquire directly via email at [email protected].

Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

Becky Holder & Can’t Fire Me. Photo by Jenni Autry.

We’re fondly remembering Can’t Fire Me, the longtime upper-level partner of Becky Holder who passed away on Monday at the age of 23. “Teddy” followed in the footsteps of Becky’s other famous gray, Courageous Comet, in fact remaining Comet’s friend until the very end. “Comet especially missed him,” Becky wrote on her social media.

Can’t Fire Me was known for many things; competitively, he earned success at the Advanced and then-3* level, collecting multiple wins including the 3* at Richland Park and Poplar Place.

Our sincerest condolences and thoughts go out Becky and all who knew Can’t Fire Me.

U.S. Weekend Preview

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. (Thomson, GA): [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Wednesday News & Reading

Our Holiday Gift Guide has landed! We’ve picked out a few of our favorite gift ideas for all types of riders and partnered with some awesome brands to bring you special deals and promotions. [Start shopping]

Looking for an equestrian business, marketing, or media job? We’ve got three leads for you! First, Philadelphia nonprofit Work to Ride is looking to grow its team and add someone who can be of assistance to the organization’s Executive Director. More info on that position here. a Next up, NOËLLE FLOYD is seeking a Digital Marketing Manager. This is a remote position and you can learn more on how to apply here. Lastly, The Chronicle of the Horse is hiring a Staff Writer, a position that can either be remote or based in the company’s Middleburg, VA office. More information on that position here. PS: If you’re a photographer, you might want to check this opportunity out.

Dates have been announced for the 2023 USEA ECP Symposium, put on by the Eventing Coaches Program (ECP) Committee. This year’s Symposium will take place at Barnstaple South in Morriston, FL January 17-19, 2023. It’s an excellent opportunity for some continuing education for instructors (and this is a bigger picture concept, too — see this column Bettina Hoy wrote for us last week), and both certified and prospective instructors are encouraged to attend. [More on the ECP Symposium]

The USEA Annual Meeting and Convention is rapidly approaching in Savannah, GA — are you attending? If so, get the scoop on what to get excited for on the latest episode of the USEA Podcast. [Listen here]

We’re big fans of Jessica Phoenix’s Wabbit (and his ears!), so to hear he’s also a bit of a party animal makes us think he and Chinch need to strike up some sort of bromance. But he’s one that needs a rider who’s understanding and well-versed in handling, erm, athletic horses well. “Wabbit is full-on and I’ve had to use all of my knowledge to ride him,” Jessie told Horse Sport. [Read all about ‘Silly Wabbit’]

Tack Facts with Sterling Essentials: Putting some tack into storage for the off-season? There are a few ways to do this correctly to save yourself a headache come spring. First: take the time to take your equipment apart and give it a proper clean. Hey, consider it a good test of how quickly you can reassemble a bridle, eh? More on storing your tack with care >here

Sponsor Corner

Don’t miss out on this excellent deal from Haygain, just in time for the holiday season!

Wednesday Video Break

Kenyan Jumping athlete Muthoni Kimani received the FEI Against All Odds Award — presented annually to someone who has pursued their equestrian ambitions despite a physical handicap or extremely difficult personal circumstances — earlier this month, and you definitely don’t want to miss her story:

Tuesday Video: Karl Cook on Rider Effectiveness and Turning

Show jumper Karl Cook has become a part-time educator online thanks to his involvement with the Noelle Floyd Masterclass series as well as his own newly-launched series, “Walking and Talking”, on Instagram. In each video, Karl picks a topic he wishes to expand on, often taking popularly-accepted theories and “myth-busting” them as he tests other concepts.

In this episode, Karl focuses on how riders are taught to make effective turns. He uses some common exercises that many riders have in their toolbox, taking the time to analyze both his effectiveness as a rider and the resulting impact on the performance of the horse. For the riding theory nerds out there, this video was made for you! Karl takes a fairly analytical and technical approach to his riding, which I appreciate in many ways.

Despite the fact Karl spends his time in the show jumping arena, the concepts he discusses here are nonetheless useful to us as eventers — you may pick up a new bit of knowledge to take to your next ride.

It may make sense to go back to the first videos in this series, so you can click here to view part one and here to view part two.

Can’t see the embedded Instagram post above? Click here to view it.

The 2022 Nation Media Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Holiday gift shopping season has arrived, and with it comes a new twist on our annual Gift Guide! We’re proud to present the Nation Media Holiday Gift Guide, featuring gift ideas for all types of equestrians on your list.

We’ve partnered with lots of amazing brands for this year’s interactive Gift Guide, and inside its pages you’ll find more info, special deals, and suggestions from our editorial team on what to pick up this season. Each page has embedded links, so you can shop directly from the Guide instead of opening a new window!

NM 2022 Gift Guide

And be sure to join us for two more exciting holiday events:

  • November 28 – December 4, we’ll celebrate Give Back Week in support of handful of nonprofits dedicated to growing and supporting the equine industry
  • December 1 – December 12, we’ll kick off 12 Days of Giveaways both here and on Horse Nation with chances to win prizes from 20+ different brands

Can’t see the embedded Gift Guide above? Click here!

Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

The official mascot of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris has been unveiled: Olympic Phryge and the Paralympic Phryge. What, exactly, is a phryge? Well I won’t tell you what comparisons we unearthed on the internet, but the official description includes:

Pronunciation: free-jes
A phryge is the name for the iconic French hat, a unique piece of cultural heritage which has historically symbolized freedom.

[Read more about the Paris 2024 mascots]

U.S. Weekend Preview

Ram Tap H.T. (Fresno, CA): [Website] [Entries/Ride Times/Scoring] [Volunteer]

SAzEA Fall H.T. (Tucson, AZ): [Website] [Entries/Ride Times/Scoring] [Volunteer]

Peterson Smith Barnstaple Educational Three Day (Ocala, FL): [Website] [Schedule] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Live Stream]

Wednesday News & Reading

Sometimes we lose our way and have trouble finding a “path” — and that’s true even if we have a general love of horses and riding. Hunter/jumper coach and accessibility advocate Rob Jacobs writes on this topic in his latest column for The Plaid Horse, encouraging equestrians to find what, exactly, it is about the industry ignites the most passion. “What are you most excited to do within the sport? Can you do those things so long that you forget to use the bathroom or are late eating lunch?” he writes. “These two questions may lead you toward your answer if you do not already know.” [Your Purpose is Your Passion]

Our own Tilly Berendt’s byline can be found in multiple publications around the sport, and her latest for The Chronicle of the Horse is a must-read all about #supermare Classic Moet, whose devouring of cross country courses — the bigger and beefier the better — after Jonelle Price announced her retirement recently. This recounting of “Molly’s” storied career will pop a tear or two to your eye. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. [Cheers to a Classic Kind of Woman]

Washington-based young rider Sophie Click received an opportunity to participate in the most recent MARS Bromont Rising workshop and clinic at Galway Downs, which featured seminars with top judges such as Peter Gray and Marilyn Payne as well as coaching from Bettina Hoy, and she’s recounted her experiences for the USEA. It’s really cool to see these programs taking root and growing in popularity as the American pipeline continues to develop. [Sophie Click Shares Her Bromont Rising Experience]

Ingrid Klimke added a big win on the dressage circuit to her extensive CV last weekend, taking the victory in the FEI World Cup at Stuttgart and cementing her spot as a top contender for the World Cup Finals in Omaha next April. Her top dressage horse, Franziskus, has been a product of production, and this lookback on his career is one not to miss. [Read the story]

The reality is, stabled horses can be subjected to higher respiratory risk if the proper precautions are not taken. And not all horses affected by these risk factors will exhibit clinical signs or symptoms right away, if at all. It’s therefore important to understand the environment you’re putting your horse into. [Haygain’s tips for mitigating respiratory risks in the barn]

#TackFacts with Sterling Essentials: Clean, well-maintained tack doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Use these quick tips from Sterling Essentials to streamline your routine and get great results. [Watch the quick video]

Wednesday Video Break

Take a peek behind the ears of Contessa, who CONTESS-ted (okay, sorry, it’s late here) the 3*-L at Tryon International last weekend:

Your Guide to This Week’s Goresbridge ‘Go For Gold’ Select Event Horse Sale

Photo courtesy of Goresbridge Online Auctions.

The action is well underway this week in Wexford, Ireland where the annual Goresbridge ‘Go For Gold’ Select Event Horse sale takes place at Barnadown and the Ambersprings Hotel. Each year, professionals and amateur riders alike peruse the online catalog and in-person viewings, searching for their next eventing partner. We’ve even seen a few well-known show jump riders taking part in this sale, in addition to multiple eventing Olympians and a healthy dose of shopping amateur riders.

Tilly Berendt has journeyed to Ireland this week to take in the sale for the first time (though we’ve given her a strict $5 bidding limit — she may come home with a piece of a tail, perhaps), and you’ll have much more coming your way from her in the coming days. For now, here’s the lowdown on how to view and participate in the sale, even if you aren’t in Ireland this week.

The Schedule

The Go For Gold hosts always put on a live viewing of all lots, as well as a replay of the live stream for those who are unable to see it in real time. I’ll drop the YouTube links below for the streams you’ll have missed to this point, and the remainder of the schedule is as follows:

Day 1 – November 14th – Lots 1 -27 – [View replays here]

Day 2 – November 15 – Performance From 9 a.m. GMT / 4 a.m. EST with replays available here.

Day 3 – November 16th – Auction Commences 1 p.m. GMT / 8 a.m. EST, live streamed on the Goresbridge website here with option to bid online.

How to Bid

[Fill out the Buyer Registration form here]
[View the full catalog and plan your bids]
[Tune in the live auction stream to monitor your bid!]

Still have questions? You can pull up more useful information for prospective buyers and visitors here. You can also use this contact form to contact the team at Goresbridge with further inquiries.

Need help picking a horse? Tilly did some window shopping for you here.

Tuesday Videos: Walk + Ride the Tryon International 3*-L with Elisa Wallace

Elisa Wallace brought us along for the ride at last weekend’s Dutta Corp. Tryon International, where she capped off a successful season aboard Susan Day’s OTTB gelding, Sharp Decision. While some rails in the final phase would keep them from being ultra-competitive this weekend, “Sharpie” has been one Elisa has enjoyed producing and true to his Thoroughbred nature, he never stops trying.

Before we ride along with Elisa and Sharpie, take a walk around Capt. Mark Phillips 3*-L track:

Then take a ride behind the ears:

Remembering Rob Bowersox

Our community reels today as news of the sudden passing of Major League Eventing’s Rob Bowersox rippled through social media. Rob was not only one half of Major League Eventing, he was first and foremost a family man, husband to Karen Bowersox and father to Joe and Robby Bowersox. Joe’s work for many years under the tutelage of Boyd Martin would eventually lend the inspiration to Karen and Rob to launch the Major League Eventing podcast and community.

In 2017, Karen and Rob unveiled Major League Eventing to the world, and would go on to show their support of the sport through sponsorship, media coverage, epic tailgates, and even the first-ever Maryland Corgi Cup at this year’s Maryland 5 Star. Rob’s zest for life and for the sport he witnessed through the eyes of so many stakeholders was unrivaled, and his genuine care for others will be just one trait he will be most fondly remembered for. We will sorely miss his smiling face at each event and his jovial interview style that put riders immediately at ease.

The entire EN team and eventing community at large sends our deepest sympathies to the Bowersox family. We’ll provide more updates on any ways to help the family as they become available. Please enjoy a few of our favorite Rob Bowersox memories, and feel free to share your own in the comments.

Dan Kreitl Claims USEF 4*-L National Championship + Young Rider Champions Crowned at Tryon

Dan Kreitl does a lap of honor with his green-clad crew from Indiana in the background. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

It’s not often an amateur tops a major leaderboard in equestrian sport, but part-time eventer Dan Kreitl has done just that in this weekend’s USEF 4*-L National Championship at the Dutta Corp. Tryon International. Partnered with Kay Dixon’s Carmango, who was sourced as a four-year-old by Kai-Steffen Meier, Dan topped the final board despite two rails added in Sunday’s show jumping to finish on a score of 40.0.

When not in the saddle, Dan is a full-time family man alongside wife Alyssa and their two children and also operates a real estate company in his home state of Indiana. Alyssa has battled a rare form of cancer for the past few years, most recently undergoing a successful removal surgery in mid-October, and in more ways than one you can do nothing but admire the resilience and determination of the Kreitl clan. For Dan, achieving this milestone with a horse he’s produced nearly since the beginning is a “pipe dream” come true.

The moment you win a 4* Championship. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

“This is our first (four-Long), for the horse and I both, and it was definitely challenging enough and took some scrappy riding,” Dan said of yesterday’s cross country, where he made the save of the day at one of the final combinations. “I nearly bit the dust, but I was super proud of the horse — he gave a hundred and ten percent, and I pushed him hard. I was curious how he was going to feel today. And show jumping has never been our strongest phase. But he had a lot of jump and I was thrilled with his fitness and how he recovered today.”

Through the close relationship Dan has with longtime owner and supporter Kay Dixon, and help along the way from mentors such as Sharon White, Dan has steadily made his way to this point. He’s done this in his own way — he chose not to do any FEI competitions with his horses initially, electing instead to build a foundation — and with the idea in mind that above all, he wanted to enjoy this sport he’s come to love. This has been his haven during the trials life’s sent his family’s way. That love of the sport is evident in his riding and manner with his horses, and the way they continually try for him.

“Ending with an epic high with these legends in the sport — as an amateur, I look up to them and think someday I’d love to be able to be up there to win and but [it’s] kind of pipe dream also,” he said. “So it was super fun to actually get to live it out here today.”

Dan’s prize will be a flight grant generously provided by The Dutta Corp. to the winner of the 4*-L National Championship each year. Dan hasn’t quite thought ahead to where he’d like to go yet — “I’ve been in the lead coming into show jumping a number of times and usually don’t end up winning, so it was a bit like ‘let’s just get through this step’!” — but is looking forward to the opportunities this year’s success has brought.

Liz Halliday-Sharp, who finished the weekend second with Ocala Horse Properties’ Deniro Z: “It’s tremendous, especially with a prize like a $20,000 flight grant — it’s outstanding because that’s one of the biggest struggles we have here in the U.S., being able to go in and put the pressure on ourselves to compete against the best over in Europe. And so that’s a real opportunity for someone like Dan, who’s never been over there with his horse. He can now have that chance to go and compete against everyone else who’s so competitive out there. I think our sport is is desperate for big, generous sponsors like this. And hopefully we can keep bringing up the level so that we get more and more people interested.”

Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Here’s a look at the rest of the crowned winners from an exciting weekend in North Carolina:

CCI4*-S: Kansas-based Julie Wolfert claimed the top spot in the 4*-S aboard Team Pivot’s SSH Playboy, capping off a successful Advanced season for a pair who will be definitive ones to watch in 2023. It’s a fun story behind the Team Pivot ownership duo of Sheri Gurske and Renee Senter, both mothers of students in Julie’s program and riders themselves (in fact, Renee completed the 2022 Mongol Derby alongside Julie earlier this summer!) who decided to chip in to boost a determined and talented rider back to the upper levels.
CCI3*-L: Canada’s Karl Slezak finished what he started yesterday and clinched the win aboard the 9-year-old Hot Bobo, her second FEI win and first at this level.
CCI3*-L Team: The team representing Areas 5 and 8 took home the gold thanks to the efforts of team members Jordan Riske (Redemption Song), Janelle Fleming (Fly Me Courageous), Samantha Tinney (Cutty Sark), and Kit Ferguson (Cillbhrid Tom).
CCI2*-L: Full-time veterinarian Dr. Kevin Keane took home the win — beating out client and buddy Boyd Martin while he was at it — with his longtime partner, Sportsfield Candy. Also spotted on the podium: Olivia Dutton in third with former ride of her pop’s, Carlchen.
CCIY2*-L: Meg Pellegrini rose to the occasion on Sunday, jumping clear and moving from second to win the individual gold aboard Global Naxos. She’ll also add a team gold (and a 1* team gold…and a 1* individual silver…dang, girl!) to her loot, as the scramble team for Areas 2, 4, and 6 clinched the overall win. Team members were Meg and Global Naxos, Sissy Sugarman and Carmani, Audrey Ogan and RevitaVet Always Cooley, and Mya Poulos and Cornfire.
CCI1*-L: After a bruising fall in the 4* yesterday, Liz Halliday-Sharp regrouped to win the 1* aboard Debbie Palmer’s Maybach, a wire-to-wire win and a finish on dressage score.
CCIJ1*-L: Lizzie Hoff and HSH Limited Edition also completed a start-to-finish run to individual gold in the Junior 1* Championship. Lizzie and the scramble team representing Areas 2 and 7 (Meg Pellegrini and Cassilio G, Noah Stanlaske and Chesterland) also won team gold.

[Click here to view full scores]
[Click here to view full team results]

We’ll leave you with a few social snaps and some of our favorites from show photographer Shannon Brinkman to wrap up the last major weekend of eventing for the season. As always, Go Eventing!

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring] [YR Team Scoring]

Cross Country Day Round-Up from Tryon International

Dan Kreitl and Carmango take command of the 4*-L National Championship. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

It was a busy, blustering day of cross country at the Dutta Corp. Tryon International in Mill Spring, NC, where nearly all divisions competing this weekend tackled Capt. Mark Phillips’ courses and the leaderboards underwent a few shuffles.

Let’s recap the leaderboard first:

Phillip Dutton showed off Azure’s talents for the future with a nimble clear round. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

CCI4*-L: Dan Kreitl and Kay Dixon’s Carmango stormed around both of their first 4*-L track clear and just outside the time to move ahead of overnight leaders Liz Halliday-Sharp and Deniro Z. They’ll take a score of 31.2 into tomorrow’s show jumping, where they will not have a rail in hand over second-placed Phillip Dutton and Azure (who wins my nod for 4* ride of the day, what a nippy, athletic mare Phil’s got in this one!).
CCI4*-S: Kentucky-based Cosby Green leapt up from fifth to lead the 4*-S with Highly Suspicious following show jumping today. This division will complete with cross country tomorrow.
CCI3*-L: Canadian World Championships rider Karl Slezak and Hot Bobo moved from fifth into first, remaining on their dressage score of 31.8. Overnight leader in this division Liz Halliday-Sharp withdrew Quite Nice 11 after having a fall from Cooley Nutcracker in the 4*-L.
CCI2*-L: Boyd Martin will keep his lead with Sherry Pound’s Gestalt, remaining on a 24.1 with no penalties added on cross country.
CCIY2*-L: Canada’s Cassandre Leblanc and Riffel moved up from fourth to lead the division thanks to a double clear cross country effort.
CCI1*-L: Liz Halliday-Sharp retains her lead following show jumping on Debbie Palmer’s Maybach.
CCIJ1*-L: Lizzie Hoff and HSH Limited Edition will also keep their lead after show jumping Saturday.

[Click here to view full scores]

In the Eventing Young Rider Championship competition, the 3* competition flips to see the scramble Area 5/8 team leading the way on a score of 150.4. This team is comprised of Jordan Riske and Redemption Song, Janelle Fleming and Fly Me Courageous, Samantha Tinney and Cutty Sark, and Kit Ferguson and Cillbhrid Tom. In the Y2*-L competition, the mixed team of Areas 2, 4 and 6 move to the lead on a score of 116.3. This team is made up of Meg Pellegrini with Global Naxos, Audrey Ogan and RevitaVet Always Cooley, Sissy Sugarman and Carmani, and Mya Poulos and Cornfire. Finally in the J1*-L, Areas 2 and 7 take the lead on a score of 100.4, but this team has the least amount of wiggle room ahead of tomorrow’s conclusion. The Area 2/7 team is made up of Lizzie Hoff and HSH Limited Edition, Meg Pellegrini and Cassilio G, and Noah Stanlaske and Chesterland.

[Click here to view full team scores]

And here are a few replays if you missed the USEF Network live stream earlier (replays can also be viewed here if the embedded posts below don’t show up in your browser):

Dan Kreitl & Carmango's take the 4*-L championship lead after cross-country

There's no doubt that Dan Kreitl & Carmango came to compete for a USA Eventing championship! 🔥

Check out their leading ride on the The Dutta Corporation USEF CCI4*-L Eventing National Championship cross-country course.

USA Eventing | US Equestrian

Posted by USEF Network on Saturday, November 12, 2022

Phillip Dutton & Azure's double-clear at the 2022 USEF 4*-L Eventing National Championship

A cross-country double-clear from 7-time Olympian Phillip Dutton Eventing & Azure! 🎉

Watch the pair take on The Dutta Corporation USEF CCI4*-L Eventing National Championship cross-country course on Saturday.

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Posted by USEF Network on Saturday, November 12, 2022

Tommy Greengard and Joshuay MBF CCI3*-L Young Rider Championship leading XC ride

Tommy Greengard and Joshuay MBF defended their USEF CCI3*-L Eventing Young Rider Championship lead with this cross-country day effort at Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort. 👀

USA Eventing | US Equestrian

Posted by USEF Network on Saturday, November 12, 2022

Tomorrow’s 4*-L show jumping will be shown live on ESPN3, so it’s a great time to show your support for equestrian sport on mainstream channels! More info below (or here if you can’t see the embedded Facebook post):

USA Eventing is coming to ESPN! 🇺🇸

🐴: The Dutta Corporation Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort USEF CCI4*-L…

Posted by USEF Network on Saturday, November 12, 2022

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring] [YR Team Scoring]

Take a look at some more social media snapshots from cross country day:

When Michi Borrows Your Horse: Emma Saraullo’s Memorable Royal Weekend

A picture speaks a thousand words! Emma Saraullo, her father Bill Saraullo, and Michael Jung. Photo courtesy of Emma Saraullo.

Early in October, Emma Saraullo‘s coach, Canadian team rider Colleen Loach, raised a question. Would she be up for loaning out her 11-year-old off-track Thoroughbred mare, Renegade, for the upcoming Royal Agricultural Winter Fair show? Oh, and would she mind if Michael Jung swung a leg over for a spin in the indoor eventing?

Does Boyd Martin love cats?

“Micheal has been my riding idol for as long as I can remember,” Emma told me. Her answer had, of course, been yes, and it would lead to a once-in-a-lifetime weekend with the two-time German Olympic gold medalist during the Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge, held as a part of the Royal’s popular annual horse show and exhibition.


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A post shared by Emma Saraullo (@em._eventing)

Prior to this chapter of her career, Renegade (Smooth Bid x Noble Spirit, by Doneraile Court) was a successful racehorse, remaining on the track until she was six and racing 30 times. She was purchased off the track by Darby Delledonne, who started her eventing career and quickly found the mare to be willing and brave.

Purchased by Emma and Bill Saraullo as an 8-year-old, “Ren” would be Emma’s first true eventing horse, and her goals as such were modest in the beginning. “I bought her thinking we would go Training level together,” she recalled. “She’s taken me, her junior rider, from entry level all the way up to Prelim in just three summers and has exceeded all expectations. Now I’m planning my first two-star with goals of going Intermediate or more.”

Emma’s been coached along the way by Colleen Loach, well-known for her prowess at producing horses with confidence and composure, and this experience, compounded with Ren’s quality start in the sport, has produced a horse that hunts the flags and does her job with natural ease. She was most recently named the Preliminary Quebec Champion for 2022.

Michael and Renegade on course. Photo by Ben Radvanyi.

But even with the ability and temperament Emma knew her mare possessed, handing the reins to a total stranger — no matter how successful he may be — is nerve-inducing. On their first meeting, though, Michael put any nervousness she was feeling at ease. “He walked in, looked around and said ‘where’s my champion?’ and right then and there I knew it was all going to be ok.”

“He helped me untack her and ensured she was all good after the ride,” Emma said. “He went over every ride in detail with me and gave the most amazing feedback.”

Michael would go on to finish in third overall over the two rounds of competition. “He told me Ren is lovely and loves her job,” Emma continued. “She had a couple rails, and he said it’s merely an experience thing. And the higher the level she goes the more careful she’ll be, but that she is so brave and tries so hard. He said they were very honest mistakes and she made the corrections on the second night.”

And the best thing he said? “He really seemed to love her. He said he doesn’t often ride pure Thoroughbreds and that he enjoyed the ride a lot.”

Photo courtesy of Emma Saraullo.

Emma says she learned a lot about her mare over the weekend — for one, that she seems to relish the attention and cheers of the crowd. “I always knew she was special — I mean she packs me around! — but to see her so confident and happy and really just so competitive gets me so excited for our future,” she said. “It was a really hard course, and she was one of the least experienced horses there. And she ate it up!”

When Michael finished his second round, he came back up the chute where Emma waited. After hopping off, he gave Ren a big pat and her owner a big hug. Emma says she’ll be thinking about this weekend for a while to come. “I felt like she had just won a five-star.”

Watch a video of Michael’s round here if you can’t see the embedded Facebook post below.


Posted by Kimberley Anne on Saturday, November 5, 2022

Rain Can’t Keep the Shine Away on Friday at Dutta Corp. Tryon International

Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Dressage wrapped up in the cold, wet rain on Friday at the Dutta Corp. Tryon International, concluding two days of competition and, hopefully, bidding adieu to the bulk of the rain sent northward by Tropical Storm Nicole. The schedule for Friday was shifted as a result of the weather, leaving today solely for dressage once the changes were finalized. Cross country and show jumping will commence on Saturday, and the 1*-L divisions will show jump on Sunday, as their final phase.

Let’s take a look at the leaderboards for each division, including the USEF National 4*-L Championship as well as the USEF Eventing Young Rider Championship 1* and 2* divisions.

Ariel Grald and Forrest Gump 124. Photo by Liz Crawley for Shannon Brinkman Photography.

CCI4*-L: Liz Halliday-Sharp was not threatened today as the early leader with Ocala Horse Properties’ Deniro Z, and she’ll remain the leader ahead of cross country on a 29.2.
CCI4*-S: Ariel Grald and Annie Eldridge’s Forrest Gump 124, winners of the 3*-L at this event last year, take the lead on a 25.0.
CCI3*-L: Liz Halliday-Sharp also retains a lead earned on Thursday in this division, partnered with Emilie Mudd’s Quite Nice 11 on a score of 28.5.
CCI2*-L: Boyd Martin and Sherry Pound’s Gestalt remained unchallenged and will lead into cross country on a 24.1.
CCIY2*-L: Canada’s Caitlyn Sutherland and her own EMS Florence will lead the charge after dressage, scoring a 32.0 to lead by just two seconds’ worth of time penalties.
CCI1*-L: Liz Halliday-Sharp retains her lead with Debbie Palmer’s Maybach on a 22.3, also sitting second with Newmarket Cooley on a 28.6.
CCIJ1*-L: Lizzie Hoff and HSH Limited Edition, riding for Area VII, scored a 24.0 to take lead.

Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

There are three USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships divisions happening alongside the regular competition this weekend. In the 3*-L, a scramble team combining Areas 1, 2, and 6 leads the way on a score of 103.9. This team consists of California-based Tommy Greengard and Joshuay MBF, Nick Beshear and Rio de Janeiro, and Lea Adams-Blacmore and Frostbite. In the Y2*-L, the Canadian team of Caitlyn Sutherland and EMS Florence, Cassandre Leblanc and Riffel, and Megane Sauve and Nuance scored the early lead on a team mark of 101.4. For the J1*-L, Area 3 leads the way on a collective score of 90.0 led by team members Breanna Robinette and Cape Kimberly, Evelyn Douglas and Laissez Aller, Rory Frangos and Citigirl, and Chloe Paddack and Fortunate Love.

[Click here to view full individual scores]
[Click here to view Young Rider Championship team scores]

Keep scrolling for more updates from the USEF Eventing team and social media snapshots from Tryon, and don’t forget to tune in all day tomorrow on USEF Network for the jumping action. Click here to view the broadcast schedule.

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring] [YR Team Scoring]

Preview Capt. Mark Phillips’ Championship CCI4*-L Cross Country at Tryon International

We’re eagerly anticipating the final 4* cross country day of the U.S. calendar on Saturday, and once more Captain Mark Phillips is the man with the course plan for this USEF National 4* Championship field.

This year’s iteration will run in a similar direction as its 2021 predecessor, finishing on The Hill made famous at the 2018 World Equestrian Games. The optimum time is 10 minutes, 2 seconds, with 40 jumping efforts set on 30 numbered questions. For this course, Capt. Phillips has switched up a few of the combinations and made some more technical — the water combinations at 16 and 17 come to mind as set up for a higher degree of technicality than in 2021.

Keep scrolling for a peek at a few more questions, or visit the interactive preview hosted by CrossCountryApp here.

You will be able to follow the cross country competition live on the USEF Network all week. Viewers can watch live and on demand for free with a USEF Fan account or take 40% OFF an annual USEF Subscriber Membership with promo code Tryon22. Click here to view the schedule and find ride times.

Fence 16A features the first of two narrow entrances into the main water. To the right, the B and C elements of this question — two upright rails — are visible. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Fence 17A comes up quickly as you’re re-entering the same water, this time with a line of narrow questions. Photo via CrossCountryApp.

As always, the fences are beautifully built and decorated. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Hold your line for this testing question that comes late in the game, at fence 19. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Riders will jump this fence, seen on the WEG 2018 track, on their way to the final questions. Photo by Ema Klugman.

Click or tap the map to view the full, interactive course map. Screenshot via CrossCountryApp.

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring]

A Damp Start to Dutta. Corp Tryon International: Scores + Social Updates

We’re underway at the Dutta Corp. Tryon International, which serves as the USEF National 4*-L Championship as well as the USEF Eventing Young Rider Championships, presented by the USEA.

Tropical Storm Nicole has thrown a wet wrench into the scheduling this week, and as a result we’ve seen a big change to the schedule for the remainder of the weekend to allow for heavy weather forecasted on Friday. To view the full schedule update, click here.

Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, the show must go on and four divisions contested their first phase today. Just five of the 18 pairs entered in the 4*-L did their tests today in front of the Ground Jury consisting of president Helen Christie (NZL), Gretchen Butts (USA) and Amanda Miller (USA).

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Deniro Z. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Liz Halliday-Sharp with Ocala Horse Properties’ Deniro Z is the early leader, scoring a 29.0 despite being the first in under very wet, cold conditions and one small mistake in the first flying change. They’re followed closely by Dan Kreitl with Kay Dixon’s Carmango, who delivered a very nice, relaxed test as the final pair in the ring for a 29.2. Sara Kozumplik and Edy Rameika’s Rock Phantom were rewarded for relaxation and consistency to sit third, scoring a 32.4.

Dan Kreitl and Carmango. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Sara Kozumplik and Rock Phantom. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Hallie Coon also presented a relaxed Global EX (owned by Helen Coon), though her score of 34.4 seems not to reflect this. Lastly for day one, Jacob Fletcher dealt with a very impressed Fabian (owned by Fletcher Farms), who took great offense to perhaps the Jumbotron or the flags (or the sound they made) above it and had difficulty relaxing into a rhythm, scoring a 42.1.

Watch Liz’s test below:

The remaining divisions leaders after Thursday’s action are:

CCI3*-L: Liz Halliday-Sharp and Emilie Mudd’s Quite Nice 11 (28.5)
CCI2*-L: Boyd Martin and Sherry Pound’s Gestalt (24.1)
CCI1*-L: Liz Halliday-Sharp and Debbie Palmer’s Maybach (22.3)

[Click here to view full scores]

While the jumping phases originally scheduled for Friday have been moved to Saturday or Sunday, the dressage will conclude tomorrow. Friday’s dressage schedule is as follows. We’ll see the remainder of the 4*-L and 3*-L divisions, as well as the beginning of the 4*-S and the exciting beginning of Young Rider Championships, to boot.

CCI4*-L: 8 a.m. EST
CCI4*-S: 8:30 a.m. EST
CCI3*-L: 8:30 a.m. EST
CCIJ1*-L: 9:45 a.m. EST
CCIY2*-L: 12:00 p.m. EST

[Click here to view the Order of Go for Thursday/Friday]

This schedule is still subject to adjustment due to weather conditions. Keep an eye on the main Tryon website here for more updates.

USEF Network will be broadcasting live for the entirety of the event. Viewers are able to follow the 4*-L competition live on the USEF Network all week, as well as portions of competition from the 3*-L, 4*-S, and Eventing Young Rider Championships 1*/2*. Viewers can watch live and on demand for free with a USEF Fan account or take 40% OFF an annual USEF Subscriber Membership with promo code Tryon22.

The full broadcast schedule is as follows:

[Click here to access the USEF Network live stream]

We’ll be back tomorrow with more, but in the meantime enjoy some social snaps from the early days at Tryon. Stay warm everyone!

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Orders of Go] [Live Stream] [XC Course Maps] [Scoring]

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Weather Adjustment + Live Stream Schedule

Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

The Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event has announced a schedule change to account for inclement weather brought on by impending Tropical Storm Nicole. The event sent out the following update:

Organizers at Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort (TIEC) have been monitoring the weather with regard to the incoming tropical storm, Nicole, as competition has proceeded for the Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event. Conversation regarding the amount of rainfall has included Tryon Resort management, competition Organizers, Technical Delegates, Course Designers, local EMS, and on-course veterinary support in order to determine the best course of action.

Considering the safety and welfare of all participants, volunteers, staff and guests, it was unanimously decided to POSTPONE ALL FRIDAY CROSS-COUNTRY AND SHOW JUMPING PHASES to a different day. Friday Dressage will continue as scheduled.

PROVISIONAL NEW SCHEDULE as of November 10, 2022 at 11:40am EST

SATURDAY – Show Jumping

8:30 – 9:58 – CCI1*-L
10:00 – 10:38 – CCIJ1*-L
13:40 – 14:04 – CCI4*-S

SATURDAY – Cross-Country

10:00 – 11:08 – CCI4*-L
11:30 – 13:30 – CCI3*-L
13:50 – 15:34 – CCI2*-L
15:36 – 16:12 – CCIYJ2*-L

SUNDAY – Show Jumping

9:30 – 11:18 – CCI2*-L
11:40 – 12:18 – CCIYJ2*- L
13:20 – 14:40 – CCI3*-L
15:10 – 15:52 – CCI4*-L

SUNDAY – Cross-Country

11:30 – 12:06 – CCI4*-S
12:26 – 13:54 – CCI1*-L
13:56 – 14:50 – CCIJY1*-L

Visit to view the latest updates regarding competition as available.

USEF Network will be broadcasting live for the entirety of the event. Viewers are able to follow the 4*-L competition live on the USEF Network all week, as well as portions of competition from the 3*-L, 4*-S, and Eventing Young Rider Championships 1*/2*. Viewers can watch live and on demand for free with a USEF Fan account or take 40% OFF an annual USEF Subscriber Membership with promo code Tryon22.

The full broadcast schedule is as follows:

[Click here to access the USEF Network live stream]

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring]

6 Questions with PAEC South American Championships Gold Medalist Carlos Parro

Carlos Parro and Tullabeg Chinzano. Photo by Gabriel di Giorgi.

Together with Brazilian teammates Marcio Appel (Nektar), Pedro Henrique de Resende Nunes (Tomanho Do Rincao), and Marcio Carvalho Jorge (Lovelocks Rumplestiltskin), Carlos Parro clinched team gold along with the individual win at last weekend’s PAEC South American Championships. Partnered with Carlos for this run was the 10-year-old Irish mare Tullabeg Chinzano (Dignified Van’T Zorgvliet – Tullabeg Judy, by Tullabeg Fusion). The South American Championships were held in Campo de Mayo, Argentina.

We caught up with Carlos to learn a bit more about Tullabeg Chinzano and Brazil’s stead for the future, looking ahead to next year’s Pan American Games in Chile. And stay tuned for a post-event blog from Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride, who along with Ground Jury president Nice Attolico (ITA) and fellow member Delano Bastos De Miranda (BRA), officiated these Championships.

The individual podium (L to R): Edison Alejandro Quintana Valerio (URU), Carlos Parro (BRA), Ricky Candi (BRA). Photo by Gabriel di Giorgi.

EN: Can you tell us a bit more about your mare? This was a great performance for her, a personal FEI best in the dressage and a gold medal. What were your expectations for her this weekend?

CP: I rode her back in 2019 for a few months and always knew she was a good horse. I only got her back in the beginning of this year and she has been improving with the help of my dressage trainer [Charlotte Dujardin]. The last couple of events in the UK she was really good, so I had hopes that she would perform well in Argentina!

EN: What was the preparation like as a team for this event?

CP: Most of the riders were based in Brazil, so we didn’t do too much as a team. We had a few team training sessions with William Fox-Pitt in the UK but not specific for this event.


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A post shared by CBH – Hipismo Brasil (@cbhoficial)

EN: How long has the team worked with William, and in what ways did he help you the most this weekend?

CP: He started in the beginning of this year. It has definitely been a great addition to our team — no need to say that he’s incredibly knowledgeable, but he’s amazing at understanding each horse and passing his knowledge. He helps us get the best out of each horse every time.

EN: A very experienced Brazilian team was fielded for this event. How does this help Brazil as a country prepare for future championships?

CP: For the last two Olympic cycles the South American championships has been used to qualify our team for the Pan American Games, so it’s very important that we do send a strong team as the Olympic committee see this as strong result for the next cycle.

EN: Any insights on the competition venue itself?

CP: I have never been there before, but always heard it was a nice venue. There’s a nice open galloping track built by Eric Winter, good arenas and amazing hospitality. Not much else you could ask for!

EN: Do you plan to also compete in the Pan American Games next year?

CP: Yes, we’re hoping to build a strong team for next year’s Pan-Ams. We have been able to keep the pressure on the USA for the last two Pan Ams. We would like to keep it that way or go one better!

Final individual results.

Final team results.

Wednesday Videos from Kentucky Performance Products: Celebrating Classic Moet and Faerie Dianimo

With news breaking yesterday of the retirement of 5* winners Classic Moet and Fairie Dianimo, we’ve collected a few highlight reels from just some of these two incredible mares’ careers.

You can read much more on these #supermares and their time as top event horses in Tilly’s retirement story here.

You will be sorely missed, gals!

Classic Moet’s World Equestrian Games highlights:

Classic Moet’s 2018 Badminton win:

Fairie Dianimo’s 2018 Luhmühlen win:

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Wrapping 2022 in Style: Preview the Dutta Corp. Tryon International

2021 USEF National 4* Champions Woods Baughman and C’est La Vie 135. Photo by Sally Spickard.

We’re sliding into the final FEI event on the North American calendar this week with the Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event. This event serves as the USEF CCI4*-L National Championship as well as Championships for Young Riders.

A full slate of action begins in earnest tomorrow with dressage, and you will be able to follow the 4*-L competition live on the USEF Network all week. Viewers can watch live and on demand for free with a USEF Fan account or take 40% OFF an annual USEF Subscriber Membership with promo code Tryon22. Edit on 11/10: The updated USEF Network broadcast schedule can be found here.

The tentative schedule (subject to change — we’ll update if we see changes!) for the 4*-L is as follows (full schedule here):

Thursday, November 10
4 p.m. EST – 5 p.m. EST: Dressage

Friday, November 11
8 a.m. EST – 9 a.m. EST: Dressage

Saturday, November 12
11:45 a.m. EST – 12:55 p.m. EST: Cross Country

Sunday, November 13
2:50 p.m. EST: Show Jumping

A total of 18 combinations will come forward to compete for the USEF 4*-L National Championship. Highlights of the entry list include:

  • Hallie Coon and Global Ex, who were 7th individually at Boekelo last year
  • Phillip Dutton and former Esib Power ride Azure will do their first 4*-L together, the 10-year-old mare’s second attempt at the level
  • Jacob Fletcher, on a hot streak this year with the 12-year-old Fabian, make their first 4*-L as a pair
  • Liz Halliday-Sharp has re-routed Ocala Horse PropertiesDeniro Z here after an untimely hoof bruise kept him out of competition at Maryland last month
  • Dan Kreitl brings forward Carmango for both his and the horse’s first go at the 4*-L level, coming tantalizing close to winning the Lexington 4*-S in April of this year
  • Top 3 at Bromont in her first 4*-L, Contessa stands with a competitive shot for Boyd Martin this weekend

We’ll also be following along with the 1* and 2* Junior/Young Rider Championship divisions, which feature 19 and 18 combinations, respectively, and will be held in team format. We’ll provide more information on this competition as it becomes available.

For anyone in the area who wants to help out, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities still to be had — click here to sign up.

While we don’t have a reporter on site this weekend, you can still find daily reports and updates right here on EN, so be sure to stay tuned for much more from this exciting fall finale!

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring]

Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

As we wind into the holiday season, we’re gearing up for gift-giving with our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide, created in partnership with our sister site, Horse Nation. As a part of our holiday campaign, we’ll be donating a percentage of proceeds earned from the sale of Gift Guide placements to a handful of nonprofit organizations. We’re also encouraging our brand partners and Gift Guide participants to take part in Give Back Week, November 21-December 4, 2022.

During this period, we will publish a list of brands who are donating a percentage or dollar amount to a nonprofit (one of our choices or one chosen by the brand), as well as any promotions or deals that brand is offering. If you have a brand or business that would like to participate in Give Back Week with us, please click here to sign up! No contract or purchase is necessary to participate in Give Back Week.

In the meantime, we’re also looking for help from you to choose our benefitting nonprofits! In particular, we’d love to support nonprofits dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the horse world — but please feel free to nominate any organization here. We’ll make an announcement on the organizations we’ve selected in the coming days.

U.S. Weekend Preview

Dutta Corp. Tryon International Three-Day Event (Mill Spring, NC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Shannon Brinkman Photo] [Live Stream] [Scoring]

Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks (Ocala, FL): [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

River Glen Fall H.T. (New Market, TN): [Website] [Entries/Times/Scoring]

Major International Events

Montelibretti CCI4*-L: [Website] [Schedule/Scoring]

Wednesday News & Reading

Have a brand that NEEDS to be on everyone’s holiday list this year? We’ve just opened up spots for our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide with Horse Nation. Info/book your spot here.

It’s Day 3 of SmartPak’s 12 Days of Deals, and today you can receive 50% off SmartSupplements in SmartPaks using code 22Deal3. [Click here to stock up]

The conversation on accessibility in the horse world is an ongoing one, and there are multiple viewpoints on the topic to be found. We’ve shared this bit from The Plaid Horse before, but it’s well worth a reshare as junior rider Katarina Ostrov shares her thoughts on “making it”. “It’s never too late or too often to discuss these issues in our sport,” she wrote. [Read the full essay]

The late Col. Harry Chamberlain is the fifth and final inductee for the 2022 USEA Hall of Fame class. On top of his riding accomplishments, Harry Chamberlain’s riding and training philosophies have become canon in American riding. The 2022 class of inductees will be honored at next month’s USEA Annual Meeting & Convention in Savannah, GA. [Harry Chamberlain joins USEA Hall of Fame]

Before you hit the road with your horse next, give the latest episode of the “Equestrian Voices” podcast on Noelle Floyd a listen. Host Caroline Culbertson sits down with full-time sporthorse vet and event rider Dr. Kevin Keane to talk about travel stress and how it affects horses. [It’s well worth a listen]

If you follow the junior equitation circuit at all, you’ve likely heard the name Augusta Iwasaki multiple times recently. Crowned the 2022 ASPCA Maclay winner this week in Lexington (and, before that, the WIHS Equitation Final and the USEF Talent Search – East Final), Augusta’s record speaks for itself. But it hasn’t been a straightforward trip to the top for the Asian-American rider who has also dealt with criticism of her “non-standard” body type. “She has the athletic build we might associate with other sports, not necessarily our own. From other trainers ‘being helpful’ by mentioning these things, owners not offering catch rides in these divisions, and commentators commenting on her height, weight, and ethnicity, we heard it all from a young age,” her mother said. [Read all about Augusta in this great story on The Plaid Horse]

What goes into developing young horses for future success? Will Coleman knows a thing or two about this, and he said down with the USEA’s Kaleigh Collett to answer some burning questions. [Will’s thoughts on training for success]

Sponsor Corner

Now through 11/12, all Haygain Hay Steamer purchases will ship with an accompanying Starter Pack!

Wednesday Video Break

Since we talked about Augusta Iwasaki’s win streak earlier, here’s a look at her Maclay-winning final round (click here if you can’t see the embedded Instagram post below):

Tuesday Video: Every Millennial’s New Favorite Dressage Freestyle

Ok, if you’ve known me awhile, you know I have a penchant for fun songs used in dressage freestyles. There are so many possibilities — as neatly exemplified by Steffen Peters in Tokyo last year — and so every time I hear a familiar jingle as the music begins, I get a fresh tingle of excitement to see what the rider and their producer have put together.

This freestyle comes to us from the FEI Dressage World Cup stop in Vilhelmsborg, the National Equestrian Center of Denmark. Danish Olympic pair Carina Cassøe Krüth and the 11-year-old Danish mare Heiline’s Danciera took home the Grand Prix Freestyle crown with this performance, set to the tunes of millennial music legends such as New Kids On the Block, Backstreet Boys, and One Direction (ok, not sure how millennial One Direction is, but we’ll take it). Carina and Heiline’s Danciera earned a percentage mark of 85.925% to take the win by a healthy margin over second-placed Nanna Merrald Rasmussen and Blue Hors St. Schufro.

Spoiler alert: you definitely want to stick around for the “Bye-Bye-Bye Tempis”!

Now I’m curious: what would your freestyle song be? Leave your vote in the comments!

Ros Canter Overtakes #3, Tamie Smith Rises to #7 in Latest FEI Eventing World Rankings

Tamie Smith and Mai Baum represent the U.S. in Pratoni. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

A slight shuffle features in the most recently updated FEI Eventing World Athlete Rankings, and while reigning World #1 and #2 Tim and Jonelle Price (NZL) will retain their positions following five-star wins this fall, Ros Canter (GBR) is now ranked in the third overall spot. She overtakes Oliver Townend (GBR) for this spot with 509 FEI points gained to date to his 497. Oliver now takes the #4 spot on the ranking list.

For the U.S., Will Coleman remains the top-ranked, staying in the #5 slot for this update — the best world ranking Will has earned to this point in his career; he’s spent the majority of the year ranked within the top 10.

We also welcome Tamie Smith to the world top 10, rising from her previous ranking of #13 with 419 points accumulated (and some more added this weekend at Galway Downs!). This is the first time Tamie is in the top 10 worldwide and the highest ranking she has achieved to date. Boyd Martin also remains in the top 10, though he loses a couple spots to go from #6 to #10.

Recently crowned FEI Eventing World Champion Yasmin Ingham (GBR) is #6, while Michael Jung (GER) and Piggy March (GBR) complete the top 10 in #8 and #9, respectively.

[Click here to view the FEI World Eventing Athlete Rankings]