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Abby Powell is a native of Northeastern Massachusetts who splits her time between commuting into Boston for work and caring for and riding her rescue Mustang x Arab mare, Maggie.

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Monday Video: Dressage on the Trail

As eventers, we have a pretty good understanding of the value of cross training. We also recognize the benefits of spending some time outside of the arena on a nice hack — it can do wonders for our horses’ fitness and wellbeing, after all.

While a relaxing amble on the buckle has loads of value in itself, switching things up and working a little dressage practice into your trail rides can be beneficial as well. In this video, dressage rider Amelia Newcomb offers us no less than three exercises that can be easily incorporated into your trail rides — just in time for prime winter hacking season!

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Alright, admit it — did you do a little shopping for yourself on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in addition to nabbing the perfect gifts for your friends and family. So shame here! In fact, if you havent yet (or hey, even if you have — I won’t tell!) I’d like to tempt you with Fairfax & Favor’s drool-worthy special edition black boots and bags. If you’re looking to put together a show-stopping jog outfit next year, then look no further. Or, perhaps you’re already set with a favorite pair of F&F boots but you’d like to switch things up with a new tassel color? Never fear: those are on sale right now too.

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Saturday Video: Enjoy some scenes from this year’s LOTTO Strezgom Horse Trials.

Saturday Links

Photo via Pratoni2022 on Facebook.

After the excitement of the Olympics it’s a little mind-blowing to think that next year is yet another championship year already, but that’s what happens when a pandemic cancels an entire year of competition. It practically seems like a lifetime since horses were galloping through Tryon at the 2018 World Equestrian Games, though. Italy’s Pratoni del Vivaro will be the next event venue for the WEG, which is less than a year away now. Preparations are well and truly underway as the FEI was on site to inspect the grounds and infrastructure plans earlier this week.

U.S. Weekend Action:

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. (Thompson, GA): [Website] [Ride Times] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

Why One Veterinarian Says There May Soon Be A Shortage Of Equine Practitioners — And How You Can Help

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Survey seeks answers on research into equine-assisted services

Expert: Transport Is an Equine Welfare Issue

Bob And Debbie McDonald Face Civil Lawsuit From Alleged Victims Of Child Sex Abuse

Saturday Video: I mean, what’s more magical that galloping a Mustang on a beach?

Monday Video: ‘Tis the Season to Get Clipping

Ah, clipping season. That wonderful time of year where tiny, itchy bits of horse hair fall down our shirts, into our eyes, and cover every available surface of us like a blanket of freshly fallen snow from a particularly abrasive winter storm.

You might have gathered that I’m not particularly enthused by clipping, but some people love it and find it to be a very satisfying job. Area I eventer Emily Scott is one of those folks who admirably enjoys playing horsey hairstylist this time of year and in her latest YouTube channel vlog, she presents us with a couple different styles to choose from. I’m still deciding what clip to do on my wooly yak of a pony this year, but I do like the looks of Emily’s modified bib clip so maybe I’ll try that this year!

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Photo via Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials on Facebook.

After a two year hiatus, the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials will be back for 2022! As you can see, Derek di Grazia, who will be taking over course design duties from Captain Mark Phillips, is already out and about making plans and preparations. The even will run September 1-4, 2022 and the ticket box office will open April 28th next year.

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How 16-Year-Old Equestrian Athlete Zoie Brogdon Is Making a Mark in Her Sport

Horses and common livestock species unlikely to have a role in Covid-19’s spread – study

From Stable to the Open Sea

No Stirrup November: A Month-Long Commitment to Improving Your Seat WITH or WITHOUT Stirrups

Fairfax & Favor Shot of the Week: There’s a gorgeous new addition to the Fairfax & Favor catalog. Meet the Upton boot!


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New for 2021: The Upton Knee High…

Posted by FAIRFAX & FAVOR on Saturday, November 20, 2021

Sunday Video: Who won what at the 2021 FEI Awards?

Ride iQ: An Amateur’s Perspective on the Innovative New Coaching App

Is your coach heading down south for the winter soon, leaving you at a loss for lessons? Or maybe you only get the chance to ride with a trainer every couple of weeks? Perhaps you don’t have a regular trainer available to work with? Maybe none of the above applies to you, but you feel like you mindlessly ride in circles whenever left to your own devices. If any of these ring true, then new Ride iQ app is here to help you.

I’m an adult amateur eventer who works a 9-5 desk job and I’ve been in all of these boats at one time or another. For the vast majority of my equestrian journey, participating in a regular program has not been feasible for me. So whenever I saddle up to put in the work, it’s been just me, my horse and whatever motivation and focus I can muster that day.

Having this background and knowing the limitations of a busy adult amateur with limited financial resources and time, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Ride iQ. My assessment? It’s a game changer and I wish I had it five years ago. If you haven’t heard about Ride iQ yet, let me give you a quick overview:

Ride iQ is an app available on iPhone and Android which has a library of audio lessons, recorded by an assortment of accomplished trainers, to ride along with on your own horse. The library is extensive, with over 200 lessons (and counting! More are added weekly) that guide you throughout warming up on the flat to jumping short courses or gymnastic exercises, and everything in between including the the most basic of skills, like how to feel your posting diagonal or how to introduce upper-level skill work, such as half pass and flying lead changes. There’s also plenty of content for off-the-horse learning as well, from podcasts, to Q&A,s to tips for riding dressage tests.

I have to admit though — as much as I loved the idea of Ride iQ, I was pretty skeptical at first. After I downloaded the app and created an account I listened to a session while I was driving to the barn one day, just to get a feel for what I was in for. Doing that didn’t decrease my skepticism, but once I got on my horse and hit play everything clicked.


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I could go on and on attempting to describe all of the different features and uses Ride iQ has (and there are a lot), but I’ve decided that the most useful way to present this review might be to tell you each of my hesitations about this app and then explain why I needn’t have worried. So here we go:

How could a pre-recorded audio lesson from a trainer who has never met me or my horse be useful?

You’ll hear the Ride iQ sessions be colloquially referred to as lessons, but they’re not so much lessons as they are ride-alongs. The coaches record the session as they are riding one of their own horses, so what you’re listening to are their thoughts, feelings, and training philosophies as they ride. While Ride iQ’s lessons don’t provide you with the reactionary feedback that a set of eyes on the ground would, what they do supply you with is a framework for your own ride that attunes you to your own position and aids.

So much of riding is developing a feel for what is happening underneath you, and then developing your reaction time so that you can apply aids accordingly. While you may not have anyone on the ground watching you and telling you that you need more leg here or more flexion there, with Ride iQ you do have a trainer in your ear reminding you to keep your outside shoulder up and back while you ask your horse to bend around your inside leg. Since you’re listening while you’re riding your own horse, you can translate their ride into your own. The magic in Ride iQ lies in how it focuses your attention on your own ride and helps create good habits.

Now don’t get me wrong: Ride iQ won’t replace real-life lessons from a trainer who knows you and your horse, your history, and your goals. Having real-time feedback from someone watching you ride in the moment is a pretty hard thing to match. But Ride iQ is a great tool to supplement your training and a game-changer in particular for anyone who can’t take lessons in person regularly.


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A post shared by Ride iQ (@rideiqofficial)

I’m not an auditory learner, so how is listening to a lesson really going to help me?

I have never been able to simply listen (or read) and retain information. When I was in school I had to take word-for-word notes during lectures if I wanted to have any hope of absorbing information. While studying on my own, I had to write out whatever I was reading in order to retain the information — something about action of writing also helped to embed whatever I was studying into my brain. I’m telling you this to try and impress upon you how skeptical I was that auditory-only lessons would really work for me.

What I discovered about Ride iQ during just the first ride was that it really played to my affinity for kinesthetic learning instead. As the coach explains what they feel and what action they are taking in their ride, it’s much easier than I thought it would be to apply it to my own ride right then and there. My brain and my body didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the coach’s directives and it wasn’t a struggle to make sense of or retain the instruction since I was sitting on my horse and immediately putting the auditory cues into action. The coaches are all quite good at describing what they are feeling and why, and then what they are going to do about it and why. To my surprise and delight, riding along to the lessons actually turned out to be quite intuitive to me.

That said though, some of the lessons do have videos or diagrams that go along with them (mostly the pole work or jumping lessons) and when they do, they’re very easy easy to find and access.

If I’m riding along with an Olympian on an Advanced horse, am I going to be able to keep up with the lessons? 

By no means am I a particularly experienced rider myself and my horse (pony, actually) is a 14.0hh Mustang/Arabian “mutt” mare that I got from a local rescue about ten years ago. If I phrase it like that, my horse doesn’t have a thing in common with any of the horses that the Ride iQ coaches are riding. But looks and experience level aside, let’s describe my horse differently: she’s a horse who tends to err on the side of behind the leg at first and needs a good amount of suppling before she works through her body, but she’s smart and tries hard to do what I’m asking.

If you phrase it like that then I bet my horse is a lot more similar to many of the horses being ridden in the Ride iQ lessons than it would seem on paper. I bet your horse is more similar to the Ride iQ coaches’ horses than you think too, and I bet that these rides will be more applicable and relevant than you might initially think as well.

You yourself might have more in common with some of the coaches than you think, too. For example: Kyle Carter and I both need to remember to bring our chins up and back instead of letting our necks stick out like a turtle when we ride. Even Olympians needs positional reminders! And as they remind themselves out loud to keep their hands low or their shoulder back as they ride, they’re reminding us in turn.

The trickiest thing I found in terms of “keeping up” with lessons had to do with my horse’s fitness level. My mare can’t canter on a 20 meter circle without a trot or walk break as long as Kyle’s Advanced mare can, for example. But that’s easy enough to remedy just by hitting pause. The coaches are great about reminding the listener to tailor the ride to their horse’s needs as well, and will often remind you that you always have the option to pause or to otherwise modify the ride to your skill and comfort level — and they’ll tell you how to modify it too, for example they’ll offer the option of sitting the trot or to keep posting.


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A post shared by Ride iQ (@rideiqofficial)

Okay, but is the content going to be at all applicable to me and my horse’s skill level?

There are lessons in Ride iQ for everyone. So yes, no matter how much experience you and horse your have (or don’t have) there will be plenty of content in Ride iQ for you. Speaking as a lower level amateur — both my horse and I have only been trained through the Beginner Novice level — there is certainly plenty for us to do within the app. Another of our EN team members, who is a trainer has competed through the Advanced level, will also be writing a Ride iQ review from a professional’s perspective, but my guess is that the majority of lessons are vastly applicable even for an experienced horse and rider pair. After all, the basics are the basics and we can all use to go back to them.

Lessons appropriate to your and your horse’s own skill levels are easy to find within the app’s interface. The Ride iQ lessons are neatly categorized by using a traffic light color code (green will be for the broadest skill level, orange will be more technical, and yellow is for everything in between) for easy identification. There are also plenty of rides geared specifically towards hot horses, tense horses, horses that get behind the leg, etc.Before you hit play for each ride, you’ll also and you’ll see a minute-by-minute preview of what the ride entails and it will be noted if proficiency in any particular skills are required for that lesson.

Don’t worry — you won’t hit ‘play’ without knowing what you’re in for. Screenshot via Ride iQ.

What if I find listening to audio while riding distracting and I hate wearing headphones/earbuds too?

Some people can listen to podcasts or music or whatever while they ride and have no trouble — I am not one of those people. Especially with podcasts I find it difficult to multitask and my mind wanders and drifts between what I’m doing and what I’m listening to. Neither end up having my full attention and I always have to rewind constantly because I miss things. I was concerned that I’d have this same trouble with Ride iQ, but again to my surprise and delight it wasn’t an issue for me. In fact, the lessons made me more focused on my ride and that focus kept my mind from wandering about. Again, there’s something about riding along with the coaches as they ride, instead of them talking at you, that made it all click for me.

I’ve also never been a fan of wearing headphones while riding — I have enough trouble getting AirPods to stay in my ears while I’m walking around my house — so I was a little worried about how I’d actually manage to utilize Ride iQ in a functional sense. I actually decided not to use any headphones or earbuds and I just stuck my phone in my breeches or jacket pocket on full volume. This worked totally fine for me and I didn’t have any trouble hearing the lessons throughout my rides. The audio is good quality. It also connected to my Apple Watch seamlessly without downloading any extra apps so I could pause or rewind easily if I needed to.


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A post shared by Ride iQ (@rideiqofficial)

In closing:

You can call me a convert, I suppose! I had to try it to believe it, but I’m so glad I did and I’m really looking forward to continuing to ride with Ride iQ during the doldrums of winter in particular.

Let’s talk price for a hot second: signing up for Ride iQ is a bit of a hard pill to swallow, especially if you’re not into paying for apps, but if you think relative to the grand scheme of horse-keeping and training costs, it’s a drop in the bucket. Think about it this way: the $29.99 price tag when billed monthly is roughly, what?, about a third or less of a single lesson a good professional? So for a third of the price of a single lesson with a good professional you’re getting hours of guidance from additional experts that you have access to at all hours of the day. It’s kind of a bargain when you put it that way and there is loads of new content being added every. There’s also a live office hours session hosted weekly via Zoom where you can get your questions answered by the coaches, and you’ll also be able to access a very active private Facebook group full of other Ride iQ members and the coaches and co-founders as well.

Luckily, if you’ve been on the fence about trying Ride iQ, they’re planning to do a big and not-previously-announced Black Friday deal, but EN is getting early access. You can use the code ENVIP to get two months of Ride iQ membership for free (a $60 value), and that’s in addition to the one-week free trial!

The promo code will work for any of the three membership types: monthly ($29.99), quarterly ($79.99), or annual ($249). When applied to monthly, the first charge will not occur until nine weeks after sign up. When applied to quarterly or annual memberships, the first two payments will be discounted by $29.99 starting after the 7-day free trial. Promo valid for the first 250 uses.

Like I mentioned before, I could go on for quite a while about the usefulness of and the features within Ride iQ — I didn’t even cover the progression rides or the dressage test ride alongs in this review. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments and I’ll keep checking back to answer them! But of course, the best way to see all that Ride iQ has to offer is to check it out it for yourself!

Saturday Links

Zane is happy and on holiday while mom heals. Photo via Amber Birtcil on Facebook.

EN wants to send our very best wishes and boatload of healing vibes out to Amber Birtcil who, along with her horse Cinzano, suffered a scary fall during the CCI4*-L cross country at Galway Downs the other weekend. While “Zane” was fortunately uninjured in the fall, Amber suffered serious injury has since spent some time in the hospital in San Diego undergoing a series of surgeries to repair her pelvis. Amber has a long road to recovery ahead, but it sounds like she has a great crew of friends helping her take care of her horses and herself. Here’s to speedy healing, Amber! You’ve got this.

U.S. Weekend Action:

SAzEA Fall H.T. (Tucson, Arizona): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. (Fresno, California): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores] [Volunteer]

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Limited Edition Bourbon Raffle To Benefit Central KY Riding For Hope’s 40th Anniversary

FEI votes to remove reining as a discipline

Saturday Video: We already can’t wait for next year.

Wednesday News & Notes from Haygain

Photos via Ema Klugman.

You know what’s nearly as fun as the competition season? Off-season hacking, at least in my opinion! There’s something deeply satisfying and relaxing about wandering through the fall foliage with nowhere to be in a hurry and nothing to prepare for on the immediate horizon. Looks like Ema and her mom are doing it right!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

SAzEA Fall H.T. (Tucson, Arizona): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. (Fresno, California): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Your Wednesday News & Reading List:

This year’s Breeders’ Cup was Lasix-free. Lasix, a drug generically known as furosemide, has commonly been used in Thoroughbred racing to prevent exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) a.k.a. “bleeding”, but whether or not it’s really necessary or even particularly healthy has been a topic of hot debate. None of the 148 horses that competed in in this year’s Breeders’ Cup races were treated with Lasix before their races and there were no EIPH episodes.

Get to know Tot Goodwin and Melvin Cox. Tot is only the second Black Master of Foxhounds in the U.S. (and the only one in the U.S. today) and the first Black person to hunt in Ireland. Melvin is Managing Director of SportsQuest International and a lecturer at UCSC. The both of them are launching efforts to increase diversity within all parts of the horse industry and working towards a day when other people of color have better and more welcome experiences within the equestrian scene.

You thought eventing was an adrenaline rush? It’s got nothing on Native American bareback horse racing. Just watch this trailer for Pure Grit, a new documentary that follows a young woman who is a former champion jockey and chronicles her journey back to the sport and throughout her life over three years. The documentary made its U.S. premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival last month. It doesn’t appear that the the film is available to stream anywhere yet, but keep any eye out for it!

To soak or to steam … that is the question. Both soaking and steaming hay can  provide a number of benefits for horses, from reducing respirable particles to reducing the sugar content of forage. Each method share some similarities in benefits, but there are some key differences as well and a number of considerations to take into account when deciding what’s best for your horse.

Video Break: There’s a new eventing fan in town: the Governor of Maryland.

Monday Video: #MondayMotivation Thanks to Alexandra MacLeod

Can we officially add Alexandra MacLeod‘s name to the list of way cool eventing wonder women? (The correct answer is YES.)

In case you missed it, Alex recently topped the leaderboard of the Galway Downs Fall International CCI4*-L with her and her mother Carla’s Newmarket Jack, a 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding (Newmarket Jewel — Newmarket Chantepie). The only pair in their division to finish on their dressage score, they climbed from seventh after dressage to clinch their first ever FEI win.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, Alex also earned her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine just last spring. A former Area II Young Rider, she has managed to make riding and competing in eventing fit around her undergraduate studies and veterinary school, and now her post-doctoral work and education — that’s no mean feat! While Alex originally hails from the East Coast, she has recently moved to California for an internship in Los Angeles (of course she brought Jack with her!) where she’ll be focusing on radiology and imaging.

Thanks Alex, for showing us that with enough hard work and dedication you CAN do at all. Let’s enjoy Alex and Jack’s cross country from Galway run thanks to Ride On Video!

Galway Downs International (Temecula, Ca.): [Website] [Final Scores]

Sunday Links from Fairfax & Favor

Screenshot via USEF Network.

You may have noticed — hopefully you noticed! — an additional level of detail in the live stream commentary at Tryon this weekend. Thanks to Amanda Chance, who runs the popular blog Breed.Ride.Event, commentators were supplied with facts sheets for all divisions of the Tryon International Three-Day Event detailing each horse’s bloodlines and breeder. There’s an incredible amount of work and thought that goes into breeding a horse in the hopes of creating a future superstar (I don’t pretend to know the first thing about it, but I can imagine!) so it’s wonderful to hear that work recognized, and it’s great fodder for some really neat discussions which makes the livestream that much more interesting!

U.S. Weekend Action:

Tryon International Three-Day Event (Tryon, Nc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Stream] [Live Scores] [EN’s Coverage]

Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks (Reddick, Fl.): [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

River Glen H.T. (New Market, Tn.): [Website] [Ride Time/Live Scores]

Sunday Links:

What’s the Point? Incorporating Dressage In An Event Horse’s Training

Challenges in keeping competition horses happy explored in British study

Heated Water Trough Safety

Inspiration for an Equestrian Thanksgiving

Australian Wildlife Officials Propose Culling 10,000 Wild Horses; Some Scientists Prefer Total Elimination 

Sunday Video: Yesterday’s leading CCI4*-L ride belonged to Woods Baughman and C’est La Vie 135! Showjumping kicks off tomorrow with the CCI3*-L at 9:30 a.m., followed by the CCI4*-L at 11:00 a.m., and more later on into the afternoon as well. You can watch via USEF Network.

Saturday Links

Photo via Maryland 5 Star on Facebook.

Cross country courses are literally works of art! I think that in a way the course design itself and its use of terrain is art, but of course there’s also the fabulous woodcarvings produced by course builders as well as the incredible paint jobs that put the finishing touches on the fences. The imposing crab jump into the water got most of the attention at the Maryland 5 star this year, but I was personally blown away by the beautiful orioles at the end of the course. They were painted by Abigail Dudley, a local artist and recent graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, who volunteered her time and skills to help beautify the new course. You can check out more of her work here.

U.S. Weekend Action:

Tryon International Three-Day Event (Tryon, Nc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Stream] [Live Scores] [EN’s Coverage]

Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks (Reddick, Fl.): [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

River Glen H.T. (New Market, Tn.): [Website] [Ride Time/Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

Don’t miss the War Horse Event Series finale at Carolina Horse Park, Sunday on H&C+

The Case For Dark-Colored Breeches

Rule Refresher: But What Will I Wear?

Jayven Kilgore Selected for Equine Opportunity Program

Danish Pentathletes Threaten Legal Challenge Over Axing of Riding

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Saturday Video: What’s Piggy March up to this winter? She’ll be working with some young horses, getting some new horses into work, and brainstorming with Lucinda Green to name a few things!

Monday Video: Defeat the Drift by Turning the Saddle

One of the frustrating beautiful things about riding is that it’s always a work in progress and it’s never not beneficial to go back and work on some basics. With the off-season on the immediate horizon for most — or already here for many — there’s a whole winter ahead to polish your skills and hone your technique.

Recently for my horse and I, we’ve been working on turning without drifting through the outside shoulder since sometimes we start off our rides looking a little too much like this:

Since Tokyo Drift has no place in riding, this is something I’ll be continuing to work on over the winter with the help of my instructor. I was delighted to recently also come across this video from Amelia Newcomb Dressage, who likes to use the mantra “turn the saddle, not the bridle” to reinforce the correct turning aids that will keep your horse from drifting. Take a peek at the video below where she walks us through these aids and demonstrate an exercise, and get inspired for your off-season flatting sessions!

Sunday Links from Fairfax & Favor

Found this gem in our media archives apparently leftover from that time we deemed Michael Jung the Flava Flav of Eventing.

SIGH. Daylight Saving Time has now ended so yay for an “extra” hour of sleep and all that, but booooo for the evenings getting dark so early starting tonight! I grew up assuming everybody, like myself, always hated turning the clock back in the fall, but it turns out that the American public is somewhat evenly split and there are good cases both for keeping the ritual and getting rid of it. For me, as an amateur rider who works a 9-5 desk job, I hate that the darkness encompasses my after work barn time. But for equine professionals who are up and outside early on a daily basis, maybe the return of Standard Time every November is a welcome change. Which side are you on?

U.S. Weekend Action:

Galway Downs International (Temecula, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Schedule] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop Farm November H.T. (Aiken, Sc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Full Moon Farms H.T. (Finksburg, Md.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Rocking Horse Fall H.T. (Altoona, Fl.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Texas Rose Horse Park Fall H.T. (Tyler, Tx.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Sunday Links:

Working equines’ climate change role highlighted at COP26

More than 650 modern pentathletes issue vote of no confidence in International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) President Schormann

Developing sport horses is a water-intensive enterprise – study

Next-generation sim horse promises actual equine motion

Fall Grooming Tips

Fairfax & Favor Shot of the Week: We can’t wait to see Zoe Crawford rock these on the jog strip next season 😍

Christmas came early! Thank you so much @fairfaxandfavor and @houndnhare for these gorgeous boots. I’m only a little bit obsessed! 😍😍😍

Posted by Zoe Crawford Eventing on Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday Links

Elisa Wallace and Riot Gear. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

We are absolutely brokenhearted to share the news that Elisa Wallace lost her talented partner Riot Gear to a freak pasture accident yesterday. The 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding owned by Steve and Vicki Sukup had most recently placed third in the CCI3*-S at The Event at TerraNova and then participated in the Notting Hill Stable Invitational earlier this week. Rest in Peace Rye Bread. We are so sorry, Elisa.

Our hearts also goes out to Jon Holling, who lost the promising young OTTB Ragtime Rebel, earlier this week as well. Hug your ponies, everyone. Our time with them is sometimes much, much too short.

U.S. Weekend Action:

Galway Downs International (Temecula, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Schedule] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop Farm November H.T. (Aiken, Sc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Full Moon Farms H.T. (Finksburg, Md.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Rocking Horse Fall H.T. (Altoona, Fl.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Texas Rose Horse Park Fall H.T. (Tyler, Tx.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Saturday Links:

What Can You Expect for 2022? Preview the USEA Eventing Calendar Here.

Para equestrian movie faces final $100K hurdle

10 Tips for Better Driving Aids

Take Advantage of Trot Jumps

Part Three of Wild Spirits, Gentle Hearts: The Story of Two Mustang-Crazy Girls

Saturday Video: Now here is a welcome sight! About 15 months after a hacking accident that ultimately resulted in a mild stroke, Australian five-star eventer Paul Tapner is back on a horse!

Monday Video: Winning Words from Tim (and Otis) Price

What happens during the immediate minutes following a five-star winning show jumping round? Hugs, mostly. So many hugs. But also cheers, congratulatory words, fielding a few requests for selfies, and then let the interviews commence! And, in Tim Price‘s case, you’re answering those interview questions while juggling young son Otis, who is not at all camera shy and must think that this whole winning thing is really old hat by now.

Join Tim (and Otis) in the moments after his Pau winning round with five-star first-timer Falco via this video. Catch up on the full end-of day report here and Go Eventing.

Les 5 Etoiles de Pau: Website, Results, Live Stream, EN’s Coverage

Halloween Sunday Links from Fairfax & Favor

Sorry, everyone … the worldwide costume contest has already been won by this here pair according to us, so everybody else can just pack it in now (don’t actually though. Keep the costumes coming please!) This young rider at the Octoberfest Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park has excellent taste and her perfect pony makes a pretty incredible Harry Potter. Mischief managed and Happy Halloween!

U.S. Weekend Action:

The VHT International & H.T. (Lexington, Va.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

FEH & YEH Young Event Horse Last Chance Qualifier & West Coast Championship (Paso Robles, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (Fairburn, Ga.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Course Brook Farm Fall H.T. (Sherborn, Ma.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Results]

Major International Events:

Les Etoiles de Pau CCI5* (France) : [Website] [Schedule/ Start List/ Scores] [Live Stream] [EN’s Coverage]

Sunday Links:

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Can You Spot an Unhappy Horse?

It’s More than the Ribbon for Waredaca Classic Three-Day Winners Caughron, Parker, Van Gemeren, and Alaimo

Free webinar: Horse trailer safety with with Dr Rebecca Husted

Sunday Video: Now you can say you’ve gone over all the fences on yesterday’s Pau cross country course!

Fairfax & Favor Shot of the Week:

Pau CCI5* Cross Country Live Updates: Tim Price and Falco Hang on to the Top Spot

Eventing Nation’s coverage of Les 5 Etoiles de Pau is brought to you by Kentucky Performance Products, our go-to source for the best support your horse can get. With a full line of proven supplements designed to help your horse feel his or her best, you can have peace of mind knowing that Kentucky Performance Products has your horse’s top health in mind. Learn more about KPP by visiting

Photo via Les 5 Etoiles de Pau.

Bonjour and good morning — it’s cross country day at Pau CCI5*! Les 5 Etoiles de Pau always promises an exceptionally exciting second phase thanks to it’s twisty-turny Pierre Michelet-designed course, and today should certainly be no exception. The leaderboard is absolutely jam-packed, with over half the field sitting within 10 penalty points of the leader.

Speaking of the leader: that’s Tim Price with five-star debutant Falco. Tim delivered a personal best at the level yesterday, a score of 22.1, which saw him steal the lead from his wife, Jonelle, who sits second on a 24.4 with former Mark Todd ride McClaren. Catch up with Tilly Berendt’s dressage wrap-up here. You won’t want to miss those rides: Jonelle and McClaren will leave the start box at 10:03 am EDT/ 4:03 pm local time. Tim and Falco will follow at 10:30 am EDT/ 4:30 pm local.

We have one American in the field today: Liz Halliday-Sharp and Cooley Quicksilver, who will leave the start box at 9:09 am EDT/ 3:09 local time. The full order of go and start times can be found here.

H&C+ subscribers can also watch the livestream for themselves — find it here! Not a subscriber, but want to watch? Click here. Otherwise, buckle up and keep refreshing this page for a by-the-minute play-by-play! The action kicks off at 7:30 am EDT.

5 Etoiles de Pau: WebsiteProgram & TicketingLive Stream, Schedule/ Start List/ ScoresEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

11:30 am: Here are your top 10 after today’s cross country. Tim Price and Falco hang on to the top spot, but won’t have a rail in hand ahead of the now second placed Padraig McCarthy and Fallulah. As expected, today’s course brought some big shuffling to the leaderboard. Stay tuned for a full detailed report from Tilly Berendt later today. We have no additional word on Izzy’s status at this time, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted with whatever we hear.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

11:24 am: And that’s a wrap! William still receives a boisterous round of warm cheers as he’s over the last and cross the finish line with Little Fire. He cracks a smile despite that disappointing stop and gives the crowd some love back.

11:22 am: Noooooo! Little Fire falls prey to that little brush drop at 27B and they pick up a stop. Unfortunately, that will take this pair out of contention for a top placing.

11:19 am: Looks like Joseph has opted to retire after that early runout, so that leaves WFP and Little Fire as the last on course. They’re clear over fence 24. Sitting 3rd after dressage, they could take over second place heading into showjumping if they go fast and clear.

11:17 am: Gah, Gorsehill Pearl says NOPE to fence 5a to pick up an early 20 penalties:

Screenshot via H&C TV.

11:16 am: Our last pair of the day, Joseph Murphy and Gorsehill Pearl are now freshly out of the box.

11:14 am: David Doel and Galileo Nieuwmoed crosses the finish flags four seconds over time. He’s had a pretty good day at the office with his two rides! WFP and Little Fire are clear so far though fence 9.

11:12 am: Astier Nicolas says that WFP is “the most French of the British” and has charmed the fans here in France by giving his press conferences in French. He gets big cheers form the home crown as he leaves the start box. David Doel is nearing the end of the course, still clear.

11:11 am: We have just two riders left to do after David and William Fox Pitt and Little Fire are circling the start box now.

11:08 am: OK, David Doel and Galileo Nieuwmoed are back underway now. We can infer that Izzy has been safely moved off-course. Our boots on the ground, Tilly Berendt, has told me that she’s gotten unofficial word that Izzy is conscious and is en route to the hospital under the care of the medics. We’re wishing her the absolute best.

11:01 am: Alright, we have a hold on course now while Izzy is tended to. We don’t have any word on her status yet, but will let you know the moment we do. David Doel and Galileo Nieuwmoed had started and were clear through fence 13AB and are now being held before fence 14.

10:56 am: SHIT. Izzy and Fonbherna Lancer take a very hard fall after the horse catching it’s front end on fence 29A. We’re unsure of Izzy’s status at the moment, but we get a glimpse of Fonbherna Lancer up and being walked home by Izzy’s team.

10:54 am: Meanwhile, Izzy Taylor and Fonbherna Lancer are getting close to home and Izzy is giving the hose a great ride. Here they are mid-stride at that funny fence 27, so you can get a look at this up-bank:

Screenshot via H&C TV.

10:51 am: Oliver crosses the finish line with MHS King Joules and they sneak in 2 seconds under the clock for a double clear round! That will move them up from their 14th place after dressage, into provisional 4th at the moment, just ahead of Bubby Upton and Cola.

10:49 am: Bubby Upton is back again for her second round of the day, now with Cannavaro and ahhh!!! They fly by 5B. Having already completed the course on her first ride and given herself the experience, she opts to retire Canavaro and save him for another time.

10:47 am: Alright, now that we know who our overnight leader is going to be, let’s catch up with everyone else on course. Alex and King of the Hill have just finished now and have turned in a fantastic double clear round to stay on their score of 30.0. He’s super pleased and playing to the cheers of the crown. Oliver and MHS King Joules are now clear through fence 19 and we also now have Izzy Taylor and Fonbherna Lancer on course now and clear so far even after a bit of sticky moment to 10B.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

10:42 am: Fantastic! Tim and Falco finish easily 8 seconds under with no jumping faults to retain the overnight lead on their dressage score of 22.1. This is another first-time fiveve-star horse, by the way, and what a start for this horse. He gets big pats from Tim, who is clearly please with Falco’s efforts.

10:41 am: Tim and Faco have 38 seconds to get home as they enter the arena.

10:40 am: Here’s Oliver Townend now out of the box on MHS King Joules. He’s giving this horse another go at the level this year after parting ways at the Bicton 5*a few months ago.

10:37 am: We can hear the crowd in the arena going absolutely wild for Cedric Lyard, who is originally from the south of France. He and Unun de’Or finish nicely and pick up just 2.4 time penalties. Still all clear for both Tim and Alex on course.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

10:34 am: Tim and Falco are looking good through the lake at fence 12A and B. They’re a bit down on the clock t the moment, that’s normal for this point in the course after the twisty beginning. Cedric Lyard is clear through 25 and Alex Bragg and King of the Mill are fresh out fo the start box.

10:30 am: Our overnight leaders Tim Price and Falco are now on course!

10:29 am: Remi Pillot and Tom Chik du Levant have picked up another 20 penalties at 13Band has opted to retire. We’re also joined on course now by Cedric Lyard and Unun de’Or who are now clear through fence 9. Tayla Mason and Centennial are now through the finish flags with their 20 plus time.

10:25 am: Also on course now is Remi Pillot and Tom Chik du Levant, who we haven’t seen on the livestream yet but picked up 20 penalties at fence 5B. Madison Crowe and Waitangi Pinterest have now finished with a total of 38 faults to add to their dressage score. Tayla Mason and Centennial are through fence 27 now.

10:22 am: I’m a bit behind here as we’ve got two on course I haven’t even metioned yet: Madison Crowe saw a stride to 25A, but Waitangi Pinterest says “What fence?” and flies right by it. They’ll pick up 20 penalties there. Meanwhile Tayla Mason and Centennial pick up a runout at 13B after a bit of a big jump over the fist element.

10:18 am: Up Up And Away kinda sorta tries to jump 25B for Caroline Powell, but they take out the flag with the horse’s shoulder and it’s debatable whether or not the horse make enough of a jumping effort. They continue on, so we’ll wait and see whether they get penalties there or an elimination.

10:16 am: They jumped fabulously, but Jonelle and McClaren come in 11 seconds over time which will give them a score of 28.8 now, dropping them to a current provisional 4th just behind Bubby Upton and Cola on their 28.5. Bubby was in 17th after dressage, if that give you a good idea of how closely packed the scores are!

10:14 am: “I would listen to Jonelle” says Astier Nicholas from the commentary box as Jonelle guides McClaren through the fence 27 bank and small drop.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

10:11 am: Jonelle sees a great stride to the Pau version of the Cottesmore Leap which sadly makes for a real crappy screen shot, but here you go anyway.

10:10 am: Tom Jackson and Billy Cuckoo are home now with no jumping and 2.4 time faults.

10:09 am: McClaren was Sir Mark Todd’s WEG horse in 2018, but this is actually his first five-star. So far so good for Jonelle, who’s giving the horse a handy ride. I’m sure the rain isn’t bothering her at all! Caroline Powell and Up Up And Away are newly on course.

10:06 am: Selina Milnes and Iron are home with 4.4 time faults. Tom Jackson and Billy Cuckoo are clear through 19 while Jonelle and McClaren are clear through 9 so far.

10:03 am: Jonelle Price and McClaren have left the start box! They sit in second overnight on a score of 24.4. Can they go double clear and put the pressure on husband Tim, who’s leading the pack?

Screenshot via H&C TV.

10:00 am: It really do be raining though. Here’s a foggy Selina Milnes over the a vicarage see-esque fence near the midpoint of the course — they’re still clear. We’ve also got Tom Jackson and Billy Cuckoo on course now and clear through 10.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

9:57 am: Nooo… Carlos Parro and Calcourt Landline fall prey to that troublesome 27B. They’ve retried and are walking home. The sole pair on course now are Selina Milnes and Iron — they’re clear through fence 11.

9:53 am: “He’s full of petrol!” our live stream commentators say of CHF Cooliser as he crosses the finish with Tom. They come in clear and four seconds under time and will keep their dressage score of 29.6. Looks like Tom has got himself another top class horse!

9:50 am: Philippa Cross and Scoop de Ferbet are home now: clear but almost a minute over time. Tom McEwan is nearing home now and giving his horse, another five-star debutant, a super ride. Carlos is clear through fence 17.

9:47 am: So far so good for everyone on course at the moment: Philippa and Tom. Brazil’s Carlos Parro and Calcourt Landline are also on course now as the rain, which has been a bit off and on so far, has started to pick up again.

9:42 am: We’ve got Philippa Cross and Scoop de Ferbet also on curse now and clear so far, along with Tom McEven and CHF Cooliser just starting, and — oh shoot, Dacapo doubts himself at the 25B a skinny in the final water and runs out. Laura puts her hand up and calls it a day.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

9:40 am: BAM! Padraig and Fallulah finish right on the optimum time and Padraig gives us a big fist pump! He took a chance and asked the horse for a bit of a long spot at the last combination, but the horse answered and the chance paid off. He takes over as clubhouse leader now, sticking with their dressage score of 24.9.

9:36 am: We can hear the cheers from the arena as Mike and El Mundo finish. They’ve jump clean but are exactly a minute over time.

9:35 am: Ah dang, an early problem on course for Laura as Dacapo spooks a bit at the 7B drop into the first water and stops. They loop around to take the long route and continue on.

9:33 am: Now on course: reining Pau champion Laura Collett! This time she ride five-star debutant Dacapo.

9:32 am: Tina and Billy the Red finish with no jumping faults and 8 time penalties. Mike and El Mundo are clear through 26 while Padraig and Fallulah are clear through 19.

9:29 am: Padraig McCarthy and Fallulah also join us on course now. Here’s a shot Tina Cook and Billy the Red over that funny 27B. You can see it’s not a big drop, but it comes after a small step up onto this mound and seems to be making the horses slow down second guess themselves a bit.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

9:26 am: And they’re home! Cathal and Rioghan Rua are just one second over time after a very stylish and smooth ride over the last few fences inside the arena. Tina Cook is for clear through 25 and Canada’s Mike Winter an El Mundo are also on course now and clear through 12.

9:24 am: OK there’s Cathal and Rioghan Rua. He’s urging the mare on on the gallop stretch leading to fence 29.

9:21 am: Liz and Monster are home! They’re clear with 8.4 time faults to now sit on a score of 40.9.

9:20 am: Tina Cook and Billy the Red are on course now. Billy the Red hesitates for a split second at the drop into the first water, but a quick correction from Tina makes it no problem at all. I don’t think we’ve seen a second of Cathal on the livestream, but they’re apparently clear through fence 26.

9:18 am: Sofia Sjoborg and DHI Mighty Dwight are finishing up now, clear but over a minute over time. Liz is clear through fence 21. Also on course now are Cathal Daniels and the spicy Rioghan Rua.

9:14 am: Monster juuuust squeezes his hind inside the flags at the 13B element, leaving the flag swinging but not knocked. Clear so far. Here’s Liz through the big ‘ol corner at fence 12B:

9:13 am: SRS Kan Do looks absolutely full of running as he crosses the finish flags with Kylie, who’s another first-timer at the level. That’s a fabulous ride for them, with no jumping faults and 5.6 time penalties.

9:10 am: USA! USA! Our gal Liz Halliday-Sharp and Cooley Quicksilver are fresh out on course and may I say, Monster’s orange Flair Strip that matches Liz’s helmet cover looks particularly sharp.

9:07 am: On course now is Sofia Sjoborg of Sweden and beautiful gray DHI Mighty Dwight. They’re clear through fence 10. Kylie Rody and SRS Kan Do are still going well and clear through 21.

Screenshot via H&C TV.

9:05 am: I can’t get gifs to work correctly, so apologies to anyone I’m disappointing on that front. But here’s a screenshot of Kylie Rody and SRS Kan Do streeeeeetching over one of the early fences on course.

9:03 am: Huge cheers for Maxime as he crosses the finish flags! They finish one second under time and will stay on their dressage sore of 30.6.

9:01 am: Maxime is giving his horse a good ride and they’re nearing the end of the course, clear so far. Hazel Shannon and Willingapark Clifford would have been next out of the box but withdrew before XC, so Kylie Rody and SRS Kan Do are up next and they’re clear through fence 9.

8:59 am: That’s how it’s done! Kevin and Scuderia 1918 A Best Friend are home 12 second under time and looking great. They’ll stay on their dressage score and that makes them our clubhouse leaders.

8:58 am: Kevin is galloping down the long stretch before the area. He’s looking good on the clock.

8:55 am: Another fabulous finish for a five-star first-timer! Alice Casburn and Topspin are through the flags with a handful of time but no jumping penalties. Kevin and Scuderia 1918 A Best Friend are clear through fence 26.

8:52 am: Here’s Maxime Livio and Vitorio Du Montet on course now and with some fancy footwork to get the angled brush at 5a after the steep downhill. We had hoped to see Maxime at Maryland with this horse this year, but they had to reroute here to Pau after the horse’s pre-export bloodwork came up positive for a tick-borne disease  for which USDA APHIS has a strict no-import policy.

8:49 am: We have two new riders on course now: Alice Casburn with Topspin, who are currently through fence 19, and fresh out of the box are Australia’s Kevin McNab with Scuderia 1918 A Best Friend — they’re ones to watch as they sit on a 26.2 in 5th place after dressage.

8:46 am: Regis Prud Hon and Tarastro picked up a stop at 27B — same spot at Alisa — and then they’re red flagged and pulled up as they enter the arena before the lest few fences. That will mean elimination. Perhaps the ground jury thought the horse looked too tired.

8:42 am: Whoops, we have a bit of catching up to do on finishers here. Sidney Dufresne and Swing De Perdriat are home with 4.8 time penalties. That will drop them down the headboard a smidge. I’m pretty sure we also saw Arthur Duffort finish, however the scoreboard is reading that they were eliminated after fence 28.

8:38 am: Tarastro is a bit stick dropping into the first water for Regis Prud Hon and scrambles bit over the brush swan, losing both overreach both. Doesn’t look like they’ve lost too much confidence though and they’re continuing on strongly.

8:37 am: Another couple riders are out on course now: Arthur Duffort with Toronto D’aurois and Regis Prud Hon with Tarastro.

8:34 am: Alisa and Woodlands Persuasion are home now. I’ve accidentally neglected to mention that Sidney Dufresne and Swing De Perdriat have been on course for a while now — clear through fence 28 and nearing home. This is a round to watch too as the pair was 8th after dressage.

8:31 am: Dang — Alisa picks up a stop with Woodlands Persuasion at 27B, a smaller element on top of a mound. Our commentators think it may be a little confusing to the horses because the fence almost looks like a decoration since it’s not 5-star sized. Woodlands Persuasion just didn’t quite read it.

8:28 am: Oh no! Danielle Dun and Grandslam pick up 20 penalties just before the finish at the combination in the arena. They took a huge jump at the 30A element and couldn’t make the B element and had to swing around and jump it again.

8:24 am: Clear so far still for both Danielle Dun and Grandslam as well as Alisa Wates and Woodlands Persuasion.

8:23 am: Heck of a round from Cyrielle Lefevre and Armanjo Serosah! They’re double clear and the horse looks like he’s ready to go around again!

8:20 am: Through the finish flags for Florian Ganneval and Blue Bird De Beaufour! They collect a bit of time in addition to those 11 penalties. Cyrielle is nearing the end of the course with Armanjo Serosah, who’s looking strong still at the end of the course. Danielle Dun and Grandslam are also on course now and clear through 15, and another five-star first-timer Alisa Wates and Woodlands Persuasion and just now out on course as well.

8:15 am: Whoops! Florian drops a MIM clip at 22A, but they recover well and jump the next easily.

8:13 am: We have another home team ride out on course now: Cyrielle Lefevre and Armanjo Serosah. So far so good for them!

8:11 am: Simon Grieve and Mr Fahrenheit — who’s a dang cute little chestnut, barely 16-hands — are home with no jumping faults but a over a minute over time. Simon looks absolutely thrilled with his little horse.

8:08 am: Also now on course are France’s Florian Ganneval and Blue Bird De Beaufour with a stylish and bold ride through fences 4 and 5ab — a drop fence to two angled brushes. Florian is a five-star first-timer and an amateur rider/ full-time farrier!

8:04 am: Both Simon Grieve and Mr Fahrenheit (clear through 19) and Jo Rimmer and Isaac Newton (clear through 10) are out on course now. Joesph comes home 5 seconds over time and jumping fault free.

8:01 am: William is home after giving Oratorio an unhurried ride over the final few fences in the arena. Bummer for that pair, but we’re sure to see them back at the top soon!

7:57 am: Joesph Murphy and Calmaro are our newest pair on course — they’re clear through fence 12. WPF and Oratorio are through the final water, still sitting on the 20 penalties from earlier.

7:56 am: We haven’t seen much of David Doel and Carneyhaugh Rua on the livestream, but hey! They’re home and under time! They aren’t going to be challenging the top of the leaderboard, but he’ll have to be happy with that round. We’ll see David again at the end of the day on his second ride,

7:53 am: Uh oh, WFP has a little bit of a hairy moment over that beautiful brush swan in the first water. Looked like they didn’t quite figure out a stride. They get over the swan fine, but later pick up 20 penalties at 10B.

7:52 am: Bubby is powering through end of the course — patting her horse on the long gallop before fence 29. They’re through the arena flawlessly and come in under time! Fabulous run from this exciting rider

7:49 am: Here goes William Fox Pitt and Oratorio out on course!

7:48 am: Turns out that Izzy decided to retire after fence 7a — we didn’t get to see her on the live stream again, so we’re not sure if she had another problem or just decided to save it for another day. David Doel and Carneyhaugh Rua are now on course as well and clear through fence 13. Bubby is clear through 26.

7:44 am: And Oliver and Ridire Dorcha are home! A masterful ride for this first-time five-star horse as they cross the line 11 seconds over time.

7:40 am: Isabelle “Bubby’ Upton is next on course with Cola. She’s an exciting up-and-coming British young rider with two very cool horses here at Pau this weekend.

7:37 am: Ah crud, an earlu problem for Izzy as Ringwood Madras runs out of the angled brush element at 5b.

7:35 am: Oliver and Ridire Dorcha are over halfway through the course and showing us all how it’s done. Izzy Taylor and Ringwood Madras are out of the box now.

7:30 am: And they’re off! Trailblazers Oliver Townend and Ridire Dorcha are on course!

Saturday Links

Photo via Course Brook Farm on Facebook.

The colors of fall are out in full force at Course Brook Farm this weekend, and so are the blue and black cross country colors of beloved Area 1 eventer Jessica Halliday who passed away earlier this week after a hard-fought battle with Stage IV colon cancer. The loss of Jess has hit Area 1 hard, but Jess was such a significant part of the community that her memory will live on through the connections that she made and full life that she lived.

Go eventing, ride for Jess, and #BuckOffCancer.

U.S. Weekend Action:

The VHT International & H.T. (Lexington, Va.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

FEH & YEH Young Event Horse Last Chance Qualifier & West Coast Championship (Paso Robles, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

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Major International Events:

Les Etoiles de Pau CCI5* (France) : [Website] [Schedule/ Start List/ Scores] [Live Stream] [EN’s Coverage]

Saturday Links:

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Saturday Video: Ready for the some farm envy? Prepare to drool over the finished arena (and everything else) at Doug Payne’s new farm:

Monday Video: Take Me Back to TerraNova

We loved watching The Event at TerraNova this weekend, which took place at the TerraNova Equestrian Center in Myakka City, Florida. While the EN team was sad not to be present at this inaugural event in person, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the live stream and following along from home. The countless hours of work and care that has been put into making this event a world class experience for competitors of all levels shines through via the event’s production.

We’ve complied a couple of videos produced by the TerraNova team that overlay some competition footage with leading riders discussing their rounds:

Here’s Lesley Law on his winning CCI4*-S show jumping round with Lady Chatterley:

Sara Kozumplik-Murphy on her showjumping rounds aboard Rubens D’ysieux (second place CCI4*-S) and Devil Munchkin (winner CCI3*-S):

And of course we’d be remiss not to include a little cross country action, so here’s Jennie Jarnstrom-Dennis, who led the CCI4*-S after cross country with Flower Girl and ultimate finish in 6th place:

You can rewatch all of the live-streamed action from TerraNova on their YouTube channel!

The Event at TerraNova: [Website] [Final Scores]

Sunday Links from Fairfax & Favor

The calm before the action at “Morris the Horse” Trials at FENCE. Photo by Shelby Allen.

It’s beginning to really hit home that there are precious few opportunities to get out and event for the remainder of the year, now that the season is winding down. (Well, unless you’re headed to Ocala sooner rather than later I suppose.) Get out there and enjoy it!

U.S. Weekend Action:

The Event at TerraNova (Myakka City, Fl.): [Website] [Livestream] [Entries/Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. (Fresno, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

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Major International Events:

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Sunday Links:

Horse, Know Thyself.

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Sunday Social Media:

Saturday Links

Me, diving into my regular work week after a five-star. (Actually Buck Davidson and Jak My Style though.) Photo by Abby Powell.

Turns out that the five-star hangover is WAY worse if you’ve gone to the event in person, as opposed to watching it on the livestream as I usually do. Heck, I didn’t even change timezones in my travels to the Maryland 5 Star but I still felt jet lagged on Monday and have been miserably failing to keep track of what day of the week it is. Here’s hoping I can at least get my bearings again over the next few days before we dive right into Pau coverage next week.

U.S. Weekend Action:

The Event at TerraNova (Myakka City, Fl.): [Website] [Livestream] [Entries/Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. (Fresno, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event (Lexington, Ky.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Holly Hill H.T. (Benton, La.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club “Morris the Horse” Trials (Landrum, Sc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Waredaca Classic Three-Day Event & H.T. (Gaithersburg, Md.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Windermere Run H.T. (Kansas City, Mo.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/ Live Scores]

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Saturday Links:

Bonne Chance Sends Horse To Young Event Horse Championships, Finishes As Top Thoroughbred

“A Dream Day”– Olympic Show Jumper Jessica Springsteen shares Experience and Inspirations.

FEI 100 Years: Developing the Stars of Tomorrow

2024 Paris Olympic Format to be Approved at 2021 FEI General Assembly. Teams of Three Retained for Dressage

Meet the one-handed jockey determined to make it in the saddle

Saturday Video: It’s tough being a five-star horse! Just ask Stella Artois.



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Friday News & Notes

Congratulations are in order for more than just Boyd Martin & On Cue after the Maryland 5 Star — as it turns out, there was a proposal on course on cross country day! Let’s raise a glass to Bailey and her fiancé, who popped the question at fence 10 and she said YES. Well done, sir, and congratulations to the happy couple!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

The Event at TerraNova (Myakka City, Fl.): [Website] [Livestream] [Entries/Ride Times] [Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. (Fresno, Ca.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event (Lexington, Ky.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Holly Hill H.T. (Benton, La.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club “Morris the Horse” Trials (Landrum, Sc.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Waredaca Classic Three-Day Event & H.T. (Gaithersburg, Md.): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Volunteer]

Windermere Run H.T. (Kansas City, Mo.): [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/ Live Scores] [Volunteer]

Major International Events:

Le Lion d’Angers: Website, Entries, Ride Times and Live Scoring, Live Stream, EN’s Coverage 

News From Around the Globe:

MARS Equestrian doesn’t just sponsor events — they sponsor continuing education too! A series of free seminars hosted by specialists in equine nutrition and veterinary diagnostics will begin this Saturday, October 30th and will cover the topics of equine obesity, senior horses, and laminitis. [Equine veterinary education series to look at obesity, age and laminitis]

Showjumper Jessica Springsteen can now add clinician to her list of recent accolades. Earlier this week she taught her first ever clinic to a group of riders who were recipients of the 2021 Michael Nyuis Scholarships, which supports passionate young equestrians who lack financial backing, and also to members of the Compton Junior Equestrians. The clinic incorporated a neat ride-review element, in which she also walked courses and coached warm-ups. [Positivity And Patience Reign At Jessica Springsteen’s Debut Clinic]

Get ready to be wow’d by the new Event at TerraNova this weekend! This brand new facility is set to impress competitors of their inaugural running with beautiful courses, outstanding amenities, and something for everyone; including divisions from Starter through CCI4*-S. [Fast Facts: The Event at TerraNova]

Who Jumped It Best? Maryland Crab Water Up Bank Edition

EN’s coverage of the Maryland 5 Star is brought to you by Kentucky Performance Products. KPP is our go-to for all things nutritional when it comes to supporting our horses and their healthier selves. Managing horses is a challenge, but KPP makes it simple — and they treat you like a horse owner, not just a customer. You can learn more about KPP by clicking here.

There were more than a few things that made me (and everyone, really) do a double take while walking Ian Stark‘s brand new Maryland 5 Star cross country course ahead of Saturday. There was the steep, steep Viaduct to Ditch Brush at fence 4AB, the keyhole-esque Owl Corners at 25AB, and of course the imposing crab at fence 15, that nearly broke the eventing internet ahead of cross country day. But looking past the crab (literally) something else within the Maryland Crab Water presented by MARS Sustainability Bay caught my eye: a dry, gravel-filled ditch in front of the up bank out of the water. ‘Was it supposed to make the complex more challenging?’ I asked myself, because it certainly looked extra terrifying and I didn’t recall ever seeing something like this before.

Contrarily, the dry ditch was added to help horses read the question better. Course designer Ian Stark explained to the media during a press briefing on Friday afternoon that he decided to add the dry ditch because he has observed many a horse stumble up banks out of water and thought that an added ground line might help them jump it better.

A closer look at the CDE elements of the Maryland Crab Water presented by MARS Sustainability Bay. Photo by Abby Powell.

As everyone counted down to the start of the 5* cross country on Saturday, I made my way up to the Crab Water figuring that I would shoot a few riders through the complex before working my way back towards the start/finish throughout the rest of the division. I wanted to be sure to get a few photos at what will become an iconic fence, plus I, like everyone else, was extremely curious to see how this complex would ride.

Will Coleman and DonDante were the first to reach the crab, and the crowd lining the ropes surrounding the water positively erupted with cheers and applause as they flawlessly cleared the final element. By the end of the day, it turned out at the mind-boggling fence 15ABDCE complex wasn’t as terrifying as it looked. It caused just two problems throughout the day: a single combination picked up a refusal at the crab itself, and another at the final skinny brush element on the downside of the bank. Just as Ian had anticipated, the horses read the ditch/ bank beautifully which made for beautiful rides through the complex and some epic photos, if I do say so myself.

So here you have it, citizens of Eventing Nation: who jumped the bank out of the Maryland Crab Water the best? All rode it beautifully, but just one can be the fan-favorite! Cast your vote in the poll below and Go Eventing.

Will Coleman and DonDante. Photo by Abby Powell.

Will Faudree and PFun. Photo by Abby Powell.

Lauren Nicholson and Vermiculus. Photo by Abby Powell.

Phillip Dutton and Sea of Clouds. Photo by Abby Powell.

Astier Nicolas and Babylon deGamma. Photo by Abby Powell.

Meghan O’Donoghue and Palm Crescent. Photo by Abby Powell.