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Abby Powell is a native of Northeastern Massachusetts who splits her time between commuting into Boston for work and caring for and riding her rescue Mustang x Arab mare, Maggie.

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Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Topsy Turvy Triple Crown

The show must go on, and the 2020 Triple Crown will indeed happen — just not how it usually does.

We knew it wouldn’t be a normal year when the Kentucky Derby was postponed until September and the Preakness Stakes to October due to COVID-19, but there’s an extra bit of strangeness added to the whole situation as it was recently announced that the Belmont Stakes, which was originally scheduled for June 6 will instead be held on June 20 and will be run sans-spectators. It will also be shortened from its usual 1 1/2 mile distance to 1 1/8 miles and the purse reduced from $1.5 million to $1 million.

This means that, what is normally the last and longest leg of the Triple Crown, will serve as the first leg of the three race series this year and there will be 15 whole weeks between the first and second races. It’s been a weird, weird year already — so what’s a little extra oddness added to the Triple Crown to make things really unique?

Here are our three OTTB picks of the week — could one of them be a jewel in your crown?

Roman Tizzy. Photo via CANTER CA.

Roman Tizzy (ROMAN RULER – TIZAKITTY, BY DISTINCTIVE CAT): 2009 16.2-hand California-bred gelding

Roman is a real warhorse ready to show you that he can find success in not one, but two careers. A veteran of the track, “Roman” raced 53 times and earned $261,814 before retiring in 2018. After a nice long vacation that has left him feeling rested and refreshed, he’s been back under saddle for the last few months in a training program full of arena work, trail rides, and turnout time. Those currently working with him have found him to be an energetic guy who has thrived being a program where he’s working 5-6 days a week. It really seems like this guy wants to and really has the potential to thrive in a new sport!

Located in Del Mar, California.

View Roman Tizzy on CANTER CA

Precious Concern. Photo via Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Precious Concern (JUSTENUFFHUMOR – OMSHANTI, BY CONCERN): 2013 16.1-hand New York bred mare

Precious Concern was first re-homed a few years ago after retiring from racing, where she made six starts with no top finishes, in 2017 with a bowed tendon. She was fully rehabbed and went on to compete in some eventing and show jumping with her owner. Unfortunately, due to a divorce, she’s now back with her race trainer (that part isn’t unfortunate — her race trainer obviously cares where their horses land!) and looking for a new person. Why don’t you take her home and see what she can do with you?

Located in Chestertown, Maryland.

View Precious Concern on the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

With Highest Honor. Photo via CANTER MN.

With Highest Honor (MAGNA GRADUATE – SWEET FANTASTIC, BY YANKEE FAN): 2011 16.1-hand Nebraska-bred gelding

“Honor” came off the track in May of 2019 and was originally re-started by a teenage pony clubber who rode him several times a week and started him over fences. He’s since continued to work under folks at CANTER’s Minnesota branch and his riders there confirm that he’s a good solid citizen and can be ridden safely in or outside the arena and really brave (though still green) over fences. He really has the zest and eagerness to jump and has the potential to be a great event horse for someone, but that someone needs to be willing to invest the time into doing proper flatwork with him so that he can strengthen his back and carry himself with more balance.

Located in Minnesota.

View With Highest Honor on CANTER MN.

Monday Video from CLM DWN: Hello Outside Rein!

Don’t go channeling you inner barrel racer too much here in Lainey Ashker‘s newest Grid of the Day (#GOTD) — this exercise will help you keep keenly aware of utilizing your outside rein to turn so that your horse’s outside shoulder doesn’t wander away! Hear what Lainey has to say:

“HELLO OUTSIDE REIN!!! I’m sure your coaches have yelled at you about this many times over the odd run out or pole down from time to time. This #GOTD hones right on in on perfecting those outside aids to get it done correctly! Make sure when approaching the right side to come off the right lead and make sure to keep ahold of the left rein and keep the outside leg back and vice versa! The barrels will really provide a good gage as to whether you’re using your tools correctly. This is one of my favorite exercises that really helps to create a more rideable horse underneath your saddle! Enjoy my friends! Hope we may have a show season upon us! 🤞🏽👊🏽💪🏽 # #outsiderein #theotheroutsiderein #quarentraining

Thanks for sharing, Lainey!

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Returning to Their Kentucky Home

Thoroughbred racing is returning to Kentucky this weekend as Churchill Downs begins their meet Saturday, May 16 after a weeks-long delay to that start of their spring meet caused by COVID-19. As more racehorses return to the area, Kentucky-based rehoming organizations such as Second Stride, New Vocations, and Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center will likely start to take in more horses soon.

Wouldn’t you love to help them open up a stall by taking home an adoptable horse? Here are three current Kentucky residents looking to go home with you:

Can Do Man. Photo via Second Strides.

Can Do Man (CAN THE MAN – QUALITY MISS, BY GRAND SLAM): 2017 15.3-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Can Do Man can do anything when he grows up! This young one is still growing into himself and packing on some pounds, but I can picture a sleek-looking sporthorse under that baby chestnut fuzz, can’t you? He already shows off a big tracking-up trot and good use of his hind-end when working in a round pen. Can Do Man never made a career start on the track and actually hasn’t done any racing, so he’s a clean slate for anyone looking to scoop up a nice young horse to bring along

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View Can Do Man on Second Stride.

Paddock Prince. Photo via Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Paddock Prince (CAIRO PRINCE – EL FASTO, BY EL PRADO (IRE)): 2017 16.1-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Here’s another lovely-looking unraced youngster for you all! He certainly lives up to his name and a real princely-looking prospect. Though Paddock Prince did not race, he did live on the track and have published workouts (so he is 2020 or 2021 Thoroughbred Makeover eligible!) and is a very new, recently having been gelding upon arrival at MMSC so he’s still getting adjusted to his new environment. He’ll need an experienced adopter at this time for that reason, but the sky’s the limit for this guy once he’s been given the opportunity to settle in to a new life.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

View Paddock Prince on Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.

Union Cat. Photo via Second Stride.

Union Cat (NOTIONAL – SOUTHERN TAPESTRY, BY SOUTHERN HALO): 2014 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Union Cat last raced in October 2019 and ran a total of six times, winning one race. Since arriving at Second Stride, Union Cat has been ridden in both English and Western tack. He’s also been cleared by the vet and is thought to be suitable for any discipline. Union Cat has a super cute expression under saddle and looks like like he could have some really cute movement too! We’ve featured Union Cat in a previous edition of OTTB Wishlist, but his profile photo has been updated since then and DANG he looks good!

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View Union Cat on Second Stride Inc.

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

All trained up and nowhere to go! It seems that these two youngsters from Liz Halliday-Sharp’s string can’t wait for competitions to resume again. It seems like it’s not just us humans that are missing being out on course over the weekend, our four-legged friends and partners seem to have a little pent up energy and zest to get back out there soon.

National Holiday: National Mimosa Day

Saturday Links:

The Downs and Ups of Sunken Roads

Moving Beyond “Why Me?”: Life After A Bipolar Diagnosis

Featured Clinician: Daniela Moguel

OTTBs are High-Maintenance (and so is every horse)

Lockdown: cross-country courses may reopen, while vets’ guidance is updated

Here’s What Happened When I — a Self-Proclaimed Pragmatist — Called an Animal Communicator

Churchill Downs Begins Spring Meet With Stacked Fields

Saturday Video: Jon Holling gives an update on frangible fence fundraising. And yes, we’re getting close to that #FrangibleNow tattoo.

Monday Video from CLM DWN: This Six Pole Leg Yielding Exercise is Simple but Brilliant

With the current break in competition, now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to go back to basics if you’re able to ride your horse. Lateral work is a great thing to focus on in particular, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little inside leg to outside rein work? My horse and I sure do.

Australian eventer Amanda Ross brings us this super versatile leg yielding exercise, which she first learned from US-based Australian show jumper, Harley Brown, and has stayed a staple exercise in her training toolkit for over 20 years. The beauty in this exercise is partially in its simplicity — all you need are 6 ground poles — and partially in how easy it is to tailor to various degrees of difficulties. It can be done at all three gaits and it can even be turned into a jumping exercise by raising the poles instead of using ground poles. Oh and don’t don’t worry — you don’t even have to have a proper 60 x 20 meter arena — it’s more about the spacing of the poles that matters.

Give this video a watch as Amanda first gives us a quick whiteboard lesson in how to set up the exercise, how to modify it if needed and then demonstrates it on two horses at different levels of training. I can guarantee you I’ll be setting this exercise up for myself next time I head to the barn — thanks for sharing, Amanda!

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

THANK YOU… to everyone who has donated! ⭐️We want to help our front line workers world-wide and we can't do it…

Posted by Virtual Eventing on Friday, May 8, 2020

Have you been tuning into the NAF Virtual Eventing 5* over the past few days? It’s no replacement for Badminton, which should have been this weekend, I know, but it proven to be highly hysterical (see Wednesday’s virtual trot up) and even a bit educational, as one of Badminton’s regular dressage commentators Pammy Hutton bequeaths her knowledge to us by way of our virtual competitors. Not to mention it’s all for a heck of a good cause!

The “cross country” phase (no, we don’t know exactly what madness is in store either) live stream begins at 11:00 BST/ 6:00 AM EST and can be viewed here.

National Holiday: National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Saturday Links:

James C. Wofford’s COVID-19 Quarantine Guide: Go Back To School

Throwback — Badminton first-timers: Cathal Daniels — ‘She doesn’t know the fences are bigger than her’

Gail Greenough’s Tips on Getting Through Quarantine: ‘Be Proud of How You Spent This Journey’

‘I love them, even when I stink of their pee’: young riders’ school reports on their ponies

AAEP: Routine Vaccinations Considered Essential During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hot on Horse Nation: Horse Riders’ COVID-19 Wellness Chart

Saturday Video:

Jak working on his fancy foot work. We are excited to get things rolling again!

Posted by Buck Davidson Eventing on Friday, May 8, 2020

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Mares, Mares, Mares

Sing that to the tune of the Mötley Crüe song.

But really though, it’s been a hot minute since we featured an all-mare OTTB Wishlist and being the mare-power lover than I am, I think we’re a little overdue! Take a look at the three ladies we’re spotlighting this week:

Photo via CANTER Illinois.

Waddle (STROLL – FUSIONISTA, BY DEPUTY COMMANDER): 2013 16.0-hand Illinois-bred mare

Run, don’t walk (or waddle) to scoop up this lovely mare. After a career total 52 starts that earned $52,300 on the track, Waddle is looking for a new life post-racing. This warhorse has run consistently since 2016, with her last race being this March, and is retiring without any known vices or injuries. She’ll likely have plenty of athleticism left for a new career and looks to be lovely sport horse type.

Located at Fairmount Park Race Track in Collinsville, Illinois.

View Waddle on CANTER Illinois.

Anywaythewindblows. Photo via Second Stride.

Anywaythewindblows (BELLAMY ROAD – STEALSIGGYSTHUNDER, BY THUNDER GULCH): 2016 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred mare

Anywaythewindblows … doesn’t really matter to me (Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone? Anyone?) This cute chestnut filly sure should matter to you! We don’t have a ton of information on her yet, since she’s a new arrival at Second Stride, but we love her cute expression and keen eye. Having last raced in October 2019 and retiring after five total starts and no placings, Anywaythewindblows has been reportedly been really enjoying her newfound life getting turned out and learning a new job under saddle.

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View Anywaythewindblows on Second Stride Inc.

Catania Rose. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Catania Rose (CATIENUS – TURF AND ROSES, BY MILLIONS): 2014 15.2-hand New York-bred mare

If you’re looking for a sporty little mare, Catania Rose could be just the one for you. “Rosie” was a fair earner on the track, netting $68,556 in 28 stars. Due to her size, New Vocations think she’d make a great polo or polocrosse, even introducing her to a polocrosse racquet and ball which she didn’t bat an eye at, but we wouldn’t count out eventing as a second career for her! In addition to having a sweet personality, she’s also shown that she’s brave, has a nice spark of energy, and is willing to try new things.

Monday Video from CLM DWN: Expectations vs. Reality

expectation vs. reality, horse girl addition… would recommend listening with sound. It makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. lol

Posted by Savannah Blackstock on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We all have those pictures in our head: visions of a floating dressage test, the boldest and most seamless of cross country runs, and a smooth as silk stadium round. But we also all know that’s not the case all (most) of the time! Area III young rider Savannah Blackstock has put together a video montage of some of those, shall we say, less savory (but highly hysterical!) moments. Haven’t we all been there, really?

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

This whole coronavirus things really sucks, but I must admit that I am enjoying seeing so many forms of creativity on display. From the fun virtual event that my Area’s Adult Riders Program is putting on, to the virtual Kentucky Derby that will be televised later today featuring a computer simulated race of previous Triple Crown winners, to the crazy competitions that barns are having on their own to keep themselves entertained and actively learning. Costumes at said competitions may or may not be required.

National Holiday: National Start Seeing Monarchs Day (the insects, not the form of government)

Saturday Links:

Horses Help Us Through Hard Times, But Sometimes We Need More

Virtual Kentucky Derby at Home Party: Date, start time, TV, how to watch, live stream

Now Is The Time To Work Hard

The Cottesmore Leap — and 11 more of the world’s biggest rider frighteners

Real Talk: Let’s Have a Frank Discussion on Riding While Pregnant

New Vocations Celebrates Record Number of Adoptions

4 Horse Hoof Hardening Tips

US Equestrian Announces First Webinar in Series: Planning for a Safe Return to Competition

Hot on Horse Nation: A Look at the Adventurists’ Newest Ride: The Gaucho Derby

Saturday Video: Get hyped for a virtual derby:

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Virtual Races from Kentucky to Aiken

Well, the Kentucky Derby was supposed to be this Saturday. While the real race has been postponed to September 5th, don’t worry, there’s still going to be plenty to do this weekend as Churchill Downs has a full day of online activities planned (like DIY fascinator and Derby cocktail making — yes please!) NBC will also be broadcasting all of American Pharoah’s 2015 Triple Crown Run plus a virtual race of previous Triple Crown winners using historical handicapping information and data algorithms to determine the winner. Honestly, that actually sounds pretty cool! Learn more about #KyDerbyatHome here.

The Derby actually isn’t the only virtual race happening this Saturday, so to speak. There may not be any data or computer-simulation involved in this one, but the Aiken Steeplechase is encouraging the community to gather virtually in their own backyards for what would have been their annual spring race.

The Aiken Virtual Steeplechase has a whole host of contests to participate in including a photo contest for stick horse steeplechase, best “home-gate” tailgating setup, and fashion contests. Local businesses are in on the fun as well by sponsoring the event and offering prizes, and local restaurants are offering take-out specials to take your home party to the next level.

We may all have to be physically apart right now, but the innovative ways people are coming together from a distance is pretty inspiring. And we’d be remiss not to mention what brings us all together for these events in the first place: the Thoroughbred racehorse! Here are three race retirees ready to come home with you this week:

Union Cat. Photo via Second Stride Inc.

Union Cat (NOTIONAL – SOUTHERN TAPESTRY, BY SOUTHERN HALO): 2014 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Union Cat last raced in October 2019 and ran a total of six times, winning one race. Since arriving at Second Stride, Union Cat has been ridden in both English and Western tack. He’s also been cleared by the vet and is thought to be suitable for any discipline. Union Cat has a super cute expression under saddle and looks like like he could have some really cute movement too!

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View Union Cat on Second Stride Inc.

Caramel Moon. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Caramel Moon (FIRST SAMURAI – MOONNATIVE, BY GRAND SLAM): 2014 15.2-hand Florida-bred mare

Caramel Moon could be the one to jump the moon for you! While she can be a little bit of a typical sensitive redhead, when it comes time to work “Cara” is all business and more than ready to get going. She’s smart and focused while under-saddle and is very brave over the cross rails she’s been started over and while hacking out alone. The New Vocations staff can see her excelling as an eventer or jumper!

Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

View Caramel Moon on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Ready to Fire. Photo via Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Ready to Fire (BOBALICIOUS – SWEET SAFARI, BY JOHANNESBURG): 2014 15.3-hand West Virginia-bred gelding

This sweet gelding has been a rehab project for his current owners after coming off the track in November 2018. He spent his first 6 months off the track totally resting and has since been restarted slowly under saddle. “Nicolas” has been doing great as he’s been brought along and has been enjoying time on the trails as well as popping over fences and logs.

Located in Poolesville, Maryland.

View Ready to Fire on the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings. 

Monday Video from CLM DWN: Five-Star at Home with Elisa Wallace

We all sorely missed being in Kentucky this week, but likely none so much as the riders who were slated to compete there this year. However, that didn’t stop one five-star rider, Elisa Wallace, from breaking out the shadbelly anyway!

Elisa busted out some buckets and rails to put together an arena at her farm, and donned her Thursday/ Friday finest to take five of her horses through the 2018 FEI five-star test B. Only one horse has five-star experience, however: Simply Priceless (a.k.a. Johnny) owned by the Simply Priceless Syndicate, who has been Elisa’s stalwart upper-level partner for a number of years now. The rest of Elisa’s string that she rides through this test are competing at the Intermediate and Preliminary level, but even though this test is more advanced than what they would be performing in competition at this point, it’s still an excellent training exercise!

Which horse do you think won Elisa’s at-home competition? And which parts of the five-star test might you be able to use in your own training?

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Congrats to the 2019 TIP Performance Award Winners!

Daryl Kinney and Rosie’s Girl are the TIP eventing champions at the Advanced/CCI3*/4* level. Photo by Carla Duran for Brant Gamma Photography.

Late last week, the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) announced the winners of their 2019 Performance Awards! These awards recognize the achievements of off-the-track Thoroughbred in their second careers as they accumulate at shows of their chosen discipline throughout the year. We’d like to congratulate the following horses and riders who were crowned champions in their respective divisions:

  • Advanced/CCI3*/4*: Rosie’s Girl and Daryl Kinney
  • Intermediate/ CIC** / CCI**: Son Ofa Prince (shown as Legal Limit) and Kathy Cain
  • Preliminary / CIC* / CCI*: Son Ofa Prince (shown as Legal Limit) and Kathy Cain
  • Modified: Shootmetothemoon and Eliza Herman
  • Training: Judge’s Daughter (shown as Tall Tale) and Adriana Nannini
  • Novice Central: Rojo de Oro (shown as Beau Tie) and Erin Roane
  • Novice East: Struck by Luck (shown as FGF Struck by Luck) and Isabella G Sparks
  • Novice West: Silent Strike and Kayla DeHart
  • Beginner Novice Central: Gypson Hills and Kirsten Raab
  • Beginner Novice East: Shelly’s Cider (shown as Southern Cider) and Jessica Brown
  • Beginner Novice West: Skyrise Summer and D Gloeckner
  • Pre-Beginner Novice Central: Fantastic Flair and Lori A Mullin
  • Pre-Beginner Novice East: Implicit and Doris A Hoppers
  • Pre-Beginner Novice West: Dealership and Tracie M Coleman
  • Other: Bazillion Bells and Kaitlin A Bell
  • Junior: Struck by Luck (shown as FGF Struck by Luck) and Isabella G Sparks

If racking up some points and having the opportunity to earn a little extra satin every year sounds enticing to you, then maybe you want to get in on the OTTB game too? It’s just one of the many perks of owning a horse off-the-track! Here are three available horses to get you started:

Carmine’s Honor. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Carmine’s Honor (TO HONOR AND SERVE – BLUE HENNESSY, BY HENNESSY): 2015 16.0-hand New York-bred gelding

After a racing career of 20 starts that saw $61,645 earned, Carmine’s Honor was retired from racing with a small fetlock chip that was subsequently removed. The chip caused no residual damage and “Rizzo,” as he’s known around the barn, should have unlimited potential in a second career. Rizzo is a spunky and personable gelding who really enjoys life and absolutely adores being groomed and loved on!

Located in Xenia, Ohio.

View Carmine’s Honor on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Stella Cavallo. Photo via Second Stride Racehorse Adoption.

Stella Cavallo (PURIM – GLITTERATION, BY GLITTERMAN): 2010 16.3-hand Kentucky-bred mare

This tall girl last raced in 2014 and then made her second career as a broodmare at a breeding farm. She was then retired from that career when she could no longer get in foal. Stella Cavallo hadn’t bee ridden in many years prior to arriving at Second Stride, but was a perfect lady for her first time back under saddle in a long time. With pricked ears, she looks pretty happy to happy a job again too!

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View Stella Cavallo on Second Stride Inc.

Lucky Mesquite. Photo via the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Lucky Mesquite (LUCKY PULPIT – MESQUITE, BY HUDDLE UP): 2015 16.3-hand California-bred gelding

“Hudson” is a sweet and athletic gelding with a willing personality and he’s looking for a person to call his own! Hudson has had a nice long let down after his last race, which was in August 2019, spending until February of this year turned out. He’s since been restarted by hi current owners, who are taking their time and making sure they’re putting in correct groundwork and helping him to develop a solid foundation.

Located in Exeter, California.

View Lucky Mesquite on the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

These moments will return. Photo by JJ Sillman.

If today — what would have been cross country day at the 2020 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event — had gone as planned we would have all woken up with our stomachs knotted and butterflies ready to bust their way out, hardly able to wait until the first horse left the start box. Instead, we’re left with that pitted and heartbroken feeling over what should have been. Don’t beat yourself up too much for feeling sad today — you’re allowed to grieve the loss of what would have been!

Do be sure to set aside some time today, however, to celebrate the past runnings of the event and enjoy some of the footage from years past that US Equestrian has made available. (If you’re not already a USEF member, use promo code ENLRK3DE to access.) If you feel like drowning your sorrows over this year’s event whilst watching said footage, never fear! We’ve got you covered on that front too, thanks to our own journalist turned mixologist, Tilly Berendt, who has cooked up nine Kentucky-inspired cocktails for your enjoyment.

National Holiday: National Hug a Plumber Day (except don’t, because #socialdistancing)

Saturday Links:

A Look Back at Jim Wofford’s Annual Kentucky Three-Day Event Critique

Relive the Kentucky Win with Phillip Dutton

Springer Spearheaded The Beginning Of The End For Top Hats

‘It’s Traumatic’: Therapeutic Riding Programs Struggle Under State Shutdowns

Horse Topline-Building Tips

Just in on Jumper Nation: Jessica Phoenix Mentors Young Athletes in Groundbreaking TV Show “All-Round Champion”

Saturday Featured Video: You MUST watch this video of Karen O’Connor and and her ride at Kentucky on Teddy in 2007. Grab some tissues and brace your for ALL THE FEELS!

#LRK3DE Ride Review: Karen O 'Connor and Teddy

Hear from Karen O 'Connor on what it was like to ride her iconic super pony, Teddy through the #LRK3DE cross-country course in 2007! Watch more Ride Reviews in partnership with the Retired Racehorse Project on USEF Network! 👇▶️

Posted by USA Eventing on Friday, April 24, 2020

Monday Video from CLM DWN: A Lesson in Rideability from Richard Picken

Rideability can be one of those traits that’s difficult to pin down, since it’s made up of a sum of parts. Rideability isn’t a single trait — it’s patience, responsiveness, and willingness all rolled in to one. But how does one train rideability and improve all of these qualities in their mount.

Rickard Picken, show jumping coach to the eventer greats, has an exercise for that. Watch as student Alex Baugh takes her own I Spye, a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding, through Richard’s exercise and hear what Richard has to say about how it’s ridden and what the rider should be focusing on.

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

Just leaving the local horse feed store and the credit card for the person checking out in front of me was declined and…

Posted by Paul Delbrook on Friday, April 17, 2020

“Be a giver, not a taker.”

Wise words in an uncertain time for many. If you’re in a position to do something, what can you do today to put a little more kindness into the world?

National Holiday: National Animal Crackers Day

Saturday Links:

FEI.TV available free of charge while live sport is on hold

46 Questions with Will Faudree

Featured Clinician: Andrea Waldo

4 Ways to Groom for Health (Not Just Looks) from Max Corcoran

Conserving Connection During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Helmet safety: How do they perform when crushed from the side?

Saturday Featured Video: BOING!

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Raring to Go from Retired Racehorse Project

We’re excited today to point you toward a new-to-the-Wishlist resource: the Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) Horse Listings. These listings drew our attention for a fantastic reason: RRP has made their online listings free to use during the COVID-19 crisis, as an effort to assist horsemen and women in the racing industry and their charges during this time.

As tracks have closed and race meets across the country have been canceled, there’s an increased need to find Thoroughbreds new homes at this time, and RRP is here to help. RRP also has sample Bill of Sale documents that can be downloaded and used by sellers, and if you’re a new OTTB buyer, be sure to check out this helpful how-to article.

You’ll find a great mix of horses here in the RRP listings — from those being sold directly by their race connections, to ones who’ve already started to enjoy a little down time, and horses who have already begun their second career — plus, you’ll also find horses located in all parts of the country! Here are three that caught our eye this week:

Contest. Photo via Retired Racehorse Project Horse listings.

Contest (RAMONTI (FR) – COOL CONTEST (IRE), BY ONE COOL CAT): 2012 16.0-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

This eight-year-old was race-trained as a youngster, but never ended up making an official start. Though he has no physical limitations to keep him from partaking in any more strenuous occupations, Contest has mainly been a trail horse since 2017, and a very reliable one too, hacking out alone or in a group, over bridges, through water, and near traffic. There’s no reason to think he couldn’t go on to be your next great fox hunter or event horse!

Located in Liberty, North Carolina

View Contest in the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Rock On Wye. Photo via Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Rock On Wye (ROCK SLIDE – HAMSEH, BY DANZIG): 2012 16.2-hand Maryland-bred gelding

Can you resist a well-built, well-bred gelding with a stunning set of dapples? Rock on Wye is waiting a lucky person to scoop him up! A minor bow ended his short racing career in late 2017, but his owner gave him ample time off the allow him heal and he is reportedly sound. He has a lovely swinging and over-tracking walk and his connections call him a “smart, forward-going horse with a kind personality.”

Located in Easton, Maryland.

View Rock On Wye in the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Runa. Photo via Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Runa (LATENT HEAT – C U LATER, BY JUMP START): 2014 15.3-hand Iowa-bred mare

Runa’s connections think she could succeed in anything from jumpers to barrel racing, saying she has the attitude and speed for and she looks like a handy type, indeed! Any rider who likes a pocket-rocket type will tell you as well, that handiness and cat-like quickness are assets on the cross country course as well. Runa is being sold by her owner/breeder whose farm she has returned to since retiring from the track. The farm is a small operation which produces racehorses with their second careers in mind — very commendable!

Located in Rogersville, Missouri.

View Runa in the Retired Racehorse Project Horse Listings.

Monday Video from CLM DWN: Get to Know Quasi Cool, Phillip Dutton’s New Ride

Let’s get to know Quasi Cool. Quasi is a talented 9 year old Holsteiner gelding owned by Caroline Moran who came over from Dirk Shcrade’s yard in Germany last year. I’ve been taking some time to get to know him better, build the trust between us and form a real partnership.

Posted by Phillip Dutton Eventing on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Phillip Dutton has a new horse with a big future in his stable: Quasi Cool, a nine-year-old Holsteiner gelding (Quo Vados X B-Estelle, by Lord) purchased and imported by Caroline Moran last fall. The gelding came from Dirk Schrade in Germany and has previously been ridden through the CCI2*-S level. Since flying across the pond, Phillip has taken him to five competitions at the Preliminary and Intermediate levels and the pair has placed in the top two at four of those events.

Amply talented both on the flat and over fences, Phillip has high hopes for this Holsteiner. Watch this short video of Phillip schooling him on the flat and over cross country fences and hear what he’ll be working on with the gelding during the current lull in competition.

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

Photo via Pippa Funnell on Facebook.

Some folks are lucky enough to be able to use this extra time at home to spend with their families. (Or, if you’re not stuck with your family in-person, we’ve all become well-versed at Zoom by now!) William Fox Pitt is enjoying spending some time with his daughter, Alice, reading some of Tilly’s Pony Tails, Pippa Funnell’s children’s book series, with her. Oh, you didn’t know Pippa Funnell wrote a pony-centric series of children’s books? Well, check them on this blast from the past website!

National Holiday: National Day of Silence

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National Sporting Library And Museum Offers Virtual Tour

Hot on Horse Nation: Standing Ovation by Ovation Riding: Classic Equine — Classic Equine is now making PPE masks for first responders.

Saturday Featured Video: Equestrians across all disciplines have been taking part in a charity effort known as Equestrian Relief, which benefits the UK’s National Health Service as they combat COVID-19 as teams of equestrians participate in challenges. Team Eventing took the lead in the Plankety Plank challenge, thanks largely in part to Oliver Townend who held a plank for THIRTEEN MINUTES. And you thought you had a strong core?

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Backstretch Workers Benefit from a Generous Donation

585 men and women live and work on the backstretch of Belmont Park caring for the some 1,300 equine athletes who train and race there. At the time of writing, 20 of those faithful backstretch workers have thus far testing positive for COVID-19 and one, we are deeply sorry to hear, has passed away as a result of the virus.

While some racetracks have already had their meets cancelled and grounds vacated, such as fellow Empire State venue Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, which will be home to a 1,000-bed temporary hospital for the surge of COVID-19 patients expected this month, closing down Belmont Park isn’t as simple given the number of people who call it home. Stabling and training at Aqueduct, on the other hand, was already closed permanently as of January 1st of this year, whereas Belmont Park keeps a mostly year-round operation.

We’re happy to hear though, that the Belmont Park backstretch workers are getting some assistance from the The Jockey Club Safety Net Foundation in the form of 1,000 donated face shields, which are produced by Kroop’s Brands. While Kroop’s normally makes goggles for racing and skydiving, they’ve converted their production to creating face shields to help address the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) at this time.

How can you help the racing industry? If you’ve got room for a new prospect, consider taking in one of these OTTBs:

Perfect Joke. Photo via New Vocations.

Perfect Joke (GIANT SURPRISE – EMILY HA HA, BY BRIGHT LAUNCH): 2015 16.2-hand New York-bred gelding

What’s not to love about a five-year-old, 16.2-hand, beautifully built bay gelding? Perfect Joke is no joke — he ticks all the boxes for some of the most desired features in a event prospect. “Perry” is a laidback, easy-going goofball around barn and an athletic and engaged learner under saddle. What more could you want?

Located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

View Perfect Joke on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Quenlenny. Photo via Second Stride.

Quenlenny (GHOSTZAPPER – KEY APPEAL, BY SUCCESSFUL APPEAL): 2014 15.3-hand New Jersey-bred gelding

Quenlenny last raced in January 2019 and has only recently made his way to Second Stride. They’ve put him under saddle and found that he’s sound and ready for a new job in any discipline. Quenlenny has a great attitude and work ethic — a hallmark of his sire.

Located in Prospect Kentucky.

View Quenlenny on Second Stride Inc.

Bluff Justice. Photo via CANTER Kentucky.

Bluff Justice (ELUSIVE BLUFF – YOU BE READY, BY MORE THAN READY): 2017 16.2-hand Indiana-bred gelding

This CANTER-owned three-year-old looks like a super type and has a great brain as well. His last race was in January of this year, retiring sound and is even going barefoot currently. His CANTER caretakers and riders say he has a huge canter step and think he’ll make an excellent sport horse. He’s being offered at a steal of a deal for a quick sale right now, but his price will increase as his training continues.

Located in Versailles, Kentucky.

View on CANTER KY.

Monday Video from CLM DWN: NOT Spring Bay Horse Trials

In honor of Spring Bay Weekend we had our own little horse trial in our backyards! There were only three entires (one very last minute) but all riders and horses finished with smiles! Until we can show again…❤️

Posted by Tess Shull Utterback on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Spring Bay Horse Trials, the Area 8 season opener which takes place at the Kentucky Horse Park and Masterson Station in Lexington, Kentucky, was to be held this past weekend, April 4-5th. Organizers were excited to offer the first Modified level in Area 8, and competitors were looking forward to going eventing once again after a long winter. But as we all know, all USEA recognized events have been cancelled in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Spring Bay included of course.

However, that didn’t stop Area 8 eventer Tess Utterback of Georgetown, Kentucky from having a little fun while honoring Spring Bay this weekend. Tess hosted NOT Spring Bay, as she dubbed it, a backyard event for her daughter Isla Utterback and her mount, the indomitable Crystal Startwist, a young Hobby Horse mare of unknown breeding so that the pair could enjoy an early-season outing. Thankfully, there was excellent media coverage of the event and you can watch interviews with Isla and competition footage of her dressage and cross country rides right here:

Posted by Tess Shull Utterback on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Post-dressage interview:

Posted by Tess Shull Utterback on Sunday, April 5, 2020

And finally, cross country:

Posted by Tess Shull Utterback on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Weekly OTTB Wishlist from Cosequin: Times are Tough for OTTBs

Like many other industries across America, Thoroughbred Racing is taking a hard hit from the effects of COVID-19. Several tracks across the country have cancelled their spring seasons and with fewer races to run horses in, owners and trainers have a diminished earning potential. Because of this we expect to see an uptick in horses looking for new homes and second careers as connections may be looking to offload some horses from their string in order to cut costs.

That means that Thoroughbred Aftercare is going to be under some extra stress during this time as well. With an influx of new horses to take in expected, now is a great time to take home an OTTB and give then a fresh start. Here are three adoptable horses looking for their person:

Kid Holiday. Photo via Friends of Ferdinand.

Kid Holiday (MAJESTICPERFECTION – LOTTA CANDY KISSES, BY LEMON DROP KID): 2016 15.2-hand Kentucky-bred gelding

Kid Holiday came to Friends of Ferdinand last fall as an unbroken 3-year-old colt. He’s been gelded and has been started on the long line and under saddle all within the past couple of months.He’ll need to be taken on by someone with experience starting young, green horses, but having never been raced trained he’s a true blank slate with the potential to do anything his adopter wants to.

Located near Dayton, Ohio.

View Kid Holiday on Friends of Ferdinand Inc.

O’Prado Ole. Photo via Second Stride.

O’Prado Ole (ENGLISH CHANNEL – MEXICAN MOONLIGHT, BY EL PRADO (IRE)): 2010 17-hand Kentucky-bred stallion

We don’t have a ton of information on this handsome horse at this time, but he clearly exudes class and athleticism. His race record backs that assumption up as a Multiple Graded Stakes Placed horses with $234,073 earned in 25 career starts. O’Prado Ole hasn’t raced since 2016, but appears sound upon arrival at Second Stride and show fabulous movement as well. O’Prado Ole is still intact at this time, but is scheduled for gelding.

Located in Prospect, Kentucky.

View O’Prado Ole on Second Stride Inc.

Hunca Rock. Photo via New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Hunca Rock (ROCK SLIDE – HUNCA MUNCA, BY YARROW BRAE): 2014 16.0-hand Maryland-bred gelding

Hunca Rock, or “Bubba” as he’s known around the barn, definitely makes for some good eye-candy! He’s more than just a good-looking dude though, he’s a sweet, well-mannered guy and is an in-your-pocket type who loves attention and treats. Bubba retired from the track with a mild bow after his last race in January, but has a very good prognosis and is available for adoption for a very reduced to a qualified person who’s willing to continue the rest of his rehab. Once he’s healed, he should be well-suited for anything — even eventing!

Located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

View Hunca Rock on New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

Baking is a very popular hobby being taken up by many people right now, likely thanks to the many baking competition shows available on Netflix mixed with a whole lot of new-found time stuck at home. Apparently, so many people are newly taking it up as a hobby that pantry staples like yeast and flour are also flying off store shelves and selling out online!

Andrew Hoy’s team is taking it to the next level with their own in-house competition, dubbed the Great Somerby Stables Bake Off and they’re finding out that some members of their staff have been hiding some latent cake decorating talent. Check out this awesome feed room inspired cake made by Team Hoy member Emily Hankinson.

National Holiday: National Vitamin C Day — Long thought to ward off colds and boost the immune system, this vitamin is probably on a lot of people’s minds right now! Eat an extra orange today to celebrate.

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Saturday Video: So you think you have steady hands?

Little challenge for you equestrian in that boring timeHope it cheers you upI’d like to see you all doing that !!! Not that easy with 3 😂#StackingchallengeThanks Alisha Coombes for the name

Posted by Gaspard Maksud on Friday, April 3, 2020

Monday Video from CLM DWN: A Virtual Lesson with Beezie Madden

We can always learn a lot from our friends in other equestrian disciplines, particularly if that friend is a  our-time Olympian and four-time medalist in show jumping.

We’ve been enjoying Beezie Madden‘s The Madden Method videos here on Eventing Nation, and we’re delighted that Beezie is now inviting us to virtually sit in on some of the lessons she teaches. Beezie has long been a proponent of good flatwork and dressage basics as the best foundation for work over fences. If you’re missing lessoning on your own horse, which I’m sure you are, then take a peek into this group lesson which focuses on seat and hip angle on the flat and over cavalettis.

Of note: The lesson participants are members of Beezie’s crew who all have similar housing conditions. They are following applicable state and federal guidelines for social distancing.