Kentucky CCI5* At A Glance: The Horses and Riders of The Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event

If you’re a numbers person like myself, then sit back and get ready for a deep dive into the stats and facts of our CCI5* field at the 2024 Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event. This year’s run brings a lot of diversity, with riders from across the globe pushing to earn their golden ticket to Paris in July. We’ve seen a lot of entry shuffling over the past few weeks (seriously, are you as whiplashed as I am from the back-and-forth of who’s going to Kentucky, who’s going to Badminton, some riders are opting for Stable View — it’s been a scramble) as everyone races to work the system to their best advantage in this incredibly pivotal year.

Several of our usual 5* contenders will actually be seen running in the 4*-S for this reason as well, so while these numbers only reflect our 5* competitors, keep an eye on your favorite pairs as they tackle both courses at the Defender Kentucky Three-Day!

You can view the full drawn order for the CCI5* by clicking here, and be sure to keep an eye out for our Form Guide (coming soon!) for a more thorough investigation into each horse and rider. The drawn order for the CCI4*-S can be found by clicking here.

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Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event: [Website] [Tickets] [Entries/Drawn Order]

Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event: [Website] [Tickets] [Entries/Drawn Order]

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