13 Products to Amp Up Your Summer Style from SmartPak

What are you wearing this summer? After digging out last year’s summer clothes, and feeling that disappointment when you realize that it’s not as exciting as you remember (is that a ketchup stain on your sun shirt from the barn BBQ?), it might be time for something new. Nothing sparks joy like a SmartPak shopping spree.

Take matchy-matchy to the next level with SmartPak’s summery melon collection.

Meet the Melon Collection

You’re relaxing at a barbeque, surrounded by friends and family. Your Aunt brought her famous brownies for dessert. There’s a circle of laughing dads with beers around the grill. You’re sitting at the picnic table with your cousins and your mom just put a big bowl of juicy, perfectly ripe melon in the middle of the table. What’s more quintessential summer than that?

SmartPak has captured this feeling with their new Melon Collection. Go all-out matchy-matchy with the Melon Horse Gear Matching Set, which includes polo wraps and either an all purpose saddle pad or a dressage pad. You can match your horse too, with the Limited Edition Melon Colorblock Sun Shirt. This long sleeve SmartCore shirt features technical fabric infused with UPF 50 sun protection to keep you cool without any harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s my personal favorite sun shirt thanks to the slightly darker shade of melon on the arms and sides and lighter shade in the middle.

Want to keep it funky without standing out? Boot socks allow you to wear your personality discreetly.

Trio of Tropical Boot Socks

Raise your hand if you are constantly losing your boot socks. (You can’t see me, but I’m raising mine right now.) A good thin boot sock is my favorite, particularly when they come in all the fun colors. Fun fact, when I worked retail at a local tack store, awesome boot socks and breeches were part of the uniform. The only problem is that I lose them all the time. So, I buy multi-packs to keep my drawer stocked for a little longer.

That’s why I’m obsessed with this trio pack of SmartPak Boot Socks in fun summer prints. This three-pack has watermelon, flamingo, and iris prints, so you can choose one to match your mood. Or, if you like to drive your husband crazy like I do mine, you can mix and match your socks to add a little extra fun to every riding outfit.

Cottage core meets arena chic with the new toile collection.

Trendy Toile

Toile prints reappear every few years and they make my day every time they do. While the print was first popularized in the 18th-century, it’s a timeless design that never truly goes out of style. SmartPak has created a new take on toile for their summer collection. Their Toile Horses pattern features modernized botanical graphics intermixed with line drawings of horses. Personally, I think this print is perfect for the aesthetic equestrian who is looking to work a little extra #cottagecorevibes into their riding style.

The Piper SmartCore Long Sleeve Sun Shirt and SmartPak Boot Socks are both available in the Toile Horses pattern. As a fair-skinned person with Northern European roots, I added that sun shirt to my cart as soon as I saw it. It’s made with SmartCore™  fabric, which has UPF 50 sun protection, outstanding moisture-wicking properties, and helps regulate your temperature without the need for any added chemicals.

Want some maximalism in your field? These fly sheets will add plenty of pizazz!

Fun Fly Protection

If you haven’t already figured this out from the other products in this article, I’m a bit of a maximalist. I think life is better when it’s colorful. I actually have a very vivid memory of torturing my conservative hunter/jumper trainer growing up with a pair of giraffe print polo wraps… so as you might surmise, boring white fly sheets are not really for me! So I was super pumped when I saw that SmartPak has come out with a fly sheet that is not only patterned, but made with earth-friendly fabric as well.

The SmartPak Deluxe Patterned Fly Sheet is available in two different patterns: floral and southwest. If you don’t want to fully embrace the maximalist lifestyle, I’d suggest going with the Southwest print, as it only borders the bottom half of the sheet. The floral print, on the other hand, will cover your horse in head-to-toe flowers. This sheet features full coverage fly protection, thanks to a belly band, hood, and tail flap.

If you do choose the Southwest pattern, be sure to buy your horse the matching SmartPak Deluxe Patterned Fly Mask.

Keep it minty fresh with the super-cute Eucalyptus set.

Elegant Eucalyptus

SmartPak knows what its customers want – I love that they sell complete matching sets of horse gear, so you don’t have to buy everything separately. Plus, the bundle is sold at a five percent discount compared to making individual purchases. The Eucalyptus Matching Set includes polo wraps, a saddle pad, and a fly net. SmartPak has several different shades of Eucalyptus available, ranging from light to dark, so you can create a matching tack set that has a little bit of variation.

If you want to get in on this summery color, the Piper SmartCore Sun Shirt and the Piper Evolution Breeches are both available in shades of eucalyptus. The sun shirt comes in a light eucalyptus that you could pair with the dark eucalyptus breeches if you wanted to go all out.

Want to keep it more traditional, with a fancy twist? We’ve got you.

A Twist on Traditional

Alright traditionalists who love a good leather halter, this one’s for you. The SmartPak Twisted Leather Halter and matching Twisted Leather Lead put a unique spin on a traditional leather halter– literally. Available in both black and brown, the Twisted Leather Halter features unique sections where the leather is separated and twisted in on itself, almost like a braid. Not only does this design elevate your standard leather halter, but it has all the practical benefits of working with leather, mainly the breakaway aspect. The halter also features a double buckle crown, adjustable chin, solid brass or silver fitting, and a snap at the throat.

Channel your inner Yasmin Ingham with a World Champion-worthy show coat in Merlot.

Make Your Mark with Merlot

The equestrian world is currently split into two schools of thought over the new dressage rules – one camp wants the focus to stay on the horse and the other is pumped to go all out with brand new colors. As someone who falls firmly into the second camp, I’m in love with the Piper Softshell Show Coat II by SmartPak.

This lightweight show coat is available in a stunning deep Merlot color. Black and grey horse owners – this is your moment to shine. Just picture riding into the ring with your merlot coat and saddle pad and white breeches on a black or gray horse. *chef’s kiss.* This show coat isn’t just beautiful, it’s functional, too. With an updated more flattering fit and details like a notched collar, secure zippered pockets, and double back vents, you’ll be bringing in the blue ribbons in style. Plus– you can’t beat the price!

This article is sponsored by, you guessed it, SmartPak. Whatever your personal style, SmartPak is here to help you look your best with trendy summer apparel for both horse and rider. Click here to shop on SmartPakequine.com. 

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