2010 WEG eventing team applicants list

Almost anything in life starts with filling out an application–getting a library card, going to college, getting paroled, and yes, representing the United States at the 2010 World Equestrian Games.
Below is a list of the 2010 US WEG applicants.  Applications must have been submitted online, faxed, hand delivered, or postmarked by April 30th.  So it’s possible that one or two names might be missing from the list if their snail mail application has not been delivered yet.
As you will note, some of the names on the list have not obtained their “certificate of capability” yet, which is achieved by a qualifying score at either one CCI4* or a CCI3* and a CIC3* together.  According to FEI rules, applicants have until August 16th to achieve their certificate of capability.
Anyone who didn’t apply by April 30th, will not be representing the US at the WEGs.
Last Name   First Name    Horse                                      Last Name   First Name   Horse
Blackman    Madeline       Gordonstown                            Hudspeth     Holly            Last Monarch
Bradley        Stephen        Brandenburg’s Joshua              Martin          Boyd            Rock On Rose
Byyny         Jan               Waterfront                                Martin         Boyd            Remington XXV
Byyny         Jan               Syd Kent                                 Martin          Boyd            Neville Bardos 
Byyny         Jan               Inmidair                                   Mittleider      Sara            El Primero
Coleman      Will               Twizzel                                   Nunnink       Kristi            R-Star
Davidson     Bruce Sr.       Cruise Lion                              Nunnink      Kristi            Corner Street 
Davidson     Buck             Ballynoe Castle RM                 O’Connor     Karen           Mandiba
Davidson     Buck             My Boy Bobby                        Pollard         Michael        Wonderful Will 
Davidson     Buck             Titanium                                 Pollard         Michael        Icarus
Davidson     Buck             May I Tell Ya                          Prather        Kelly             Ballinakill Glory 
Davidson     Buck             LA Albert                                Schmolze    Kristen         Cavaldi 
Davidson     Buck             Cruise Lion                             Severson     Kim              Tipperary Liadhnan 
Dean           Mara             High Patriot                            Springer       Allison          Arthur 
Dutton         Phillip           TruLuck                                  Tryon           Amy             Coal Creek 
Dutton         Phillip           Woodburn                               Tryon           Amy             Leyland
Dutton         Phillip           The Foreman                           White          Heidi             Northern Spy  
Dutton         Phillip            Kheops Du Quesnay               White          Sharon          Rafferty’s Rules
Dutton         Phillip           Connaught                               Williams      John            Sweepea Dean 
Faudree       Will              Pawlow                                    Wooten       Jennifer        The Good Witch
Holder         Becky           Courageous Comet    
Note: It’s important to think of this list as a comprehensive list defining possible candidates.  Of course, not all the horses on this list are equally likely to make the team–not by a long shot.  I’ll leave most of the analysis for the comments, but I haven’t heard anything since last week that changes my opinion that there are 13 primary horse candidates for the WEG team right now, and that everyone else is on the outside looking in.  Go eventing.


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