2013 Saumur CCI*** Cross-Country Info & Results

 Photo by Uptown Eventing.

Good morning and I hope you’re enjoying this Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend– the gateway to summer for most of us.  Across the pond, four fearless US riders are taking on the challenging cross-country at Saumur today: here’s how to follow along.  CCI*** cross-country begins at 3pm local time; that’s 9am ET.

  • 9:44am ET    Marilyn Little / RF Smoke on the Water
  • 10:04am ET   Hannah Sue Burnett / Harbour Pilot
  • 10:44am ET    Will Faudree / Andromaque
  • 11:16am ET    Buck Davidson / The Apprentice

[XC Ride Times/Results]

[XC Map]

[Watch XC live]


***UPDATE***   9:55am

Marilyn Little and RF Smoke on the Water had a nice double-clear round on cross-country.  Great start for Team USA!

**UPDATE*** 10:15am

Hannah and Harbour Pilot had a stop at 6B, a brush corner.  The live video didn’t show much of their ride, but the announcers said she had an otherwise nice round.

***UPDATE***  10:54am

Will Faudree and Andromaque had a beautiful trip around cross-country, finishing clear and easily inside the time.  Missy looked very adjustable out on course, quickly and quietly coming back for the combinations and then zipping away from the fences; so far, the fastest ride of the day, and she was still full of run at the end.  She looked very suited to this type of course, and Will rode her very well.  It’s great to see this pair hitting their stride!  They have the provisional lead thus far, and can be no worse than fifth at the end of the day.  Go USA!

***UPDATE***  11:25am

Unfortunately, Buck Davidson and The Apprentice were eliminated; they had a runout at 18B (a corner), but Buck continued going and never re-jumped it.  From the video, it was pretty clear that the horse did not jump through the flags, but rather knocked the left flag with his right shoulder and ran by it.  Buck and The Apprentice had a little trouble earlier in the course at fence 8; the horse hung a leg at 8A the top of the hill, and Buck by-passed the corner at the bottom of the hill, taking the long route instead.  Bad day for Buck, and a reminder to us all to ask the jump judge for clarification if you may not have gone through the flags!


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