36% of Riders Strongly Agree That They Need To Channel Their Inner George Morris More

Who will be our next chinchilla wrangler? Who will be our next chinchilla wrangler?

Welcome to Bloggers Row!  WOW!  “Some really smart person must have thought this awesome place up,” you say.  “They must have some super cool plan to turn this into a fun place filled with insanity,” you say.  Maybe.  Or maybe I’m just winging it.

For now, Bloggers Row is supposed to be a bit of a paradox.  It looks like EN, but most people don’t know it exists.  No one knows how you get an account to write here.  Writers have profiles, but no one knows how to update those.  This is what happens when the Team lets me out of my locker.  CHINCHILLAS, TAKE THE WHEEL.


Yesterday, I made a quick questionnaire for myself and other riders and posted it to my personal Facebook wall.  I asked a couple friends to share it and the questionnaire now has 730 responses and climbing.  (You can still fill it out here, if you are so inclined.)  The form asks a bunch of questions, starting with demographic info (discipline, experience) and moving to a bunch of random questions, ranging from “T/F: I need to have someone video my rides more” to “My biggest frustration as a rider is…”

I ran the questionnaire because someone was recently chatting with me about a non-horsey tech startup and they got me thinking about what types of technology might be fun/useful for horse folks.  Things like the fact that 31% of respondents who are riders live 45+ minutes away from their coach or don’t have a coach,  and the fact that 48% of respondents agreed with the statement “I wish my horse’s food and supplements were more natural” are deeply interesting to me.  I’ll be pouring over the results over the weekend along with a few fellow data geeks.

What will come of it?  Probably nothing.  Most startup ideas never even make it to the questionnaire phase (and that’s a good thing, certainly in my case!).  But if you took the time to fill out the questionnaire, I want to say thanks.  If you included your email on the form, you’ll be the first to know what develops out of this whole thing.

Until next time, Go Eventing.


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