4 Reasons to Shop Dapplebay’s Black Friday Sale

Must. Have. This. Sweatshirt. Must. Have. This. Sweatshirt.

Friend of EN Dapplebay has a brand new line of merchandise for the holiday season, and owner Leah Anderson has special coupon codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Leah has been working on some super secret projects with EN, and we’re so excited to reveal those to you. In the meantime, here are four reasons to shop the Dapplebay Black Friday sale!

1. New 99 Problems T-shirts

I’ve already publicly professed my love for Dapplebay’s “99 Problems But A Ditch Ain’t One” T-shirts. You don’t need to like Jay-Z (although you really should) to think this shirt is awesome. And Leah just released the shirt in a brand new color combination for the holiday season. This shirt is definitely on my Christmas list!

99 Problems T-shirt

99 Problems T-shirt

2. New Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Cadet Jackets

‘Tis the season for freezing your buns off at the barn, which means warm layers are at the top of my Christmas wish list this year. Dapplebay just released a variety of sweatshirts, hoodies and cadet jackets in brand new designs. Clearly I’m biased, so the eventing cadet jacket is my favorite of the bunch.

Eventer Cadet Jacket

Eventer Cadet Jacket

3. New OTTB GearĀ 

Raise your hand if you own an OTTB! I know OTTB enthusiasts make up a huge chunk of our readership, and Dapplebay has all the gear you need to show your OTTB pride. I bought one of the Recycled Racehorse T-shirts during the summer in honor of my OTTB Mia, and now Leah has introduced a line of hoodies for winter. How cozy and awesome does this look?


4. New Car Decals

Is your car a mobile advertisement of your love for eventing and horses? Mine was until my husband totaled it while I was at Bromont this year, and I haven’t yet started loading up my new one with decals and stickers. Behold … Dapplebay has just introduced a line of car decals for the holidays. I have my eye on this one:



We’re big supporters of small business owners here on EN, and Dapplebay is very worthy of your dollars this holiday season. Check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupon codes below, and click here to go shopping.


Go Dapplebay!

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