7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Be Sad That You Are Missing Rolex

Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Rolex is this weekend. Repeat. Rolex is this weekend. Rolex is this weekend I will not be going.

Even though I am so terribly sad that I will not be at the Kentucky Horse Park this weekend to watch Michael Jung most likely win his third Rolex, there are some reasons that I don’t have to go cry in a corner all weekend.

If you have the wonderful opportunity to go to Rolex this year, yay you! Have fun! Please eat good food, don’t to get wet watching cross country, and try and meet Michael for me.

If you are in that percentage of equestrians that can not attend the greatest event ever, this post is for you! Here are some reasons why you can still be happy this weekend even though you won’t be at Kentucky horse Park being a part of the greatest event in America.

#1. LIVE STREAM: Of course if you can not be there, you probably still want to be able to watch it. Good news, you can! There are a lot of websites that stream all throughout the day. I always watch though USEF network. They have the best commentary and coverage. They cover everything from the 1st horse inspection to the awards ceremony. AND this year they will be broadcasting Champions Live, which is a show wherein top riders from all sorts of disciplines will be answering questions.

A nice thing about live streaming is that one can work on 10-page research papers and science tests as Rolex is in the background of the computer. I see no downside in watching the world’s best riders tackle insane cross country fences while I get my “boring” school work done. I mean, I can be working on a blog post and watch Rolex at the same time! YAY for technology.

Click here to watch every bit of that Rolex action

Quick overview of ROLEX schedule!

Wednesday Jog: Wednesday, April 26th (TODAY!) at 3 p.m. EST! Don’t miss the first chance to see all the competitors and horses! Plus everyone is in fancy outfits and the horses are turned-out beautifully.

Dressage: Thursday and Friday starting at 9 a.m. and going to 3:30 p.m. each day! If you want to watch some of the best in the sport tune into USEF Network from 9 to noon when Michael Jung, Zara Tindall, Clark Montgomery, Kim Severson, Buck Davidson, Hannah Sue Burnett and Sharon White will all be riding. Be sure to watch Allison Springer and Arthur’s last four-star dressage test on Friday!

Allison Springer and Arthur. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Cross Country: Saturday, April 29th starting at 10 a.m. and going till 2:30 pm! There is no way you would want to miss all the action!

Show Jumping: Sunday, April 30th starting at 1 p.m. and running till about 3 p.m. Be sure to watch all of the awards ceremony!

#2. EVENTING NATION: Thank goodness for Eventing Nation for keeping me updated on every last bit of Rolex. They share interviews, live updates (if you can’t watch live stream, live updates are the best next thing), super cool photos of not only the riders, but the barns, courses, fans, and vendors.

Want to be inspired by a moving story of a Rolex rookie? EN has got you covered! Seriously, “like” them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram if you don’t want to miss any Rolex insider information. It is like you are almost there at the Park ever though you are 300+ miles away.

Eventing Nation is the best!!

Be sure to check out EN’s new app, too!

#3. INTERVIEWS: I love watching all of the rider interviews. One can learn so much listening to the four-star riders analyze and discuss their ride in the sandbox or around the four-mile cross country course. And one would not be able to see all of the interviews if they went to Rolex, they would be to busy shopping or standing in line waiting to get food. #lookonthebrightside

#4. RAIN: It is Rolex; there is going to be rain. Even though I wouldn’t mind for a second if it were raining as I watch the top riders gallop past me, I guess I can be happy that I can enjoy watching from a dry house. I mean who actually enjoys sitting in rain for eight hours? #lookonthedryside

#5. MONEY: Since you aren’t going to Rolex, you are saving money! Yes, I would totally be going to Rolex if I could drive myself, but I don’t have to be sad that I am saving money by not going. Plus you won’t be tempted to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars at the huge trade fair and marketplace. Let’s not forget how expensive food and drinks are at Rolex as well! If you want to go bankrupt, just buy food at Rolex. One can even make some money by doing all of their horsey friends that are going to Rolex’s chores. #brightidea

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

#6. SLEEP: Unlike all the people who are attending Rolex, you can sleep in and even watch Rolex from your bed! Instead of having to get up semi-early in the morning and wonder if you might miss course walks or autograph signings, you can just wake up and grab your electronic device and hit that live stream button. Plus your feet won’t hurt from all of the walking that you would have to do at Rolex.

#7. NEXT YEAR: The last reason you don’t have to be sad about missing Rolex is that there is always next year. There is hope for the future. And maybe next year, an American will win, because I am pretty sure Michael Jung is going to win this time around!

So even though it is terribly unfortunate that you won’t be able to meet your riding idol or drool over that gorgeous pair of Dubarrys, just remember that there are reasons you don’t have to be sad. When everyone is posting pictures of meeting William Fox-Pitt and Boyd Martin, just go get some ice cream and watch the live stream. I promise you are not the only equestrian not going to Rolex.

Until next time, GO Jung, GO USA, GO Rolex, and GO Eventing!

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