A Current EquiRatings Stats Snapshot

EquiRatings offers some amazing little stat snacks about both events and riders, tidbits on records and ratings, as well as other summaries of everyone in our sport. Here are a few of their latest shares for you to peruse!

Caroline Pamukcu and her horses are currently leading in several different statistics, including HSH Blake being one of two highest-rating eight-year-olds on record in the USA and the second highest in the world currently, and Caroline is standing in second for the most international wins this year.

Lara de Liedekerke-Meier is currently beating Caroline for number of international wins by two, “making her the winningest rider.”

Ros Canter recently joined an elite squad of record-holders, with only seven riders winning over three CCI4*/5* events in one season since 2008.

Oliver Townend and Cooley Rosalent recently upset a trend that’s been building for the last 13 years at the Blenheim Palace CCI4*-L, as Yasmin Ingham and Banzai du Loir had the chance to go for 12 of 14 in this interesting statistic.

Yas and Banzai also delivered the lowest score Blenheim has seen in as long, which also happens to be her personal best international dressage score.

Burghley saw Oliver Townend working his way up the record ladder once more as he took his seventh 5* win.

Team Sweden is really holding on tight to these titles, as only the second nation to hold three team gold medals for the Olympics, World Championships, and European Championships. This is also their first European Team Gold since 1975, when they joined the championships.

And finally, our queen Ros Canter — who is only one of five riders to ever win Badminton and the European Championships individual gold in the same year. The last time this happened was 34 year ago in 1989.

Learn more about EquiRatings and find more interesting snapshots here or in the EquiRatings Prediction Centre.

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