A Farrier’s Christmas Tale

Fran Jurga posted this awesome video over on The Hoof Blog, and she passed it along to me to share with EN readers. What happens when Santa needs a very special shoe for a certain reindeer on Christmas Eve? Blacksmiths World Champions David Varini, Grant Moon and Paul Robinson step in to save Christmas. Pass this video along to the farriers in your life! Go farriers.

From The Hoof Blog:

This imaginative video, produced by Mustad, inspired me to re-write the signature poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas, with all apologies to Henry Livingston and/or Clement Moore. The poem has true ties to the farrier world; the authorship has been under dispute for a century or so but if Livingston was the author, he penned it next to a fireplace in the building that became the office of the Phoenix Horseshoe Company in Poughkeepsie, New York.

And the names of the reindeer were actually the names of Henry Livingston’s horses.

A Visit to the Forge

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the forge
Only three creatures were stirring, in valley or gorge
Their hammers were slowing, the last hooves went bare
In hopes that the champions would soon go where
Their children lay snuggled all safe and in bed
Though visions of Calgary still danced in my head.
But Paul had his arms crossed, and Dave with a slap,
Declared we should go home for a long winter’s nap.

Click to read the rest of the poem on The Hoof Blog.


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