A Final Casual Hack, by Rosie Chilton

EN reader Rosie Chilton emailed this story about her last ride with her horse Beau before going off to college.  Enjoy this wonderful moment shared with us!  Thanks to Rosie for writing, and thank you for reading.



From Rosie:


I am a huge fan of your blog, and an avid eventer. I caught the horse bug early and it’s stuck with me for years. I read your photo submissions and thought I would send this you way – hopefully it will cheer your day a little!

I lease an 15 hand, 18-year-old QH/Morgan named Beau. Well, actually his name is “General Beauregard Pickett Johnson the Third,” but he’s always been Beau to me. He has enough personality and sass for the both of us, and maybe a horse twice his size as well. It’s part of what I love about him.  We have been together for three and a half years, but I leave for college this week and I have to say goodbye.

Our favorite rides have always been the trails, especially coming to and from the swimming hole. We have been so many times over the years and pass this lovely farm on the way. I always wanted to stop in and buy something off of horseback – kind of like a horseback-riding-bucket-list thing. Today I finally did, as it was our last hack past the farm. It was such a fun experience! We walked up and the family was so sweet. They cooed over Beau, pet and rubbed him all over. I bought him a water bottle and a bell pepper hoping he would eat it. I figured it would be a fun treat for Beau. Turns out he will eating anything but a bell pepper – this is a horse who has almost kicked down his stall door for a mozzarella stick. But he at least drank the water!

He was such a good boy during the whole trip – except for the one second I dropped the reins to pay. I looked over and could tell he wanted to go home. He looked at me, at the farm, and down the road. Then he took off at a trot, leaving me to chase after him and the store owner hooting with laughter. After I caught him, I remounted and said goodbye. We went trotting off down the road, his shoes making that wonderful clip-clop music, to finish our hack. It was a great day and something I’ll always remember about Beau and I. Those little moments of love and connection are the reason I love this sport, love horses, and plan to ride my whole life.

Thanks again. Please Go hug your horse, because you love them and they mean so much to you. You never know how much until they are gone. Even if this never makes it to the website, I’m pleased as long as it makes someone happy. Thanks,

Rosie Chilton

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