A Note About Volunteering During the USEA Suspension Period

We are happy to share this clarification from Bonnie Kibbie, Chair of the USEA Volunteer Committee, about volunteering during the USEA suspension period.

As COVID-19 impacts our eventing community, we are even more grateful for the contributions of our eventing volunteers. We want to make sure our volunteers, who are so dedicated to our sport, are kept as safe as possible. To that end, the USEA Volunteer Committee, in accordance with the USEA statement regarding COVID-19, wishes to remind volunteers that hours logged during any suspension period will not be counted towards the annual leaderboard or annual awards. If volunteers choose to participate in unrecognized events we urge them to follow the CDC guidelines as well as local, state, and federal recommendations and regulations regarding COVID-19.

Event organizers and volunteer coordinators are strongly urged to remove their canceled events from eventingvolunteers.com to limit confusion about the availability of sign ups. Please keep in mind that if an event still appears on eventingvolunteers.com, it does not mean that those hours are eligible. Only hours logged at USEA recognized events will be counted. Please direct any questions to the USEA office ([email protected]).

We take the health and safety of our volunteers very seriously and encourage all volunteers, organizers, and competitors to use their best judgment. Stay well, and we look forward to seeing you out there again soon.