A Note for EventEntries.com Users


EventEntries.com has made entering an event a much easier process– all your information is stored, you simply select a horse, rider, choose an event, and in a snap your form is all filled out and you can submit it electronically if you like.  It takes the hassle out of remembering USEA, USEF, and FEI membership numbers, and filling in all those address blanks.  Just like the “set it and forget it” infomercial, you rarely have to think about the work involved.

However, is your personal information currently accurate?  Sandy Uhler from Fair Hill International sent us a little reminder to keep your EventEntries profile up to date.


From Sandy:

Top Five Reasons to keep your EventEntries.com profiles up to date (taken from actual experiences).

  1. Update your address: Someone might be sending you PRIZE MONEY!
  2. Someone might be sending you a REFUND!
  3. Someone might be trying to contact you regarding a passport that you FORGOT to pick up at a competition!
  4. Update your email: You will receive your ride times by email – instead of having YOUR MOTHER send them to you!
  5. You will know that you owe money to the competition BEFORE you arrive!  Maybe save a late fee??
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