Advanced Scores Update from Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials

Photo via Thehorsepesterer Photo via Thehorsepesterer

Dressage and show jumping have wrapped up in the three star-studded Advanced divisions at the Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials. Joe Meyer and Sanskrit, Allie Knowles and Last Call, and Peter Atkins and HJ Hampton are currently leading the three divisions, which will jump cross country tomorrow. Friend of EN Thehorsepesterer is dutifully shooting video at the event, so we’ll have lots of footage to bring you this weekend.

[Live Scores]

Advanced A

1. Allie Knowles / Last Call 34.8
2. Buck Davidson / Park Trader 35.9
3T. Hannah Sue Burnett / Harbour Pilot 38.1
3T. Katy Groesbeck / Oz The Tin Man 38.1

Advanced B

1. Peter Atkins / HJ Hampton 31.4
2. Buck Davidson / Copper Beach 32.1
3T. Rowdie Adams / No Money Down 32.7
3T. Buck Davidson / Petite Flower 32.7


1. Joe Meyer / Sanskrit 36.8
2. Sharon White / Under Suspection 38.1
3. Selena O’Hanlon / Bellaney Rock 38.5

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