Allez, Allez, Allez! It’s Cross Country Day! Cross Country Live Updates from Les 5 Etoiles de Pau Cross Country

Delicious sautéed and served with Coq au Vin. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

It’s here! It’s Saturday! Which can mean only one thing to eventing fans. It’s cross country day. Hooray!

There’s a tinge of sadness that this is the last 5* cross country day of the season, which elicits – appropriately for the month – a big boo from me. But let’s put that aside while we kick on and go eventing.

I’ll be bringing you live updates throughout the day, but if you want to catch up on what went down in the dressage, here’s what you need to know:

Dressage live updates: [Day One] [Day Two]
Tilly’s daily round-ups: [Day One] [Day Two]

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We’ll be kicking things off with New Zealand’s Jesse Campbell and Cooley Lafitte – they’re due to leave the start box at 11:30am local time / 5:30am ET /10:30am BST.

🇺🇲 If you’re following the US riders, here are the times you need to know:

  • In 12th overnight, Phillip Dutton and Z go at 7:50am ET.
  • In 16th, Boyd Martin and Fedarman B go at 8am ET.
  • In 28th as things stand, Allie Knowles and Morswood go at 8:30am ET.
  • In 35th, Cosby Green and Copper Beach go at 8:40am ET.

🇬🇧 There’s a strong British contingent in Pau, but some riders of note are:

  • Clubhouse leaders Tom McEwen and JL Dublin go at 1:30pm / 7:30am ET / 12:30pm BST.
  • In second overnight, Ros Canter goes with Izilot DHI at 3:45pm / 9:45am ET / 2:45pm BST. She’s first up on 8th placed ride Pencos Crown Jewel at 11:40am / 5:40am ET / 10:40am.
  • Coming into the cross country in third place Pippa Funnell goes with MCS Maverick at 4:05pm / 10:05am EST / 3:05pm BST. She goes out first on 10th placed ride Billy Walk On at 12pm / 6am ET / 11am BST.
  • In 5th place as things stand, Oliver Townend and Tregilder go at 2:15pm / 8:15am EST / 1:15pm BST.
  • In 7th coming into cross country, Piggy March and Coolparks Sarco go at 12:55pm / 6:55am ET / 11:55am BST.

🇫🇷 Times for the home crowd favorites are:

  • Gaspard Maksud goes with Zaragoza at 12:10 pm / 6:10am ET / 11:10am BST and Kan-do 2 at 4:15pm / 10:15am ET / 3:15pm BST.
  • Cedric Lyard and Unum De’Or go at 1:10pm / 7:10am ET / 12:10pm BST.
  • Camille Lejeune and Dame Decoeur Tardonne go at 1:35pm / 7:35am ET / 12:35pm BST.
  • Maxime Livio and Carouzo Bois Marotin go at 2:35pm / 8:35am ET / 1:35pm BST.
  • Florian Ganneval and Blue Bird de Beaufour go at 3:05pm / 9:05am ET / 2:05pm BST.
  • Arthur Marx and Church’ile go at 3:10pm / 9:10am ET / 2:10pm BST.

🇳🇿 And here’s the times for some of our Kiwi eventers:

  • First out of the box on his other ride, in 4th place overnight, Jesse Campbell and Diachello go at 3:35pm / 9:35am ET / 2:35pm BST.
  • 6th in the clubhouse, Tim Price goes with Viscount Viktor at 11:45am / 5:45am ET / 10:45am BST and Happy Boy at 3:50pm / 9:50am ET / 2:50pm BST.
  • In 13th, Jonelle Price goes with Haciado at 4pm / 10am ET / 3pm BST. She goes out first on her other ride, McClaren at 11:55am / 5:55am ET / 10:55am BST

EN is totally committed to bringing you all of the action from Pau, so keep your eyes on – and ears pricked – as we go eventing! We’ve got loads of great IG content happening too @goeventing, and if you want to follow along with the form, you’ll find EN’s 5* Form Guide here.

So, appropriate snacks at the ready (tarte tatin, anyone? 🍏 A bowl of onion soup? 🧅 Or can I tempt you with a slice of duck à l’orange? 🦆). Enough of that, best go eventing!

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17:15pm What a day’s sport we’ve had! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

For a full round-up of all the cross country action, watch out for Tilly’s report – coming soon.

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We’ve got loads of great IG content happening too @goeventing.

I’ll be back with live updates of the finale from the final 5* of the season tomorrow. It’s due to get underway at 2:30pm local time / 9:30am ET (we’ll have put our clocks back in Europe by then, but I’m pretty sure this is correct) / 1:30pm GMT.

The final horse inspection is happening at 11:45am local time / 6:45am ET (see above) / 10:45am GMT. You can watch on H&C+ (with a subscription).

That’s all for now from me, go eventing!

17:10pm Here’s a look at the top 10:

17:00pm OK, a very quick leaderboard update for now, a more detailed one coming up:

1st Ros Canter and Izilot DHI – 31.1 – Clear with 6.8 time penalties.

On the same score as Ros but slightly slower across the country, so in 2nd, Tom McEwen and JL Dublin – Clear with 8 time penalties.

3rd Kirsty Chabert and Classic VI – 33.4 – Clear with 0.8 time penalties.

If you’re following the US riders:

Boyd Martin and Fedarman B are the only combination inside the time – bang on in fact. But they did pick up 11 penalties. They’re in 9th place on a score of 42.7.

Allie Knowles and Morswood are in 14th place – 57.3 – Clear with 24 time penalties.

Cosby Green and Copper Beach are in 15th place – 59.3 – 11 penalties and 13.2 time.

Phillip Dutton and Z are in 22nd place – 69.9 – 20 penalties and 20 time.

16:59pm He takes the alternative at Fence 28, focused on getting home. I’m very much enjoying the red bobble on his hat. They’re almost there now. Into the arena to huge cheers from his home crowd. He pushes for the two strides in the double of houses and clear the finish. His hand’s in the air, there’s huge pats for Kan-do 2, and there’s a delighted wave for the crowds. A brilliant end to the day.

16:57pm Gaspard takes his time at the skinny triple brush at Fence 21, taking the long route from the combination at Fence 20. Kan-do 2 is just a nine-year-old and is here for his first 5*, Gaspard is very clearly taking care of this lovely young horse. He looks a little starstruck but Gaspard’s giving him confidence all the way round. They clear the final water. Gaspard will be breathing a sigh of relief after taking a bath there on his first round. It’s a bit squirrely, but they make it through.

16:54pm Good Timing is fighting Muzi as they come into the treble combination at Fence 28. Oh no! He slips after the first element and she has a tumble. So, so disappointing in what had been a fabulous round. Good Timing gallops off and Muzi is very cross, she throws her whip down. It’s a real shame, so close to home and they were going so well. This sport. Meanwhile, Gaspard has had the frangible device at the B element of Fence 13. He’s thrown forward out of the plate but he rights himself quickly and they continue on. They’re the last, and only, combination out on course now.

16:52pm Muzi gets a great shot into the final water and they motor through there. Gaspard Maksud and Kan-do 2 are on course and have a real moment at the second water, but they squirrel on through and Kan-do 2 gets a huge good boy pat. Phew, Gaspard got wet earlier on so it’s great to see him putting that behind him.

16:47pm Pippa has a slight moment through the final water, but she’s in her attack seat and makes it happen. She was on the line for 3 strides between the A and B elements but did it in two. She’s through the triple combination at Fence 28 and are coming into the arena. This is going to be a great first 5* completion for Maverick. The crowd in the arena show their appreciation for this legend of our sport. A super finish, just 13.2 time penalties for them. They go into 6th in the clubhouse.

16:45pm Muzi Pottinger and Good Timing are our penultimate combination out on course. Pippa goes the long route to Fence 21 after the combination through the water. Muzi flies through the second water at Fence 9 – no trouble for them, they just nip right on through.

16:42pm Jonelle’s coming close to home now, she’s over the mushrooms. Pippa’s having a great ride too. Jonelle holds her line through the treble at Fence 28 and she’s now galloping into the arena. Jools is full of running, she’s clearly loving her job. They add 12 time penalties and go into 7th as things stand. She punches the air. Great stuff!

16:40pm Pippa Funnell and MCS Maverick are out on course. Jonelle’s clear through Fence 19. Pippa comes into cross country in 3rd after dressage with Maverick. They make light work of the first water at Fence 7. Jonelle takes the direct route at Fence 20AB and 21 – what a rider she is! Brilliant! Maverick gets a bit deep at Fence 10, the hedge oxer, but Pippa’s got her weight back and helps Maverick out.

16:37pm Kirsty and ‘Betty’ are flying home! The crowd roars as they come into the arena, she pushing for the time. She clears the last exactly as the clock turns red. Just 0.8 time penalties for them. Kirsty punches the air clearly delighted with Betty’s efforts this afternoon. A great round for them and they go into 3rd as things stand!

16:35pm Jonelle’s clear through the first water and Kirsty’s just cleared the final water – also a swan – alongside her. It’s all about the water right now as Jonelle races through the second. No problems for her at the C element that’s caused quite a bit of trouble today.

16:32pm Kirsty is now clear through Fence 17AB and Jonelle Price and Hiarado are now out on course. They were on 13th after the dressage. This is ‘Jool’s’ first time at the level. They trot into the log on the mound at Fence 4 and get a good shot to the B element – so far so good for them. Meanwhile, Kirsty goes long to Fence 21 after the water at Fence 20, but they don’t look to have wasted much time. They’re flying and Classic seems to be enjoying herself now she’s back running and jumping.

16:28pm Kirsty’s also back underway and is clear through Fence 10. Someone runs across the track in front of Ros, woah there! But Ros is a pro and it doesn’t bother her or Isaac. They’re coming into the arena now, the time’s still green. Isaac looks great and there are cheers all around the stadium. They’re over the last and through the finish. THEY FINISH ON 31.1 – THE SAME SCORE AS TOM MCEWEN AND JL DUBLIN! She’s quicker though and GOES INTO THE LEAD!

16:25pm OK, we’re back up and running. Ros and Isaac get straight back into a rhythm and are clear through the water at Fence 20AB and 21.

16:14pm The hold on course is for a fence to be rebuilt. It looks as though Tim may have withdrawn but that’s not official yet.

16:12pm Jonelle, Gaspard and Muzi are walking round at the start while we’re on hold. They look relaxed and the horses seem as though they think out for a nice hack.

16:09am Ros could go into the lead – there’s just under 6 penalties between her dressage score and Tom McEwen’s score after cross country, who’s the clubhouse leader. They’re looking to be finding this course easy and they’re clear through Fence 16. Kirsty Chabert and Classic VI are out on course. Tom Rowland is showing up as having had a fall at Fence 24B. We didn’t see what happened. Kirsty has been stopped on course, so has Ros – before Fence 18. Tim Price doesn’t seem to have come forward with Happy Boy – I’ll update you when I know more. We’ve just seen Tom and MGH Maybe a Mission up and walking off course.

16:05pm Tom’s clear through Fence 21. Ros is giving a cross country masterclass with ‘Isaac’. She’s really supporting this young horse and he’s totally focused on her. He can be spooky, but he’s not paying any attention to the enthusiastic crowds, he’s getting on with the job and looks to be really enjoying himself. They make that really tricky Fence 13 look easy.

16:02pm In second overnight, Ros Canter and Izilot DHI have left the start box. Unfortunately it seems like Jesse’s had a fall at Fence 23, the open corner on a related distance from Fence 22. Both horse and rider are up on their feet and walking off course.

16:00pm Tom Rowland gets a great shot into the first water and they motor on over the second element. He makes it happen at the C element of the next water at 9. He’s riding with hands and heels and really giving ‘Mark’ a great ride.

Here’s a shot of Jesse and Diachello over that ditch brush at Fence 12 (my non-horsey husband is particularly proud of this one, he says he’s getting the hang of it now we’re in the home straight):

Screen shot via H&C TV.

15:57pm Jesse is clear through fence 12 and they push on along the racecourse. They clear the influential Fence 13. Tom Rowland and MGH Maybe a Mission set off for their go ’round Pau. Update on Kate Rocher Smith and HHS Dasset Class have retired at Fence 13 after problems there.

15:52pm We’re now into the two-horse riders with Jesse Campbell and Diachello
getting going. Jesse took a swim at the final water on his first ride, but he’s dried off and now comes forward with his 4th placed after dressage ride, Diachello. Meanwhile, Kate has a problem at the B element of Fence 13 as Dasset Class grinds to a halt at the corner. It’s a blind turn to it and the horse just shows his greenness. Aistis is through the finish carrying 20 penalties and adding some time.

15:50pm Aistis is clear through Fence 17. HHS Dasset Class is a bit unsure at the first water so Kate goes round to the long route and they go through penalty free, a sensible decision for a debut at the level. Aistis makes the quick route happen at the water at Fence 20AB and 21. Meanwhile, Dasset Class is unsure at the second water – it’s really dark in there. He has a green jump at the C element and he scrambles it a little, but Kate supports him and he makes it over.

15:44pm OK, so Aistis Vitkauskas and Commander VG has started and has had a 20 at the C element at the water – Fence 9. Wills Oakden was carrying on after his early penalties, but now he’s pulled up and decided to save A Class Cooley for another day. It’s the horse’s first 5*, so he’s picked up some good experience and will come out next season all the better for it. Aistis chances his luck with the red flag on the C element of Fence 13. I’ll keep you posted on that. Kate Rocher-Smith and HHS Dassett Class is also now on course for their 5* debut.

15:40pm Oh, some of that exuberance catches up with Arthur and he has a moment at Fence 23. But he gets himself upright and they continue on. OMG, he’s got no right stirrup! It seems to have broken but he’s determined to get himself home. The crowd are trying to help him along but unfortunately he has to stop. Such a shame for him as he was close to home and having a great round. I have no idea how many fences he managed without a pedal, but it was definitely some. He’s cantering home going around the fences to great cheers and a big clap from the crowds. He takes a lap of honor round the arena – having his moment, as he does deserve. It’s such a huge achievement to get a horse to this level.

15:37pm Florian and Blue Bird make the final water look easy. They take the flag at the B element of Fence 13 but it looks OK from where I’m sitting. Wills Oakden and A Class Cooley get their round underway and have an early mistake at the B element of Fence 4. The jump of the bank after A wasn’t really very positive and the distance doesn’t come up for them and they run on by. A real shame so early on. Meanwhile, the French crowd goes wild as Florian crosses the finish line. A clear round for them. So great to see an amateur rider at this level. The crowds out on course are cheering Arthur Marx round. He punches the air after he clears the triple brush at 21. They’re going great!

15:33pm Florian’s elbows are going as he navigates the tricky line through the combination at 13, and Blue Bird locks on and away they go. Arthur Marx and Church’ile get underway. Sarah is in the arena with Grantstown Jackson. That horse is so full of running, really fit and well within himself. A phenomenal way to finish a 5*. The home crowd is shouting for Arthur as he pops the white rails at Fence 8 on his homebred gelding Church’ile. They squiggle slightly to the C element of Fence 9, but they make it happen and are clear so far.

15:29pm Blue Bird flies Fence 3! He stands right off and shows all of his scope. Meanwhile Bella’s nearing home. They pop Fence 28 and gallop into the arena. Highway looks absolutely full of running as he puts in two lovely jumps over the double of houses, and they’re over the last and through the finish. Highway looks great as he finishes, he could probably go again. Florian and Blue Bird have another massive jump over the C element of Fence 9. This amateur riding is having a great spin round this tricky course. Meanwhile Sarah Ennis is clear through Fence 22.

15:24pm India and Sunny have now completed, they’re clear with time. Bella goes the long route at Fence 20AB to 21 and they’re clear through there. Bella’s clear through Fence 22 and Fence 13 has caused troubles once again, with Sarah Ennis picking up a 20 there. Florian Ganneval and Blue Bird de Beaufour are now out on course.

15:20pm Oh no, Bella’s had a run past at that influential C element at Fence 9. That was unlucky really. They circle and clear it. Meanwhile, Sunny pops nicely over the log into the final water and they’re clear through there. Woah! We’ve just seen Bella’s Highway LEAP over the oxer at 13A (I think, it was a replay so not totally sure on the fence). Another huge scopey jump. Sarah Ennis and Granstown Jackson join them out on course.

5:18pm Isabella Innes Ker and Highway have left the start box for their 5* debut. They stand right off Fence 3 and clear it easily, what scope this guy has! Sunny’s still looking great and is clear through Fence 18. He looks like he’s loving it out there.

5:16pm Well, Sunny’s not displaying any sign of slowing down, despite his seventeen years. He looks like he’s loving it out there. They make the tricky C element of Fence 9 look easy. They’ve got the course to themselves for the time being.

15:15pm India Wishart and Diamond Sundance get their cross country at Pau underway as Cosby comes into the arena. They’re still flying, what a thrilling round she’s had, an outstanding performance. She looks delighted and so she should be. Meanwhile, more problems for Harry Meade and Red Kite – they have another refusal at the B element of Fence 13 and Harry puts his hand up.

15:11pm Harry Meade and Red Kite are now out on course, and have had an early problem at the first water – a refusal at the C element of Fence 9. Harry re-presents and they’re clear the second time of asking. Meanwhile, Cosby’s having a GREAT round! They’re eating up this tricky course. Copper Beach is a bit sticky going over the log down the drop into the final water, but they get the job done, over the swan and on they go. Copper Beach is loving it out there! He’s really taking Cosby forward and they look like they’re a really super team.

15:08pm We get to see Cosby fly the trakehner – wow. They’re going really well. Copper Beach looks keen and Cosby’s giving him a great ride. The crowds in the arena go wild as Maxime flies over the finale, just 12.4 time to add for them.

Here’s a look at Allie Knowles and Morswood coming into the arena as they near the end of their round:

Screen shot via H&C TV.

15:04pm We finally get to see Allie. She clears Fence 28 brilliantly and is coming for home now. They gallop into the arena and Ginge looks full of running! He’s still pulling as he clears the final fence. It’s a clear round for them, great work! Fellow US rider Cosby Green and Copper Beach is now out on course. She’s here for her for first 5*. They’re clear through Fence 7. Maxime has a flier at the B element of Fence 20 and again at 21. The home crowd cheer. Brave, forward riding is the order of the day for Maxime, and Carouzo is responding with the same amount of enthusiasm as the French crowd.

15:03pm Allie’s clear through the water at Fence 20 and 21, and Maxime is now out on the racecourse, he’s clear through Fence 12. It looks like his martingale’s snapped and Carouzo fights for his head in between the A and B elements of Fence 13. Maxime rides brilliantly though and they’re clear through there.

14:58pm Maxime Livio and Carouzo Bois Marotin are now out on course for the home crowd. Samantha’s still going really well and they’re nearing home now. They make their way into the arena and the time penalties are clocking up. They’ve jumped clear though, a great round for the horse’s first 5*.

14:54pm Allie Knowles and Morswood are on course for the USA. They’re clear through Fence 7. Meanwhile, Samantha and Sooty are motoring along. They were in 9th place after dressage. Joseph Murphy and Barrichello clear the last. They’ve had 11 penalties and 40 time penalties. Sooty jumps really big over the B element at Fence 20, triple brush in the water and they opt to go long to 21. Allie Knowles is clear through Fence 12, we haven’t seen much of her on screen sadly.

14:52pm Here’s a look at Oliver coming through the finish:

Screen shot via H&C TV.

14:51pm Samantha and Sooty are through the first water and make it look like child’s play. Joseph Murphy is showing as having had a frangible device at Fence 13B. Samantha keeps Sooty between hand and leg and makes it through the water at 9 no problems. She’s pushing on and Sooty’s got his ears pricked. They lock straight onto the skinny B element at 11 and it comes very easily for them.

14:48pm Joseph Murphy is clear through Fence 12 as Oliver nears home. Samantha Lissington and Ricker Ridge Sooty GNZ get their round underway. Oliver pops over the house at the top of the mound and then gallops into the arena, he pushes for the stride between the two offset houses and clear the last. They finish with 7.2 time penalties.

14:44pm Oliver’s now through 17AB and is on his way to the complex at 18. Ian Cassells comes into the arena and there’s a big cheer. They fly the finale and are through the finish flags. A great completion on their 5* debut. Meanwhile, Tregilder stumbles a little as he lands down the drop into the water at Fence 20 and Oliver decides to go long. They’re clear through there as Joseph Murphy and Barrichello leave the start box.

14:42pm We see Oliver and Ian pass one another going in opposite directions. Tregilder is still running on and absolutely flies the ditch and brush at 12. Oliver has to push for it at the B element of Fence 13 and there’s sure to be a flag question there. I’ll keep you posted.

14:39pm Oliver and Tregilder are eating up the ground in the early stages of their course. It was such bad luck for them at Burghley when a tack malfunction meant their day ended early, so hopefully they’ll put things right today. They’re clear through Fence 8. Ian’s now through Fence 19.

14:35pm Boyd squirrels his way through Fence 28 and he’s coming for home now. He gallops into the arena and clears the double of houses. He’s over the last and Bruno gets a big pat. They’re INSIDE THE TIME! The first we’ve seen. They’ve got the 11 penalties from Fence 13, but a good round from them. Meanwhile, Ian Cassells is showing up as having had a 15 at the B element of Fence 4 and the B element of Fence 7. Oliver Townend and Tregilder get underway, they’re 5th after dressage.

14:32pm Boyd rides brilliantly through the complex at 18 and makes it look easy. Bruno has a slip as he comes round the corner to Fence 20, but he’s clear over the log into the water and decides to go the long route to 21. Ian Cassells and Master Point join Boyd on course, they’re making their 5* debut here this week.

14:28pm We’re back up and running with Boyd, who gets back into things over Fence 10. They clear 11 and 12, but then it looks like the frangible device has gone on the corner at the B element of 13. They carry on though and get a great shot over the trekehner at 15.

14:23pm Update from Tilly, who’s on course:

We’re currently held after Lea Siegl and DSP Fighting Line fell at the frangible fence at 13A. Both horse and rider are being attended to, and the fence repair team will need to rebuild the jump in question, so this might be a slightly longer hold. Boyd will be restarted over fence 10 once we get back underway, while Ian Cassells of Ireland has been held at the start.

We’ll keep you posted as we get further news, but for now, let’s catch up on how the top ten is looking:

14:12pm Scores update:

Tom McEwen is currently in the lead on a score of 31.1. They were clear with 8 time penalties.
2nd is Piggy March with Coolparks Sarco on 36.5. They were clear with 8.4 time.
3rd is Kylie Roddy and SRS Kan Do on 39.7. They were clear with 8 time.

Tom Jackson – 11 penalties, 17.6 time.
Camille Lejeune – clear, 28 time.
Phillip Dutton – 20, 20 time.
Julien Despontin – 15, 33.6 time.
Phil Brown – clear, 48.4 time.

14:10pm Boyd is clear through Fence 9 and is now being held before Fence 10. I’m guessing this hold is so that the teams on the ground take care of Lea Siegl and DSP Fighting Line. I don’t know any more than that, but I will update you when I do.

14:08pm Bummer, looks like Phillips had a refusal at Fence 28B. He’s over the last now and completes with that 20 and 20 time penalties. I have a pic of him and Z giving it their all earlier on in the course:

Screen shot via H&C TV.

14:07pm Oh no! Lea and Fighty have a fall at 13A. I’ll update you with details as I have them. Phillip is close to home now as Boyd Martin and Fedarman B join them on course.

14:02pm Lea Siegl and DSP Fighting Line have joined us on course now, they’re in 10th= after the dressage. Julien is coming into the arena and Honeyblue locks onto the two houses still looking keen for the job. This is been a good round for the gelding’s first 5*. Julien is delighted as they come through the finish! A huge cheer from him! Meanwhile Phillip and Z take the direct route at Fence 20AB to 21 and they make it look easy! Great work from them. Lea’s through the combination at 11. ‘Fighty’ looks like he’s absolutely loving his job, such a great expression on his face, great to see.

13:59pm Update on some penalties: Julien and Honeyblue have had 15 penalties at Fence 7B. Tom Jackson has had the frangible device at 23, the open corner. Phillip and Z push their luck slightly at 9C, but they’re clear through and there’s absolutely no question at the super skinny arrowhead at 11B for them. Z’s got his ears pricked and eyes on the flags.

13:56pm And Phillip Dutton and Z are out on course! They’re clear over the fist combination at 4, making it look easy. We’re seeing Tom and Farndon through the finish.

13:54pm Camille Lejeune and Dame Decoeur Tardonne are at the finish. It’s clear jumping for them but they’re just over a minute over the time. Tom Jackson and Farndon are clear through Fence 18ABC, the coffin complex and the rails at 19. They decide to take the long route at Fence 20, coming round to Fence 21, like many other rides have. A smart decision for sure. Julien and Honeyblue commit to the arrowhead at B at Fence 11 and it comes up very nicely for them. All going well so far for them.

13:49pm Tom Jackson and Farndon are out on course and are clear through Fence 10. Camille takes the long route at Fence 20 and are clear so far. Julien Despontin and Honeyblue join Tom and Camille on course.

Here’s a look at the current leaders Tom McEwen and JL Dublin flying over the enormous ditch and brush at 12:

Screen shot via H&C TV.

13:46pm Tom and Dubs are giving us an absolute masterclass round this tough track. They’re clear through the final water, straight as a die over that troublesome swan – no trouble for them though! They’re happily through the technical line at Fence 28 and are galloping into the arena. They’re into time penalties. They fly the last. Just 8 time penalties and complete on 31.1 and are IN THE LEAD!

13:43pm The camera’s focused on Tom, but Libby Seed is clear through Fence 27. Camille Lejeune and Dame Decoeur Tardonne set off from the start box. Tom’s clear through Fence 15. Camille flies over the combination at 4, this combination look very confident. Libby Seed is in the arena with Heartbreaker Star Quality and they complete clear jumping.

Here’s a look at clubhouse leader Piggy March flying through the finish with Coolparks Sarco:

Screen shot via H&C TV.

13:38pm Tom’s clear through the water at 9 and carefully navigate the white MIM-clipped rails. Dubs has got his ears pricked and eyes on the prize. They’re through the water for the second time making it look like a Pony Club fence – it’s not easy, at all, as we’ve seen, but Tom and Dubs just flow straight through. They’re straight as you like through the combination at 11AB. That skinny is really, really skinny, but Dubs doesn’t even notice as he flies on through.

13:35pm Ooo, Libby Seed’s challenging for the save of the day! Heartbreaker stands well off the log pile on the mound at 3 and ends up banking it. Libby’s thrown forwards and nearly falls foul of the drop down the mound, but she saves it and they’re on and running. They’re clear through Fence 14 now as Tom McEwen and JL Dublin set off from the start box. They’re in the lead after dressage – will they stay there? News about Julia Norman and Ardeo Berlin: they retired at Fence 9C after having two previous refusals at earlier fences.

13:30pm Piggy and Jeremy waste no time at the last water, they made that look easy but it’s caused enough trouble already today. We have a new starter – Libby Seed and Heartbreaker Star Quality get their round underway. Libby’s an amateur rider here at 5*, amazing. Piggy is entering the arena. They fly the two houses, full of running and over the last. 8.4 time penalties for them and they take the lead! What a superb display of cross country riding and a horse who’s loved his job today.

13:27pm Piggy and Jeremy look fantastic at the combination at 13. Jeremy’s really going forwards but coming back when Piggy asks, they look like a real team. They’re flowing round this course. Meanwhile, Helen Bates and Carpe Diem are nearing the end of their round now, they’re in the arena and look to be clear jumping. They clear the last looking still full of running. A great round for them. Julia Norman and Ardeo Berlin have joined the course and have an early refusal at Fence 4. They carry on their way though.

13:23pm Piggy March and Coolparks Sarco are away! They sit in 7th place after the dressage. They’re beautifully over Fence 4AB, looking really confident. Meanwhile, Helen and Diego are clear through Fence 17 and are at the combination at 18, the coffin complex. Piggy and ‘Jeremy’ ping over the white rails at 8. She steadies for the combination at 9 and they go through there like it’s a schooling exercise. They’re straight through the combination at 11, they’re making this look easy, but we know it’s not!

13:22pm We’re hearing that Piggy March is coming forwards with Coolparks Sarco, they’ll be next out on course. Helen Bates and Carpe Diem are clear through the combination at 11 and are getting big cheers as they fly round the course. ‘Diego’ looks like he’s really enjoying his trip ’round his first 5*, his ears are pricked and he’s galloping and jumping for joy.

13:18pm Nadja takes the long route at 20B, as a lot of the riders have decided to do after some early problems there. Cedric looks to have put his hand up after a glance off at 13A. He seems to be rubbing his knee, and he has had a couple of knocks from flags. There were no flag penalties on their record after all, but that’s academic as they have in fact retired. Helen Bates and Carpe Diem set off for their 5* debut as Nadja Minder comes through the finish with Toblerone. Swiss team cross country coach Andrew Nicholson is there to congratulate her at the end.

13:15pm We get a glimpse of Phil and Harry, they’re going steadily but they’re clear. There’s a bit of a flag question at the B element of 7 for Cedric, I’ll keep you posted about that. Phil and Harry come through the finish to a huge cheer. Phil looks delighted and points down at Harry to say ‘it’s all him’. What a great combination they are!

13:09pm Oh no! They have a glance off at the C element coming out of the water at 9, such a shame because they were going so well. They come back round and have no trouble on the second time of trying and get a big clap from the crowd. Meanwhile, Phil and Harry are clear through Fence 21. We haven’t seen much of them sadly. Cedric Lyard and Unum De’or get their Pau underway. The mare’s got her ears pricked and looks very keen to be at her first 5*. They’re clear through the combination at 4.

13:06pm Phil and Harry manage the second water brilliantly – they saw that stride to the C element and through they went. It turns out they didn’t have a refusal at 4, and are still clear. Nadja Minder and Toblerone join Phil on course. They’re on their 5* debut together and sit in 14th place. They fly through the combination at 4, stunning! They look so confident in one another. Toblerone is Nadja’s Young Riders horse and she describes him as her best friend. They’re clear through the first water and look to be really relishing their step up to the top level.

13:01pm Piggy March and Coolparks Sarco were due to get us back underway, however we’re hearing that they’re not starting, at least for now. Piggy was walking round at the start, but she’s dismounted now. Phil Brown and Harry Robinson have started instead, and unfortunately have a glance out at the B element of Fence 4 – although that’s not showing on the live scores, I’ll keep you updated on that. We’ve just seen a farrier with Coolparks Sarco.

12:58pm OK, so the short break is happening now. Here’s a scores update:

Kylie Roddy and SRS Kan Do are currently leading with a super clear round and just 8 time penalties.
James Avery and MBF Connection have gone into 2nd – clear, 17.6 time.
Alex Bragg – 20, 40.4 time.
Selina Milnes – 20, 40.8 time.

12:55pm Oh no! Izzy has a refusal at 7B, the big brush in the water. Izzy goes round to take the alternative and they continue on with their round. Meanwhile, Selina Milnes and Gelmer are through the finish. Izzy makes the turn to the C element coming out of the second water – no problems there for them. But it looks like Izzy’s pulling up. No problems with Happy Days that we can see, but they’re carrying 20 penalties so Izzy seems to have decided to save him for another day.

12:49pm Selina and Gelmer are now clear over Fence 19. They’re now at the influential racecourse water at Fence 20. Selina decides to go long and come back ’round to 21. Smart decision based on the problems at that fence early on in proceedings. They’re still galloping along looking very confident. Gelmer’s got his ears pricked and is really listening to Selina. They’re very neat through the final water, no problems with the swan for them. The break is now over and Izzy Taylor and Happy Days get their round underway. They have a little wiggle at the B element of Fence 4, but Izzy keeps him between the flags.

12:45pm Oh dear, Daragh’s had a tumble at Fence 16. We didn’t see what happened. Hopefully all’s well with him. Selina Milnes and Gelmer are out on course. They’re clear through Fence 8 but then have a glance off at the angled hedge at 9C. They represent and clear it on the second time of trying. It’s Gelmer’s first 5* so Selina will be looking for a good educational round for him. Gelmer looks to be enjoying his time out on course as he gallops along the racecourse. They’ve got the course to themselves as there’s a planned 10 minute break in the start box – nothing to worry about, just giving all the volunteers and ground staff a bit of a breather.

12:44pm James Avery gets a round of applause as he makes light work of the final water. Meanwhile Daragh has a glance off at the C element of Fence 9, just like Alex’s earlier. They represent and continue on their way. James and MBF Connection are close to home now and gallop into the arena. This has been a super round of jumping from ‘Louis’, what a great experience for the future for this young horse.

Here’s a look at them loving their time out on course:

Screen shot via H&C TV.

12:39pm Daragh Byrne and Kilcannon Ramiro get their 5* debut underway. They’re clear through the tricky combination at 4, which actually hasn’t caused anything like the trouble that was anticipated. Meanwhile Alex Bragg is galloping into the arena. They have a little stumble at the second of the two houses, ‘Eddie’ looked a little starstruck – he’s only a 10-year-old at his first 5* and that arena is full of atmosphere. Alex hold his hand and they clear the last. A good educational round for them.

12:35pm James Avery and MBF Connection are now out on course. It’s ten-year-old Louis’ first time at the level. He’s clear through Fence 8. Alex Bragg takes the long route at the racecourse water, he won’t want to risk any more problems after that refusal at the earlier water. They’re clear though and motor on. James flies the ditch and brush at 12! They make short work of the combination at 13.

12:29pm Alex Bragg and Ardeo Premier join us on course and are clear through to 8, but then have a problem at the C element after the step out of the water at 9. They didn’t quite have the momentum up the step to make the angled hedge. They’re clear on their second try. Kylie takes a long route at Fence 20, but is still flying. This really has been a super round! They gallop into the arena to cheers from the crowd, and have no problem at the double of houses. They’re over the last and Kylie punches the air. What a magnificent round! Just 8 time penalties for them and into the lead.

12:25pm Kylie Roddy and SRS Kan Do have the course to themselves as they get their Pau underway. They’re looking super confident through the water at 9ABC. ‘George’ looks like he’s relishing this course so far. A quick update on some scores:

Tom Rowland – Clear, 28 time
Pippa Funnell – 20, 20 time
Ros Canter – 20, 22.4 time
Muzi Pottinger – 20, 20.8 time
Tim Price – 60, 32.8 time (two refusals at 28B are showing up, not sure where the other penalties have come from)

Here’s a look at Kylie absolutely flying round this tricky track:

12:20pm Oh no! Gaspard’s off. That swan at the final water is certainly having its say on this competition. They look to have had exactly the same problem as Jonelle, kind of catching a leg on the swan and twisting over the fence. No chance for Gaspard to stay on. Both horse and rider are on their feet and walking off course. And it’s all happening as Felicity has a glance off at 13B. It looks like she might be calling it a day – yes she has.

12:15pm OK, so I’ve just seen that Muzi did actually have a run out at 20B. She came back to it, and then had to turn a circle before 21. Meanwhile Gaspard’s wasting no time at all – Zoe’s eating up this course. She’s flying! They’re clear through 17. Muzi and Just Kidding come home with a 20 on their card, but they’re over the last and there’s a cheer for them in the arena. Gaspard’s at the racecourse water – where Muzi had her troubles – and decides to take the long route. He’s clear through there though. Felicity Ward and Regal Bounty are out on course and clear through Fence 10.

12:14pm Gaspard Maksud and Zaragoza are on course for the home crowd. Allez! Update on what happened with Pippa and Billy Walk On: he caught one of the rails at 20A and had no choice but to stop, really. Pippa must have used all of her experience to build his confidence to re-take it, and Billy will have grown from this run, for sure. They’ve now come home. Muzi Pottinger turns a circle after 20B before taking the skinny triple brush in the water – it’s totally fine for her to have done that as they’re separately numbered. They just didn’t have the stride to continue forwards straight to it.

12:08pm Muzi Pottinger and Just Kidding are now on course. Oh man! Pippa’s just had a stop at the log drop into the water at 20A. What a shame for them. She brings him back round and uses all of her horsemanship to help him through the combination at their second try, and they continue on. Meanwhile, Muzi is clear through Fence 12 and seems to be traveling really well.

12:07pm Bummer! Now Jonelle’s off in the water at 24, caught out by the swan. Mac looks to be totally fine – he’s walking off through the pond – and Jonelle’s up, but very wet. Hopefully she’ll get a good dry off before she comes back for her second ride later on.

12:06pm Pippa’s through the second water, Billy’s ears and pricked and Pippa’s really showing us how this course should be ridden. There are wows from the crowd as they stride on through the combination at 11. Oh no, Jonelle’s showing as having had a refusal at 18C, the skinny log pile coming out of the coffin complex.

12:02pm Pippa Funnell and Billy Walk On are off! They’re in equal 10th place as they head out on course. Billy looks super keen for the job. They make light work of the log pile on the mound at 3, and they’re brilliant through the combination at 4. Meanwhile, Jonelle and Mac are through the combination at 17. Mac looks very happy to be galloping and jumping.

11:57am Oh! Tim seems to have had a problem at 20B, he goes back round though and they continue on. They’re in the arena now and close to home. News about Kirsty Chabert and Opposition Heraldik Girl, they’re showing as eliminated for a rider fall at 9B, the step up out of the water. We didn’t see it. Hopefully Kirsty’s OK and will be back with her second ride. Jonelle Price and McClaren are now out on course and are clear through Fence 12.

11:55am Tim decides to take the longer route at Fence 20 – the racecourse water, where Ros had her 20. It’s worked for them though and Viktor’s through there confidently.

Here’s a look at where Ros had that glance off:

Screen shot via H+C TV.

11:53am Tim’s at the combination at Fence 13 and is clear up to there. They’re running along in a lovely rhythm and Viktor looks to be really enjoying his trip. They take a huge leap over the trakehner at 15. Ros and Jasmine find the final water no problem at all – super. Kirsty Chabert and Opposition Heraldik Girl join us on course now, for Rocket’s first 5*. They’re in 10th after the dressage. As she starts, Ros finishes with Pencos Crown Jewel – they picked up that 20 and some resulting time faults.

11:48am Tim Price and Viscount Viktor are out course now. They sit in 6th place. It’s Viktor’s first 5*. He takes a tiny look coming down the drop at 4A, and finds another stride to the B element. Tom Rowland is nearing the finish now. He’s in the arena and very nearly home. There’s a big cheer as they complete. Good for them! Meanwhile, Ros has had a glance out at 20B in the water, Jasmine just kind of runs past it. They’re clear on the second time of trying though. That was really unfortunate, shame.

11:44am Ros is clear through the first water, really looking like they mean business. They fly the white rails at 8 – it’s on a MIM but there’s nothing at all to worry about there for Ros. They’re through the water for the second time, and making this look easy. Tom’s through Fence 19, we haven’t seen him for a while as the cameras are focusing on Ros for now. Ros and Jasmine FLY the big ditch and rails, wow! they look great out there.

11:40am We’re back with Tom Rowland and Dermot now, who are clear through Fence 12, as Ros Canter and Pencos Crown Jewel join us on course. They’re in 8th place as things stand. They’re clear over the first three and running towards the first combination. They’re beautiful through that, really showing how it should be done.

11:38am Jesse’s at 18ABC now, the complex with a skinny arrowhead, over a neon blue ditch and then a skinny log pile. Superb job, they fly through there. They race through the racecourse water too. But oh no! They catch a leg at the final water – 20A – and have a tumble. They’re both up. What a shame when they were going so very well.

11:35am They’re out onto the racecourse now and racing along. Cooley Lafitte looks very comfortable with 5* fences. They knock the flag at 13B but it looks to be OK. Tom Rowland and KND Steel Pulse join Jesse on course and are clear over the first. Dermot is another 5* debutant horse. Fence 4 is no problem for them, they add a little stride, but Dermot makes light work of that tricky fence.

11:32am They’re clear through the first double at 4 – no problem at all for them, but we’re guessing it’ll be influential as the day goes along. And they’re clear through the first water, the swan no trouble for them. So far this is looking very strong and smooth – the riders watching should be feeling very confident about what they’re seeing. They come back to the water for 9ABC – no problem. Jesse’s making this look easy!

11:30am And we’re off! Jesse Campbell and Cooley Lafitte get cross country day at Pau underway! Jesse’s got two rides here – he sits in 4th with Diachello – and will pathfind for the field with his 5* debutant horse. Cooley Lafitte looks keen as he gets going and they’re clear over the first and on their way!

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