An Eventing Nation Holiday Tradition

Elfing the Pan American Games gold medal US Team

We have a few holiday traditions around the EN compound including Chinchilla sleigh races, removing naked pictures of Boyd from Leslie’s posts, absurd texts from Coren about how Kansas University has a better basketball team than the University of Kentucky, hiding the eggnog from yours truly, and a hearty laugh sad toast to the fact that Abbie was still taking exams two days ago.  But one of our favorite traditions is our annual elfing videos featuring personalities from throughout the eventing community.  Like last year, I received several requests to be ‘elfed,’ and I wish we could include everybody, but if you didn’t make it into this year’s video remember that there is always next year. 

Here are a few other eventing greats from 2011 including Badminton winner Mark Todd, Pan Am individual champion Jess Phoenix, the great Jimmy Wofford, Sinead, and the USEF’s Sara Ike who was instrumental to our success in Guadalajara and rarely receives enough recognition.  I went for folks we haven’t elfed before and honorable mentions go to Jon Holling and Colleen Rutledge.   

Two oldie but goodies featuring US and Canadian riders– 

The US WEG team:

The Canadian WEG team:

Australia’s Christmas has already started.  Santa, get that sleigh ready.  Go eventing.


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