Announcing the 2024 #Supergroom Superlative Winners at the Kentucky Three Day Event

We all know why the Defender Kentucky Three Day Event is really the best weekend all year… It’s not the top-notch riding or the amazing cross country action. It’s definitely because of the Achieve Equine #Supergroom Superlatives!

While the best riders in the country are competing for a blue ribbon, the best grooms in the country are dueling it out to see who gets nominated for which superlative. This year, we had over 100 nominations from all of you lovely eventing fans, making it a tough choice to pick the best #supergrooms for these nominations.

The superlatives in question were:

  • The Social Media Influencer (the groom that chronicles their riding journey on social media and shares all those good #groomingtipsandtricks)
  • The Hacker (The groom that’s tried all those grooming hacks you find on social media, i.e. ketchup on a white horse, etc)
  • Most Red Bull Consumed
  • Gen Z Groom (The groom anyone over 30 needs a translator to understand what they’re saying. Rider: dressed for dressage Groom: Okay, I see that drip! *After the test* On god, that test was bussin.’)
  • Shiniest Horse

And your winners are….

  • The Social Media Influencer: Alison Bell, groom for Yasmin Ingham
  • The Hacker: Ashley Dodds, groom for Waylon Roberts
  • Most Red Bull Consumed: Mia Braundel, groom for Liz Halliday
  • Gen Z Groom: Myles McLaughlin, groom for Ariel Grald
  • Shiniest Horse: Christina Curiale, groom for Will Faudree

Mia Braundel, groom for Liz Halliday (and 4* rider herself!).

According to the people nominating her, Mia Braundel absolutely needed that Red Bull this past weekend. “Mia Braundel is riding on a horse she has produced up the levels on her own. She is grooming 4 horses for Liz Halliday and her own horse Cashmere.”

Or, as another person said, “Mia Braundel for grooming the most horses annnnd competing herself! She’s AWESOME.”

Mia produced her 17 year old KWPN gelding all the way up through the FEI levels. While they did sadly retire on the cross country course, they put in a solid dressage test with a score that had them sitting in the middle of the pack prior to the jumping phases.

“Whether grooming or riding, just being a part of the event at Kentucky is amazing. It’s one of my favorite events to go to,” Mia said.”

On top of competing her own horse, Mia was also grooming for Liz Halliday and taking care of all four of Liz’s horses for the weekend. “I started working for Liz a little over a year ago, actually right before Kentucky 2023. My favorite part of grooming is definitely taking care of the horses and all of the places you get to go! I’ve gotten to travel all over to so many cool events.”

As a long-time groom for World Champion Yasmin Ingham, Alison is no stranger to coming to Kentucky. “This was my third trip to the states with Banzai and Yaz. I love coming to Kentucky for the 5* because the horses and grooms get treated fantastically and the organisers put a lot of effort into making it a great experience.”

Alison Bell, groom for Yasmin Ingham.

Sticking to the saying, ‘blonds have more fun,’ Alison has traveled all over the world with Yasmin and Banzai du Loir, from Aachen to Pratoni and, of course, to Kentucky. “Grooming for Yaz is great, she’s so easy to work with as she only wants what’s best for the horse.”

Winner of The Hacker #Supergroom Superlative, Ashley Dodds not only grooms for Waylon Roberts, but also runs her own business, Stone Creek Sporthorses. She’s also a USDF Bronze Medalist and events her own horses, WHF Lumiere and Lowland.

“Grooming at Kentucky was very inspirational, to be surrounded by the top riders, horses, and grooms of our sport. Waylon and Ruby have a pretty special partnership, so I loved getting to be a part of their journey and success at Kentucky,” Ashley said. “I enjoy working for Waylon because I am always learning and am very grateful to him for investing in educating me on the care of the horses and what it takes to be at the top of the sport.”

Myles McLaughlin appears to be our youngest groom on the list, rightfully earning the Gen Z Groom Superlative. Grooming for Ariel Grald, Myles rides his Thoroughbred, Felix, in his spare time.

“Grooming at Kentucky was an amazing experience! I grew up watching all these riders on their beautifully turned out horses and now to be behind the scenes is something really special,” Myles said. “I am very honored and appreciative to be given the opportunity to groom for Ariel! She is very understanding and so generous. Her main priority is that her horses are properly taken care of and the rest is secondary. She is someone I have learned a lot from and someone who continues to inspire me.”

Hanna Hartman from Achieve Equine with Ashley Dodds, groom for Waylon Roberts, and Myles McLaughlin, groom for Ariel Grald.

Awarded the #Supergroom Superlative for the Shiniest Horse, Christina Curiale had her work cut out for her this weekend grooming for Will Faudree’s 5* ride, Mama’s Magic Way. We’re not sure if he was inspired by Will’s hot pink suit at the jog, but Mama’s Magic Way did his best impression of a bay-version of the Barbie Dream Horse this weekend, with picture-perfect braids to boot.

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