Back At It: LRK3DE CCI5* Day Two Dressage Live Updates

Boyd Martin and Contessa. Photo by Tilly Berendt. Boyd Martin and Contessa. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

We finish up the CCI5* dressage today in Round 2 at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. Follow along here and refresh periodically for live analysis and commentary!

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16:11 And that brings us to the end of Day 2! Here is a look at our leaders heading into tomorrow:

Brits Yasmin Ingham and Tom McEwen lead the pack in 1st and 2nd place with just one time fault separating them. Tamie takes the lead for the US riders in 3rd place with 24.2 on Mai Baum, before Will Coleman and Chin Tonic’s 25.3 in 4th, and a nice 1.6 points difference before Liz and Miks Master C in 5th place. Just 0.1 point separate Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg from 7th place Buck Davidson and Carlevo, followed by Liz’s second mount Deniro Z in 8th. Germany’s Sandra Auffarth and Woods Baughman on C’est La Vie 135 make up the tail end of our top 10 leaders.

Thanks for tuning in to our live updates – we’ll be back tomorrow for an excellent day of cross-country out on Derek Di Grazia’s course. Keep it locked in to EN for the full report and all the news from the #BestWeekendAllYear.

16:10 Chin’s head shoots up after the salute, seeming pleasantly surprised that all this applause is for him. An excellent finish to our dressage rounds here at the Kentucky Horse Park! They take a solid 25.3 score, gaining them a spot in the top five.

16:08 A bit of a skip at A gives the pair a slightly lower 6.5 for their flying change, but they bring it right back for a ground-covering medium canter. Chin easily pushes down into the sand for their stretchy circle. They’re definitely putting some pressure on our defending leaders!

16:06 Will keeps Chin very balanced through all their transitions, earning another 8 in their square halt at C. A lovely swinging walk leads into a smooth strike off into their canter transition.

16:04 That’s quite a bit of fancy prancing, and Chin shows off his big steppin’ as they earn a solid 8 in their first half pass. Gosh, this horse’s trot is impressive.

16:02 And finally, the horse we’ve been waiting for: Will Coleman and Chin Tonic.

– Holder of the lowest 6-run average dressage score in our field, Will and “Chin” were the champions of the CCI4*-S at Setters’ Run Farm Carolina International this spring, scoring the lowest finishing score in the event’s history with a 19.4. This victory was a rare hat trick for Will, who had won the event the past two years on Dondante (2022) and Off The Record (2021). Will and Chin had a very successful international summer last year, with a 24.6 in the CCI4*-S at Luhmühlen and a 25.8 in the CCIO4*-S at Aachen. Will this “hyper-efficient” gelding give us another record score today? We’re on the edge of our seats!

Fun Stat Fact: There isn’t a 30 in sight on their FEI record, with their dressage marks trending more towards the mid- to lower-twenties.

16:01 A missed flying change drops a score of 1.7, Foxy seeming a bit amped as Jennie works to keep her together through the last few changes. Though starting their centerline “a bit like sailing into a headwind”, they finish with a solid downward transition on a score of 35.6.

15:59 Slightly lower scores in the halt and rein back for a bit of hesitation, and Jennie swings Foxy into the canter transition with an unfortunate disconnect, showing Foxy rushing into the faster gait.

15:57 Sporting her signature shining smile, Jennie is giving Foxy time to breathe through lovely suspended footwork at the trot. Strong marks in the high 7s are awarded to her extended trots that really push off the ground.

15:55 We are nearing the end with our penultimate pair, Jennie Saville aboard her final mount FE Lifestyle.

– Finishing up yesterday in 12th place with Stella Artois, Jennie has referred to “Foxy” as “the best cross country horse I’ve ever ridden”. Their 5* record has only continued to improve, placing 24th at Foxy’s debut here in 2021, 16th in 2022, and most impressively fifth at the Maryland CCI5* last fall. With a recent record dressage score of 30.1 in the Stable View 4*, we look forward to see how they fare today before what will likely be stellar cross country and show jumping rounds.

Fun Fact: Jennie gallops all her horses using a heart rate monitor, the data from which are all reviewed by a specialist at New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania.

15:55 A 28.4 brings Buck to 6th place, right ahead of Liz Halliday-Sharp’s Deniro Z.

15:52 Carlevo is a bit slow behind in his flying change and a bit tight in his stretchy canter circle, but has the mileage to pull off an excellent ground-covering second change. Big pats for Carl as they salute on a square halt.

15:51 A low 6 rating for a somewhat hesitant rein back, but a lovely extended canter across the diagonal brings a score of 8! If he stays where he is at the moment, he’ll move right into the top five.

15:49 This pair are no strangers to this arena as they rack in low-7 score averages in their first few movements.

15:47 Buck Davidson returns today on his final mount of the phase, Carlevo.

– Our annually-trending trailblazer led the pack yesterday with Erroll Gobey before slotting into 16th place with Sorocaima, but Carlevo easily has the most frequent-flier miles out of his three mounts this weekend – quite literally, as they’ve flown across the world for nearly 40 CCI4* runs together.

Fun Stat Fact: Buck and Carlevo took 5th place at Land Rover in 2022, and haven’t scored above the 20’s since 2020.

15:46 Big cheers from the crowd as Doug salutes to a 33.7 score, taking 14th place as he joins his team outside the ring.

15:44 In addition to being a strong pure showjumping competitor, Doug is also a top dressage rider and judge. His experience shows in the 7 points given to their left half pass as he urges the gelding to stretch.

15:42 Doug has piloted Quantum from a yearling, who successfully graduated as a champion of the Young Event Horse program. Just a little bit of underlying tightness at the walk, but a nice smooth transition into the canter keeps them in the high 6 scores on average.

15:41 Quantum exudes energy through his hooves, flicking out his front feet with proud excitement at the trot.

15:39 We now welcome Doug Payne and Quantum Leap to the ring.

– “Baby Quantum” certainly isn’t a baby anymore, as he and Tokyo Olympian Doug were our US 5* National Champions here at Land Rover 2022. This dynamite pair has taken a top ten finish in eight out of their last ten international competitions. Doug sure has his work cut out for him this weekend, with another entry in the 4* and one in the CSI 3* Show Jumping Invitational at the Horse Park as well.

Fun Stat Fact: Doug and Quantum have only had one cross country jump fault together in their entire FEI history.

15:38 Big cheers for their determination after making a lovely downward transition on the centerline. This world-class pair exit the ring on a 37.4, moving Hawley into 26th place.

15:36 Despite a handful of mid-5 scores for some hiccups, their average still maintains mostly high-6 points.

15:34 Jolly seems to be already thinking about tomorrow’s gallop, as she gives an unfortunate break to the canter in the second extended trot. You can still be rewarded for good transitions though, and Hawley pilots excellent ones following, despite the break.

15:33 The seasoned Jollybo knows her job as she shows the crowd a snappy first extended trot.

15:32 In the ring now is the female power-duo Hawley Awad and Jollybo.

– Jollybo is this weekend’s oldest horse in the field at 19 years young, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Known to be a rather spicy and opinionated lady, Jolly has been nothing but steady in her jumping phases over the years. Their dressage scores have continued in a downward trend as of late, so we look forward to seeing how this experienced California-based Canadian Team member fares in the Kentucky ring today.

Fun Fact: This will be the seasoned mare’s sixth trip down centerline for the Land Rover Event – twice in the 4* and the fourth time in the 5*.

15:31 David and Galileo Nieuwmoed earn a 35.6 to the sound of some cracking thunder as they leave the ring.

15:27 David pushes into a 7-point canter transition with some smooth lead changes. A nice rocking extended canter shows lovely transitions with good rhythm. Galileo gives some tail swishes during the canter half-passes that could be a bit more on angle.

15:25 I’m such a sucker for fancy black stallions, and Galileo is giving solid mid-6’s on the board (but 10s in my heart).

15:24 And Britain is back as David Doel and Galileo Nieuwmoed begin their test.

– This fancy young stallion is certainly eye-catching, and so are his recent competition records. Galileo took second place at his first CCI4* at Le Pin au Haras in 2019, and the pair finish sixth at their first 5* last year, making David the highest-placed Badminton first-timer at the event on only a few cross country time faults. As someone hoping for British team selection, David has certainly spared no praise for Galileo’s recent feats.

Fun Stat Fact: Galileo has only once received any cross-country jump faults, at the Bicton pop-up 5* in 2021.

15:22 A 43.4 score drops Zach and Direct Advance into 30th place on the board as they exit the ring to join their groom, former USEA President Max Corcoran.

15:20 Strong mid-6 scores in Zach and Roscoe’s swingy walk, but give a little “jiggy jog” into the canter transition. A bit out of balance from the extended canter, the lead changes come too early for this pair as they take low 2 and 3 scores in both changes.

15:17 The flashy Roscoe has some moments of unsteadiness in the half passes, but is overall giving a very nice show. He has a very cute floppy lower lip in all gaits!

15:15 After a quick arena drag, Zachary Brandt and Direct Advance will be our next pair in the sandbox.

– While Zach and “Roscoe” technically made their 5* debut last fall in Maryland, they still seek a completion at the level as Zach retired after just fence 9 on cross country due to the gelding sustaining a nosebleed. Zach has brought Roscoe along from his first-ever event to the top of the sport, and we’re excited to watch them here as they hopefully manage to complete their first 5*!

Fun Stat Fact: Roscoe has only dropped 6 poles in the duration of his international career.

14:58 One last short break before we start the third and final session of the day!

14:57 Palmer takes advantage a bit, with a few tight flying changes bringing low-5 score averages. A nice square halt at centerline brings them to a finish with a score of 39.8. He’s clearly ready for cross-country day already as he trots off to the exit ramp!

14:55 Meghan and Palmer are seeing solid mid-6’s on the board as he makes a lovely canter half-pass to centerline. His extended work is not quite as open as the judges are looking for, a bit tight behind the saddle, but they are definitely working hard.

14:53 Meghan is familiar to the 5* world thanks to her previous mount Pirate. She and Palmer start settling in to their work with some nice, steady footwork and a strong halt.

14:50 And up next we have Meghan O’Donoghue and Palm Crescent.

– Taking 11th place in last year’s Land Rover, Meghan and “Palmer” are known to live for cross-country day, where the off-the-track Thoroughbred really gets to open up the throttle. The pair took 17th place this March in the 4*-S at both the Event at Terranova and Carolina International. After an exciting 2022 season including Land Rover, Burghley, and Aachen, we’re looking forward to seeing the results of this season’s performance.

Fast Stat Fact: Palm Crescent is one of three OTTBs in the field this weekend, along with Buck Davidson’s Sorocaima and Jessie Phoenix’s Wabbit.

14:48 Daytona gives us a few “little explosions” due to her tenseness, and although not part of the test, at least she is giving us rather nice two-tempis while trying to stay on lead…! The electric audience causes a few unfortunate spooks as they finish down centerline. Props to Cornelia for keeping it together and managing this very spicy mare.

14:46 Low to mid-5s ringing through for Corny and Daytona as they try to power through the halt and rein back. We will likely need to hope for another post-cross-country leaderboard takeover as they lose 2 marks for Daytona changing leads much too early in the counter-canter.

14:44 Cornelia overshoots centerline by a tiny bit, and produces not quite the most extended trots in her rather tense mare.

14:36 After a quick break to move back on to schedule, our next rider to take to the ring will be Cornelia Dorr aboard Daytona Beach 8.

– Cornelia and Daytona scored a place on the silver medal-winning U.S. team in the FEI Nations Cup at Houghton International last year, debuting at the 5* level at Burghley where they finished tenth – even more impressive since they were in 50th place after dressage. This will lead us into a heavily-anticipated round today, as Daytona is known to be a bit “frustrating” in the dressage with a personal best score of 39 at Burghley. Will cross country tomorrow see another huge leaderboard leap?

Fun Fact: Daytona was previously owned by German rider Sandra Auffarth, currently sitting in 7th place on Viamant Du Matz after yesterday’s round.

14:32 We’re looking at a score of 36.6 as Nemesis leaves the ring to big pats from James.

14:31 A bit late behind in his first flying lead change, the second change sees Nemesis anticipating, transitioning about halfway between the corner and A for a 4-point average on the movement.

14:30 This horse can really flick his toes! A 5.7 on the hesitant rein back, but moving back into high-6 averages as they transition neatly into the extended canter.

14:28 Whether due to the electric atmosphere or the rumbling thunder, Nemesis has his eyes wide open as he moves into a slightly-stiff but steady half pass.

14:26 All the way from the West Coast, James Alliston and Nemesis enter the ring.

– Here for his CCI5* debut, Nemesis is the youngest horse in the field this weekend at 9 years old. The pair have just two finishes outside the top five since their Preliminary debut in 2020 – including a win at the recent Twin Rivers Spring International 4*-S – and they achieved a third-place finish in the 4*-S here last year. Their cross country and show jumping records are near-spotless, so we hope to watch them pull a competitive score in the ring today!

Fun Stat Fact: James has had 13 Kentucky starts since 2010 – the fifth most out of all but five of the riders here this weekend.

14:24 A few more bucking lead changes bring Sydney and Coco down centerline with a 43.3 score.

14:22 After some lovely circles, Sydney receives a wicked gasp from the crowd as Coco gives us her signature double-legged kick into the flying lead change, an accepting grin on her face. Our second change is much better, but still not quite the cleanest.

14:20 The judges are giving Sydney solid 6-6.5 point movements, with conservative but accurate footwork into the halt and rein back. Sydney actually used to ride the CBF-bred dam of Miks Master C, our previous horse in the ring.

14:18 Rookie pair Sydney Solomon and Early Review CBF give us a lovely canter down their first Land Rover 5* centerline.

– Our second 5* Land Rover Rookie pair has had a strong start this season, including a new personal best dressage score at Chattahoochee Hills. This pair has been together for nearly 10 years, so we look forward to watching their well-seasoned partnership. While their show jumping and cross country have been fairly fault-free, dressage has always been the weakest phase for “Coco”, as the mare has a tendency to throw a buck in the flying changes. Cross your fingers that we make these changes!

Fun Fact: This will be Sydney’s first time back at the Kentucky Horse Park since she was here for the North American Junior Young Rider Championships aboard her late mare, Lillian Pink.

14:15 And it’s 26.8 for Liz as she succeeds in pulling herself right back in to 4th place, bumping Boyd down to 5th. This gives us five sub-30 scores on the board.

14:14 Bobby Costello notes that Liz is a “craftsman in the ring” as she pushes Mickey through the end of a nicely relaxed test.

14:13 Though they scored a solid 8 point average for the halt, we are seeing mid 6’s in their walk. Mickey is working hard in these tough canter corners.

14:11 This Bromont winner is one of Liz’s newest partnerships, but you’d never know with this excellent harmony. Mickey’s collected trot makes him look so proud of himself.

14:10 After a very touching riders’ tribute to Jimmy Wofford, we are keeping the ball rolling as Liz Halliday-Sharp and Miks Master C enter the ring.

– The USEA leaderboard’s current top rider has been serving wins left and right with one of her newest 5* mounts, Kentucky first-timer “Mickey”. Liz praises him as “probably the best horse I’ve ever had”, and we can’t disagree. We can expect a highly-competitive score to be awarded within the next few minutes; if anyone can manage to win the weekend on a Kentucky newbie, it’s 2020’s USEA Eventing Rider of the Year. Let’s see if she succeeds in taking back her lead from Boyd aboard this 5* first-timer.

Fun Stat Fact: Liz and Mickey have placed in the top five in five of their seven most recent FEI starts.

13:46 7 points on a tail flick in the flying change, but this crowd favorite PanAmerican, Olympic, 5* champion pair is still serious competition. A 28.3 gives them 4th place, leading just ahead of Liz Halliday-Sharp before our break.

13:43 “Nothing but PBs for competitive horses” will lead these top riders into cross country tomorrow, as Boyd pushes Thomas into a rather cross-country speed extended canter.

13:42 Not quite square in the halt, Thomas still gives us some strong steps in the rein back. Scores are looking to the mid 7s during a very quality walk.

13:40 A very accurate, straight, confident halt at centerline before Boyd shows us how to go for it into a ground-covering extended trot.

13:38 Enter Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg TSF to great applause.

– After bumping some menage boards yesterday aboard the young Contessa, Boyd returns to the ring with the seasoned fan-favorite: our boy Thomas. With a 27-point average score and the determination of a Team Silver World Medalist, we can tell Boyd is ready to lock in their best possible score today as a healthy buffer against any potential show jumping poles on Sunday – especially with coach and legend Bettina Hoy on the sidelines.

Fun Fact: Boyd and his wife (and dressage master) Silva recently announced their pregnancy with their third child.

13:35 Changing from right to left seems to be a bit easier for Covert Rights, dragging behind just a bit in their second flying change. A 35.7 score brings Colleen into 17th place.

13:34 A very square halt sees a mid 7 point average, but we get a somewhat stiff transition as this “fancy prancer” very eagerly takes to the canter.

13:32 Colleen is going for it with a very snappy extended trot. Their long-time partnership truly shines in the dressage ring.

13:31 Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights are next to enter the ring.

– This will be Covert Rights’ seventh time down the 5* centerline. This pair has been producing several consistent sub-30 scores lately, including a 27.2 in March’s Event at Terranova, but has also been consistently holding a few show jumping poles by the end of recent events. With an impressive EquiRatings cross-country speed score of 91%, this pair could truly go either way.

Fun Fact: Covert Rights is part-Clydesdale; the only draft-cross taking the field this weekend.

13:28 An unfortunate small spook in the corner causes a lead change well before A, but Booli proceeds into a lovely stretchy canter circle.

13:27 Lance attempts a tiny half-step forward before the rein back, averaging mid 5’s on the board.

13:25 Lance is looking at the crowds just a bit as the angle of his first shoulder-in is just a hair off track.

13:23 Next to canter down centerline is Booli Selmayr on her long-time partner Millfield Lancando.

– This pair were 2022 Kentucky Rookies, and they are back and ready to battle this year. With a most recent international finish in 8th place at Morven Park’s 4*-L last fall, we hope to see them stick to their mid-30s dressage score trend here at their second 5*. In the leadup to Land Rover, Booli and “Lance” have seen top-ten scores at all three of their Advanced runs so far in 2023.

Fun Fact: Gentle giant Lance is a whopping 17.1 hands; “built like a bus” as Booli says.

13:22 And Yaz slots right in to first place! A 22.1 gives them just 0.5 points over current leader Tom McEwen.

13:21 Marilyn refers to this pair as a “harmonious picture”, barely affected by the Kentucky crowds. Seamless lead changes lead to a perfectly square halt on centerline. Simply lovely.

13:20 Yaz is creeping up on the leader with her accuracy. Banzai has a lot of swing in his walk, easily moving into the problematic counter-canter corner.

13:18 Banzai is relaxed and confident and ever as their score flashes averages in the mid to high 7’s. Now that’s an extended trot!

13:16 We now welcome the woman, the myth, the leading World Champion legend: Yasmin Ingham on Banzai du Loir.

– In addition to claiming victory at the World Championships at Pratoni last year, Yaz and Banzai also took a second-place victory here at Land Rover last year, behind Michael Jung. With Miche’s noted absence here this weekend, I guess we could say there is nothing holding this impressive young pair back from another victory.

Fun Stat Fact: Yasmin has won every single age title in the UK (under-16, under-18, under-21, and under-25), and she and Banzai claimed the world’s biggest equine age title at the Eight- and Nine-year-old Championship CCI4*-S in 2020.

13:15 Maxime gives us a half-hearted shrug with his salute, exiting on a 35.5 in 14th place currently.

13:13 Despite being rather seasoned for a young horse, already showing at Pau despite his young age, Carouzo definitely seems to be trying hard with some nice stretch in the canter circle. He seems a little tense, which is to be expected with the high-energy crowds.

13:11 The French rider and French Selle Francais gelding are the picture of elegance with lovely, smooth extended trots. Their halt wasn’t quite square before the rein back, and Carouzo breaks to the trot for just a step during their free walk.

13:09 Second in the ring are Friday’s French representatives, Maxime Livio and Carouzo Bois Marotin.

– This marks Maxime and Carouzo’s second 5* together after rocketing up from 30th to 7th place at Pau in 2022 following cross country. Maxime was recently crowned the first Top 10 Champion of Indoor Eventing at the Sweden International Horse Show in November, as well as the winner of the CHI Geneva show in Switzerland a month later, on mount Boleybawn Prince.

Fun Fact: Maxime and his sharp jawline have been a hot topic here at EN for many years.

13:07 Just a shade off centerline, Emily and Barry manage a 38.7, falling into 19th position.

13:05 A little kick and a tail flick in the flying changes, with a point average around 6.5 on the board.

13:03 Barry seemed like he thought they were going into a canter after the reinback, but their solid partnership truly shines together as he proceeds in an orderly fashion.

13:01 Our Friday trailblazers are 5* Kentucky first-timers Emily Hamel and Corvett.

– This aptly named sports car has springs for legs, although we typically see dressage scores averaging in the high 30s. While we are interested to see where “Barry” lands today, we are definitely looking forward to watching Barry in the next two phases as he allows each jump his patented one-foot-minimum height clearance.

Fun Fact: Emily and Barry have their own illustrated children’s book titled “Big, Bold, & Brave”.

12:58 Hello EN readers, and welcome back to Dressage Day 2: Electric Boogaloo. We had an excellent show yesterday, and look forward to filling out the rest of the leaderboard this afternoon. We’ll see only four non-US riders between the white boards today.

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