Back to Back Victories for Maxime Livio in the Agria Top 10 Indoor Eventing

Agria Top 10 Indoor Eventing brings together some of the world’s very best eventing riders. In the Sunday final, France’s Maxime Livio was best of them all. He secured the victory with Boleybawn Prince and the duo thereby repeated their 2022 win.

Maxime Livio and Boleybawn Prince won the very first Agria Top 10 Indoor Eventing final in 2022 and when this hugely popular event was back in Friends Arena this year, the pair showed masterclass and copied the victory. Last year the duo won the warm-up class as well, where this year they were third. For 19-year-old Boleybawn Prince this was the last time at Friends Arena as he is set to retire after his next competition.

Maxime Livio-Boleybawn Prince. Credit to Roland Thunholm/SIHS.

“It’s always a big pleasure when you are thinking of a plan, because you have a nice horse, and you manage to follow this plan”, Maxime Livio summarizes his ride.

“And for sure with this horse I have quite a lot of pressure. Because if I do my job well, I’m 100% sure he will do his job well. So if he misses something it’s because I miss something. So it’s quite a lot of pressure, not regarding the competition but more regarding our relationship, because since he’s so generous I really would like to ride my very best. When I manage to do that, most of the time he is really successful. I’m very happy to have such a horse.”

Cyril Gavrilovic from Belgium guided his good jumper Gatine de l’Aubree sensibly around the challenging course for a clear round, which was enough for second place as the Christmas-inspired jumps caused trouble for some of the other riders. Sweden’s Frida Andersén and Box Compris saw a quick ride, but collected some expensive penalties. They ended up third in what was the mare’s last competition as Box Compris is now set to go into breeding.

After winning the warm-up class earlier in the week, American Boyd Martin finished 4th on the Swedish horse Caruccio Paradise, a catch ride we saw him finish 5th on at the event last year. Caruccio Paradise has been campaigned through the 3* level with Johan Lundin and the 2* level with Klara Liden Kiraly.

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Click here for full results from the competition.

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