Badminton XC live thread

Are you watching the live feed?  — Share your take with the Eventing Nation community as a comment on this post.  
11:38: Jeanette Brakewell and Major Buck just finished off the Badminton cross-country rides for 2010, collecting a couple of stops but getting a good educational ride.  Recap post soon.
11:23: The live feed announcers have just announced that William has withdrawn Seacookie, who was sitting in 6th after dressage and was set to start in just a few minutes.  The word from the announcers is that Seacookie “didn’t feel quite right.”  Andrew Nicholson and Avebury just had a stop at the first of the two corners of #15. 
11:20: Loise Skelton jumped one more fence than anyone else by accidentally jumping backward through the B option at the colt pond after a sticky jump at A.  Loise then turned around and jumped the B element the right way.  Loise was eliminated as a result and was pulled up later at the course.
11:00: Paul Tapner and Inonothing of Australia rode quickly away from every fence to have an extremely fast round, just one second over, to finish on 44.9 and take the lead from Mary King.

10:30 update: Frances Whittington and Sir Percival had one of the best rounds of the later group going until Frances slipped off at the two jump steps up late on course.  Tina Cook and Miner’s Frolic (3rd after dressage) backed off heavily coming into the first water (12B – above) and hung a leg, tipping Tina off the front.  Both horse and rider were fine.
10:00: Overnight leader Kai Rudder had a stop at 18B,  jump bank up one stride to the log at B (pictured above).  The pair was having a very bold round, and the horse just seemed to jump past its landing which put it too close to the second.  Kai finished the course with a smile on his face and just the one stop.  Mary King and Imperial Cavalier still lead.
9:50: The rain has stopped but the footing is deteriorating somewhat throughout the course, with mud showing on most takeoffs and landing.  Many of the riders are being smart about taking the long route at combinations when they have tough jumps in.  The options are riding very well and the course is well designed to allow riders to make those decisions in the middle of combinations.

9:10AM: The course is riding tough today, with 18 of 39 rides so far having at least a stop. Of the top 3 after dressage, only Ruth Edge has ridden so far and she was eliminated.  So far, Mark Todd was clean but slow, Mark Kyle had a great ride, and Daisy Dick had a lovely ride.  Mary King and Imperial Cavalier have jumped into the lead after sitting in 14th after the dressage by adding just 2.4 penalties to their dressage.  47.2 is the score to beat right now.
6:00AM update: Both the short route at the quarry and the second element of #30, two angled tree trunks, were removed prior to the start of XC due to concerns about the footing deteriorating.
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