Becky Wins Rolex, Lauren and Peter Win Dubarrys

Of course, the Rolex we are talking about is the one given out in a drawing to one rider every year at the Wednesday night Rolex cocktail party, which is where I spent my evening.  Equestrian Events Inc put on a great party, and, while I’m not the best at small talk, I got to catch up with old friends and meet a few new ones.  As always, I heard some great stories that can’t be repeated here and I told a couple of those myself.

Lauren Kieffer won the best dressed female award and Peter Atkins the best dressed male, and both took home a pair of Dubarrys for their fashion.  We had trouble recognizing HJ Hampton from the front; all we usually see of him is his ears.  I vote for Peter wearing a helmet cam at Sunday’s jog. 
Three Days Three Ways is has a review of the best turned out pairs in the jog.  Maybe we will do the opposite for Sunday, and Ian Roberts is the early Vegas favorite.  Ian either already has Dubarrys or didn’t want any.  That said, the grey Napalm was impeccably turned out.
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