Best of Craigslist: Looking for a Horse Trainer?

Do you need your horse broke to ride upside down? Here’s your guy…



D.J HORSE BREAKING Offers Training , Exercising , Lessons , And Breaking . I have been training and exercising sense i was 8 years old and love what i do . I also have been running the national barrel horse association (NBHA) circuit sense i was 8 . I have been to Lexington Virginia world nationals and won . I also trained a 12 year old girl last year and she took 1st in the blountstown saddle club and won a saddle an also now starting to run NBHA and has been winning on her horse . It doesn’t matter if the horse is wild , crazy , bucks we know how to handle them , So If you need a horse trained to run barrels , just to ride , trail horse , or just a tottally bomb proof horse that will do what ever you ask we are the people to call . We can do Hourly , Weekly , Monthly or what ever we negotiate.



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