Best of JN: How to Ride the Posting Trot

We all remember the days of “up, down, up, down,” or “rise and fall with the leg on the wall.” Learning to post always seemed so simple at the time, but there are quite a few complexities that go with this daily riding ritual. CRK Training recently reposted this lovely video that explains the true motion in which you should post and how it affects your horse’s range of movement. What a lovely example to help you improve your daily riding!

Go jumping.

How to Ride the Posting Trot: A Skeletal View

#TBT How to Ride the Posting Trot: A Skeletal ViewPosting trot is a gait many riders struggle to learn and struggle to do well. It may feel difficult to “stay with the movement” of the horse, or to avoid the feeling of easily being thrown off balance.We are often taught rising trot with the chant of up, down, up, down, but the actual movement of posting isn’t really about going up and down.Also, one of the most common pieces of riding advice, “heels down”, when done in the wrong way, can actually make posting much more difficult.In the video below, Wendy Murdoch shows how to ride an effortless posting trot, using a horse and rider skeleton to show the correct movement.

Posted by CRK Training on Wednesday, May 22, 2019