Best of JN: The Best Sale Ad on the Internet

Sifting through sale ads can get a little monotonous. In order to get your horse to stand out, you have to get a little creative. This seller knew she was going to need to capture her audiences attention with a little extra flair and it definitely caught our eye. Read the original post here!

“Are you looking for a challenge? A real, “wtf did I get myself into” and eventually, “that was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had” challenge?

Do you dream of competing in the mustang makeover but want the athleticism and potential of a warmblood?

Do you have a great health care plan and an even better life insurance policy?

This 2014 16h solid black RPSI gelding might just be your huckleberry.

He has a very strong personality and is the jerk in the pasture who pesters everyone. He’s the leader of the herd and the first one to investigate anything new.

All the negatives aside, he is a very personable boy who is almost impossible to photograph because he won’t stay away from you. He’s a cute, athletic mover who will make a killer event horse or jumper for the right person. And for the wrong person he will chew you up and spit you out.

His dam is TB by Innkeeper who was purpose bred for eventing but spent her life as a broodmare. His sire is Belafonte d’Avalon, a German Riding Pony who was 2013 Area V Training Level Champion. He also completed his 30 day stallion testing with one of the highest scores ever awarded in North America or Europe.

I had plans to have him started under saddle before I ever offered him for sale because I think the wrong start could ruin him. However, I’ve decided I will try and find him the right person who wants a clean slate to start with.

Priced to sell in the 4 figures but the right person is of greatest importance. And no, this is not (at this point in his life) a great horse for your 13 year old daughter who is SUCH A GREAT RIDER unless you hate your kid.”

We can’t stop laughing and we hope this seller finds the perfect home for their horse to thrive in.

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