Bid on Awesome Things to Help Area VIII’s Nadeem Noon

Photo via the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page Photo via the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page

The Nadeem Noon Support Fund team has organized a seriously amazing online auction through the Equestrian Aid Foundation to help offset Nad’s medical expenses as he battles a condition called Amyloidosis, which has caused serious damage to his heart and other vital organs.

Here’s an update on Nad’s condition via his Faceook support page: “He has had a break from chemo this week so is able to teach 1-2 lessons a day, but even that effort is taxing. His doctor, who is recognized as one of the best experts on amyloidosis in the country, will present the case for receiving a new heart but has informed Nad that it is not likely his case will be accepted.

“They have yet to determine if the chemo is working but will be continuing with those treatments next week. Typical Nad, with all of this news, his tone is very upbeat and he still inserts his trademark humor. When we ended the conversation, I thought about the times how my tone wasn’t half as positive, for stupid reasons such as my horse jigged at the walk or we knocked a rail. Even in his current situation, Nad is still teaching.”

The online auction opened last night and will be open for bids through 7 p.m. EST Saturday. Click here to check out all the auction items up for bid, and we’ve also listed them all below:

Two private lessons and two days stabling with Leslie or Lesley Law
Private dressage lesson and stabling with Silva Martin
Two private lessons with Lauren Kieffer
Private lessons and stabling with Phillip Dutton
Private lesson with Lellie Ward
Two private lessons and stabling with Sharon White
Two private lessons or one clinic entry with Dom and Jimmie Schramm
Private lesson or clinic entry with Boyd Martin
Private lesson with Ryan Wood
Private lesson with Stephen Bradley

Show Entries
Jumping Branch Farm Schooling Horse Trials entry
Hunter Oaks Horse Trials entry with stabling
Indiana Eventing Association Horse Trials entry
Surefire Farm Horse Trials entry
Dan Hobyn Schooling Horse Trials entry
Hagyard MidSouth Team Challenge entry
Flying Cross Horse Trials entry and stabling
Richland Park Horse Trials $200 entry credit
Indiana Dressage Society show entry with stabling and tack stall

Cross Country Schooling
Gibbes Farm cross country schooling
Flying Cross Farm cross country schooling pass
Dan Hobyn Farm cross country schooling pass
Jumping Branch Farm cross country schooling pass

One month stabling at Sandy Hills Farm in Aiken
Equine performance exam with Dr. Stephanie Davis
Julia Scherschligt fine art horse print
Ride safe bracelet

Additionally, a silent auction will be held at the Hagyard MidSouth Team Challenge at the Kentucky Horse Park from 2-7 p.m. Saturday in the Stonelea Pavilion. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 4 nights at an exclusive Colorado vacation home
  • beautiful ceramic artwork
  • tack and clothing for both the horse and rider
  • Xpress Photo CD

You can also make a donation on the right side of the page at this link. Now let’s get bidding and help Nad!

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