Black Friday Deals for the Crowd-Averse

Skip this. Check out online deals below. Go ride instead. Skip this. Check out online deals below. Go ride instead.
Skip this. Check out online deals below. Go ride instead.

Skip this. Check out online deals below. Go ride instead.


Does the mall sound as appealing as cracking ice on waterbuckets bare handed? Grab a plate (or three) of leftovers and click through some specials from our friends instead.

Deck the barn with … Himalayan salt licks by Hilton Herbs and Smartpak.

Get licky with it — Himalayan style

Get licky with it — Himalayan style

These are way better for brightening the barn than those Christmas tree balls, which will just drive the barn cats crazy anyway. Plus, we’re sure your steed will be impressed that his salt lick came from a 550 million year old source deep in the Himalayas, transported down steep passes on the backs of yaks. The salt lick biz helps the local folks (and yaks!) and the licks provide minerals from the inside out, they’re not just factory-added, like many mineral licks.

Take 10 percent off these licks, and ANYTHING YOU BUY at SmartPak for a limited time only.

And, speaking of licker …

Portable — and stylish — holiday cheer.

Portable — and stylish — holiday cheer.

This handsome flask is just as useful fighting mall crowds as it is fighting a bitter breeze while riding to the hounds. Dubarry has conveniently created a Pinterest Wish List you can forward to your friends and family with other classy gems.

Hang a shining star upon the highest bough? Nah. We know the real shining stars are probably out destroying their blankies in the pasture. For those of us who’d rather bask in the glow of our horses than holiday ornaments, Cavalor has helpfully reformulated their Star Shine detangler and brightener. And, if you like them on Facebook they might just send you a free sample.


Toasty black gloves for Black Friday? Just in time for chilly weather, Tredstep presents a new glove, the Trainer Pro. These winter gloves actually get grippier when the weather gets crummier. High Performance Wet Tec becomes even more effective in soggy weather. If only the same could be said for my riding. Tredstep also has a helpful wishlist to share with family and friends.


‘Tis the season of car dealerships singing about low APR deals. Well, Point Two blows them all away with a ZERO PERCENT APR payment plan on airvests. Yep. Safety can now become reality for those of us lacking a large chunk of change to plunk down up front. Plus, if you buy one now, you can wear your airvest to the mall during holiday shopping craziness.

Perfect for cross country — and Walmart!

Perfect for cross country — and Walmart!

Show your true colors next season with a custom Tipperary Eventer Vest. You can choose custom colors for the trim, piping and even the laces. Do you struggle to find gear in your colors? You’ll be shocked at how many colors Tipperary offers on these vests. Orders must be placed by Dec. 7 to guarantee Christmas delivery.


Go Shopping!

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