Black Friday EN Style

Black Friday is America’s largest one-day social experiment each year and the results are–in one word–terrifying.  Humanity is a funny thing.  If you take reasonable human beings and put them into situations of grief, terror, or some other kind of hardship, the odds are pretty high that they will handle themselves with grace and at the very least a semblance of order.  On the other hand, we learn every year on Black Friday that making people act like stark raving mad panicking lunatics is much much easier than putting them in an aircraft and setting one of the engines on fire.  All you have to do sell waffle makers at Walmart for $2 and you will create what is essentially a small riot within your friendly neighborhood superstore.  If you survived the madness of crowds this morning, or if you were smart enough to stay in bed at home, then give yourself a pat on the back! 

Madness aside, Black Friday is the official start to the holiday shopping season.  In celebration of the fact that Christmas is officially a month away, we are kicking off a holiday series in which we will highlight each of our wonderful Eventing Nation sponsors.  We’ll do one post every few days and most of the time we will include a special deal or contest from the sponsor.  It’s the least we can do since our sponsors keep the heat on for the Chinchillas at the EN compound through the long winter.  Let’s jump right into it:


If I had to describe SmartPak in one sentence or less I would say: “Great service, great products, great prices, great selection, and of course a great supplement system.”  You might have noticed from the new EN SmartPak banner for today through Monday.  You can save 10% on orders over $150 just by using promocode “Thanks” at checkout.  Click here or on the banner to start saving.  As always, a great way to support Eventing Nation is to do your holiday shopping through SmartPak.  Go eventing.

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