Blizzard Photos

Here are some photos that readers have sent in from the blizzard that has much of the eastern US shut down.  From the reports I have heard, electricity has been off in many regions and the snow is very deep, but the horses are doing well and have a positive attitude despite the conditions, as always.  

KL’s back porch in VA got 37 inches.
Lisa B’s garage aka “The Man Building” in VA: “luckily, the horses are being boarded out!  And our winter project was to build a lean-to off this building and build stalls for the horses!  Even though the house and this building were inspected when we bought it in 2007, check your roof!  And yes, all the new stuff at this place is the stuff that gets broken.  The most solid part of the farm is the house that was built in 1866 which I’m sitting in right now.”

Finally, a few photos from YL, also in VA:
snow tractor.jpg

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