Book Season: Vanir Kamira’s Incredible Journey

Some horses stand out as potential superstars from the start.

This is the story of one that didn’t: Vanir Kamira (“Tilly”), an “ordinary” little mare who, through sheer determination and the building of an exceptional partnership with her rider Piggy March, won the two most important CCI5* horse trials in the world — Badminton and Burghley.

Bought from Ireland as a three-year-old by Trevor Dickens, who still owns her, Tilly started her eventing career in 2012 with Piggy, who is one of the world’s most celebrated event riders.

Piggy and Vanira Kamira. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

But the mare showed little to persuade Piggy that she had a bright future in the sport, and Piggy gave up the ride after one season. Circumstances brought the pair back together in the winter of 2016, and at Piggy’s Northamptonshire yard they started to form a bond.

Written with great honesty, Vanir Kamira: An incredible journey details the long and often-frustrating and difficult path Piggy and Tilly took to mutual trust, respect — and love. It is one that brought both to the absolute heights of their sport.

This book will fascinate anyone with an interest in horses, and especially anyone who likes to discover what makes these bewitching animals tick and how to help them feel and perform as well as they possibly can.

Vanir Kamira: An Incredible Journey is on sale at Your Horse Live (Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, 10-12 November), and during Piggy’s masterclass tour, Piggy TV on Tour, in November and December 2023 at the following locations:

November 17: Hartpury College, Glos

November 12: Arena UK, Notts

November 25: Bishop Burton, Yorks

November 29: Scottish National Equestrian Centre, West Lothian

December 2: Wellington Riding, Hants

Beginning December 1, the book will be available from Piggy’s website,

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