Boyd Martin is the leading USEA Lady Rider of the Year


Boyd might be the 3rd placed overall USEA rider of the year, but he can find consolation in the fact that he is leading the lady rider.  It’s like a bad Dos Equis commercial for the most interesting man in the world–He scores so many points they put him in both the male and female categories

[USEA Rider Rankings]

While we are chatting about USEA leader categories, here’s a look at the overall standings as of Sunday afternoon:

1. Buck Davidson  745.0
2. Phillip Dutton  6470
3. Boyd Martin  607.0
4. Sarah Cousins  496.0
5. James Alliston  358.0
6. Michael Pollard  354.0

There are *three Canadian’s in the top 50 of the USEA overall rankings–Lisa Marie Fergusson, Jessica Phoenix, and Hawley Bennett.  Nina Ligon is running away with the Young Rider of the Year points, Kevin Keane is the leading Amateur, Tom Holder and Phil and Melissa Town’s Can’t Fire Me is leading the SmartPak horse of the year, and Sharon Will’s Absolute Liberty is the leading mare of the year.   

Thanks to EN tipster J for sending in the photo.  We have a new email address for tipsters.  Please send your tips, ridiculous videos, and everything in between to [email protected] 

Just for the record, we’re posting this all in good fun.  I can’t imagine how much work must go into compiling the lists and eventing is definitely more fun in the US with rider rankings.  Besides, it’s not like I have any right to criticize typos.  Go eventign.   

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