Bracket Battle of Event Horses: ROUND 3, Elite Eight

Mark Todd’s CHARISMA continues to turn back foes with utter disdain as he amassed 90% of the votes yesterday against TRUE BLUE GIRDWOOD.  Will his momentum carry him past READY TEDDY?  In the battle of Bruce’s horses, EAGLE LION was clearly the best, sending HEYDAY back to retirement.

The bracket is really taking shape now as the field of 32 is down to the Elite Eight.  Today and tomorrow will determine the regional winners, with the Final Four beginning on Monday.  All these horses are great athletes and champions…but there can only be one winner in the end!  Who will it be?


In a dream matchup, we find (arguably) Karen’s best-known horse against David’s best-known horse.  An individual gold-medal winner, versus a stalwart US team anchor.  They’ve both been honored by Breyer models (Biko, Tailor).  Which should move on to the Final Four?

1.  BIKO                               vs.                 2.  CUSTOM MADE


This could be known as the “upset region,” as neither the one nor the two seeded horses made it to this point.  Instead, it is a battle between two fan-favorite grays, who could not be more different.  Bettina Hoy’s RINGWOOD COCKATOO set new standards in eventing dressage, though he could be a bit tentative on cross-country at times.  MURPHY HIMSELF? Not so!  Exuberant and bold, Murphy attacked cross-country with sheer reckless abandon.  Both horses could make you hold your breath, though perhaps for different reasons.  Which gray will move on?  You decide!

4.  RINGWOOD COCKATOO                vs.                   6.  MURPHY HIMSELF  

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