All 22 Horses Pass Bramham U25 CCI3* First Horse Inspection


Caroline Martin and Quantum Solace. Photo by Samantha Clark.

All 22 horses presented at the Bishop Burton College U25 CCI3* First Horse Inspection this afternoon were accepted, although spare a thought for poor Bethany Stephenson who had to endure a visit to the holding box first before subsequently being passed upon re-examination with Family Affair.

Caroline Martin and Quantum Solace breezed through, as did Swedish brother and sister combo Ludwig and Ellen Svennerstal. Brits Charlie Clover and Dani Evans both have two rides in the division, and Emily King who rides Brookleigh has also got Walitze F Vejgard in the CIC3* – they did their dressage today and scored 48.7 for 15th place overnight.

Much more from the Equitrek Bramham International Horse Trials to come – Go Yorkshire Eventing!

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