British Eventing Now Requires Skull Caps on Cross Country at All Levels

Laine Ashker and Anthony Patch at Millbrook. Photo by Jenni Autry. Laine Ashker and Anthony Patch at Millbrook. Photo by Jenni Autry.

British Eventing has confirmed that the organization will keep a new rule that bans “fixed peaks,” or brims, on helmets in cross country at all BE sanctioned events, meaning skull caps are now required on cross country at all levels in Great Britain.

The BE Sport Committee met to further discuss the requirement after BE members pushed back against the rule following its introduction in the 2015 BE Members’ Handbook; the committee ultimately decided to stick with it.

“The safety of its members is of paramount importance to British Eventing, and this rule has been introduced to enable BE members to compete in the best personal protective equipment available,” Chris Farr, BE Sport Operations Manager, said in a statement.

BE further clarified the rule in the statement:

Only jockey skulls will be permitted on cross country. Whilst a jockey skull is a commonly understood description for a type of peakless protective helmet, for the purposes of clarification, a jockey skull typically has:

• No peak, peak type extensions or noticeable protuberances above the eyes (or to the front) and has an even, elliptical or rounded shape.

• A smooth or slightly abrasive surface.

A removable cover containing the peak, should one be required (such as a hat silk).

• This rule does not affect FEI competition.

There’s been speculation from eventers across the globe that other national governing bodies may follow BE’s lead — as many did after the organization decided to ban helmet cams last fall.

We have reached out to British Eventing on whether the Sport Committee used any sort of scientific or safety study to make this decision. In the meantime, what do you think, EN?

How would you feel if you were required to wear a skull cap on cross country at all recognized events? Do you think this is another safety measure the sport should take? Or would you rather stick with your usual helmet?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Fixed peak ruling retained for the cross country phase]