By the Numbers: MARS EQUESTRIAN Bromont CCI4*-L

With the MARS EQUESTRIAN Bromont CCI Three-Day Event serving as the last CCI4*-L of the North American spring season, the competitors are a mixture of newcomers to the level, experienced horses taking a crack at a Pan American Games qualifier, and combinations re-routing after hiccups at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event or the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event. With an unusually large percentage of seasoned horses here, it’s likely that the winner will be an experienced combination.


Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

  • No one has ever broken the 75% mark (25.0 penalties) in dressage in the CCI4*-L at Bromont.
  • With the jumping phases always proving influential at Bromont, recent winners have won the CCI4*-L from as low as eighth place after dressage.
  • In the last four runnings of this division, only two pairs have finished on their dressage score, both in 2016: Ryan Wood and Woodstock Bennett and Kylie Lyman and Sacramento.


Buck Davidson and Carlevo. Photo by Jenni Autry.

  • Carlevo and Buck Davidson hold the best two-year dressage average at the Advanced/4* levels; they haven’t scored below 70% since 2017. They hold the only two-year average in the field that sits in the sub-30 range.
  • Copper Beach is hot on the heels of his stablemate though, averaging 30.0 over the same time period. He’s scored sub-30 in each of his Advanced tests in 2018/2019 but hasn’t cracked that threshold in his 4* starts.
  • Boyd Martin hit the 20s in two of On Cue‘s first three Advanced starts but has only achieved low thirties in her two 4*-S starts.
  • Lauren Kieffer and D.A. Duras achieved the 75% mark at Little Downham in the Advanced division in 2017, but haven’t quite broken 70% in the horse’s six starts since.
  • Katherine Coleman and Monte Classico have been chipping away at the first phase. Although their two-year average sits at 32.5, they’ve scored in the 20s in their last three consecutive starts.


Sabrina Glaser and Rembrandt. Photo by Sherry Stewart.

  • Sabrina Glaser and Rembrandt have been quietly gaining experience on the West Coast. In eight career runs at the level, they’ve never had a cross country penalty. Over the last year, they’ve finished within 10 seconds of the optimum time or the fastest time of the day in every single run.
  • Landmark’s Monte Carlo has a reputation for fast rounds at the long format. In six clear career runs at the 4/5*-L levels, he and Lauren Kieffer have finished within five seconds of either optimum time or the fastest time of the day in every single one of them.


Jennie Brannigan and I Bella. Photo by Shelby Allen.

  • I Bella has been lightly competed at the Advanced/4* level, but in three show jumping rounds at the top level, she and Jennie Brannigan have yet to have a rail.
  • D.A. Duras has jumped clean in nine of his last 10 consecutive stadium rounds at the Advanced/4* levels. He and Lauren Kieffer have had only one rail since 2016.
  • Jakobi and Emilee Libby had one rail in the horse’s first Advanced and have since jumped clear in four consecutive Advanced/4* rounds.
  • In nine rounds at Advanced/4* together, Katherine Coleman and Monte Classico have only tipped a rail on two occasions.


Buck Davidson and Copper Beach. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Keep an eye on:
  • Buck Davidson and Carlevo
  • Katherine Coleman and Monte Classico
  • Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo
  • Lauren Kieffer and D.A. Duras

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