By the Numbers: Woodside Advanced

While Bromont is looming close for those based on the East Coast, Woodside Advanced marks the beginning of the summer season out west, leading up to the Rebecca Farm CCI3* in July. This division has grown every year over the last four runnings, with 15 pairs slated to start over Ian Stark’s cross country course this weekend.

Photo courtsey Sherry Stewart.

The Field

  • In the past three years, about 85% of the field at this show has finished cross country … but no one has finished inside the time.
  • Because it is difficult to make the time over this course, two of the last three winners have come from behind after dressage.

Heather Morris and Charlie Tango. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Dressage Divas

  • Charlie Tango and Heather Morris hit the 70% or better mark in 5 of their 8 starts last year, including a sensational personal best of 22.4 at the Copper Meadows Advanced. These two are one of only two pairs in the field to have an average dressage score in the 20s.
  • Chatwin joins Charlie as a regular at the top of the dressage leader board, having hit the 70% mark twice in his two starts already this year. He and Frankie Theriot-Stutes have also clocked in a personal best already this year, with a 22.7 at the Twin Rivers Advanced in March.

Lauren Billys and Castle Larchfield Purdy at Great Meadow. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Show Jumping Powerhouses

  • Charlie Tango continues to maintain his position as one of the best show jumping horses in North America, having incurred only one rail in 11 show jumping rounds at this level.
  • Castle Larchfield Purdy and Lauren Billys stepped up their show jumping game in the run up to the Rio Olympics, and have maintained that prowess at the A/CIC3* levels since, with a 60% clear rate in this phase.

Frankie Thieriot Stutes and Chatwin. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Cross Country Machines

  • Chatwin doesn’t just have the moves, he also has the speed, being crowned our Top Cross Country Horse for Eventing Nation in 2017 due to accumulating only two totals seconds over optimum time in three runs last year, including a CCI3*. In the last two calendar years, this pair has an average pace of 0.33 seconds under optimum time.
  • Revitavet Elijah has only two starts at this levels, but he’s already made the time once, coming within 10 seconds of optimum time at the second. He benefits from being piloted by James Alliston, who is a well known speedster in the cross-country phase.

PREDICTED WINNER: Frankie Theriot-Stutes and Chatwin

Frankie Thieriot Stutes and Chatwin. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Keep Your Eye On…

  • James Alliston and Revitavet Elijah
  • Helen Bouscaren and Ebay
  • Lauren Billys and Castle Larchfield Purdy

Potential Spoilers

  • Heather Morris and Charlie Tango
  • Tamie Smith and Fleecework Royal

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