California Welcomes Bobby Meyerhoff with a Broken Leg

Photo via Bobby's Facebook page Photo via Bobby's Facebook page

It’s barely been a month since Bobby and Danica Meyerhoff relocated from Virginia to California to set up their business on the West Coast, and the Golden State has welcomed them with open arms … until Sunday when Bobby fell while cross-country schooling and broke his right leg.

This photo of him hanging out in the shade under a jump waiting for a ride to the hospital is crying out for a caption contest. Just off the top of our heads:

  • “That’s one way to use a helmet.”
  • “You’re supposed to go OVER the jump.”
  • “Step aside, Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Add your own captions in the comments to give Bobby something to smile about during what is surely a very disappointing time, as he’ll be missing the fall season while grounded. We wish Bobby a speedy recovery and all the best as he heals and gets back in the saddle.

[Bobby and Danica Meyerhoff Relocating to California]

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