Carolina International CIC2* Cross Country Live Updates

Photo via EN's Instagram Photo via EN's Instagram

In a few minutes, the Carolina CIC2* will get underway. You can follow along here for (semi) live updates in the 2*, and later on the CIC3*. If that’s not enough for you, you can also follow the EN Twitter handle @eventingnation.

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Marilyn is on a roll with RF Scandalous, and they currently lead the division on their dressage score of 38.6. Ryan Wood and Powell aren’t too far behind, with a clear show jump round moving them up to second on 44.4 and Phillip Dutton sits right behind with Mighty Nice with a 44.7 after another clear round.

12:22 Carlevo crosses the finish, and the CIC2* is now complete! Tune in later for the CIC3*.

12:21 Carlevo hesitates off the bank in the final water, but gets it done. RF Scandalous gets 1.6 time penalties, which will give her another FEI win!

12:20  RF Scandalous over the final fence. Carlevo goes well through the three stride brush combination.

12:19 Carlevo has a runout at the second fence of the Stonehenge. RF Scandalous jumps well through the final water.

12:18 Buck Davidson and Carlevo on course, clear through the bank complex, then easily through the first water. RF Scandalous balloons over first element and bank complex and makes the second element work.

12:16 Powell looks great through the final water. RF Scandalous easily through the Stonehenge.

12:14 Powell tight in three through the brush combo. RF Scandalous and Marilyn Little clear through the bank complex.

12:13 Powell clear through the Stonehenge. Mighty Nice easily through the final water.

12:11 Mighty Nice galloping easily by the racecourse. Powell looks good through the bank complex. Mighty Nice jumps through the infield brush combination easily.

12:10 Ryan Wood and Powell now on course

12:09 Phillip Dutton and Mighty Nice look fantastic through Stonehenge, but are being held now. Elena and Zipp are reported to be fine, Elena is up and walking.

12:07 Effervescent clear through the final water. Elena has apparently fallen from Zipp, we will bring you an update as soon as we know anything.

12:05 Zipp and Elena Hengel quick and easy through the bank complex and first water. They look like pros through Stonehenge.

12:03 Caeleste looks to be going very well for Will Faudree. Caroline Martin and Effervescent have a glance off at the Stonehenge.

12:02 Caeleste smooth through Stonehenge. Ringfort Tintaturk has a determined ride through the final water.

11:59 Will Faudree back with Caeleste.  Kylie Dermody and Da Vinci Code clear through the final water complex.

11:56 Long Island T has a runout at the Stonehenge, jumps clear on second attempt. Faolon direct at the final combination. Ringfort Tinkaturk clear through the first water and Stonehenge.

11:55 Obos O’Reilly looks like a cool customer through the final water. Peter Barry and Long Island T ride clear through the bank complex and first water.

11:54 Ian Roberts and Faolan have a sudden runout at the second part of the Stonehenge.

11:52 Obos O’Reilly tidy through Stonehenge. Buck Davidson and Be Mine galloping fences out of stride. Stutters a little dropping back into the water at the final fence but Buck rides him through it.

11:49 Athlone Antone keen and strong through the final water. Will Coleman and Obos O’Reilly  smoothly through the bank complex and handily through the first water.

11:47 Can Ya Dig It clever through the final water. Athlone Antone making a move through the brush jumps in the infield.

11:46 Athlone Antone clear through the bank and first water. Penelope trips badly on the bank out of water, but Jennie sits tight and they navigate through clear.

11:45 Can Ya Dig It has a wonderful go through Stonehenge. Allison Springer out on Athlone Antone. Penelope galloping easily near the racecourse.

11:43 Mr. Medicott absolutely perfect through the final water. Can Ya Dig It clear through the first water and bank complex.

11:42 Mr. Medicott looks great through the infield. Top Gun trots a portion of the final water but is clear.

11:41 Mr. Medicott smooth like butter through Stonhenge. Jennie Jarnstrom and Penelope on course.

11:40 RF Fantastique comes home to the final fence. Mr. Medicott makes the bank complex and the first water look like cake.

11:39 Mr. Medicott blasts out of the start box. RF Fantastique a bit quiet and trips up the bank at the final water, but is honest and gets it done.

11:36 Top Gun never in doubt through the Stonehenge.

11:35 Anita Nemtin-Gilmour and RF Fantastique a bit wiggly through the Stonehenge, but no problems. Another pause for Hap at the top of the final water complex but jumps off.

11:34 Kilrodan Abbott pauses for quite a while at the top of the bank in the final water, but jumps off with some encouragement. Top Gun adds an extra stride before the bank but jumps neatly through with Sinead Halpin.

11:32 Tiffani Loudon-Metze gives Hap some encouragement through the first water, but then smoothly through Stonehenge.

11:30 Marley Stone Bourke and Kilrodan Ambassador look phenomenal through the Stonehenge. Lup the Loop takes the gallop fences easily, neatly through the final water.

11:29 DA Adirmo calmly through the infield. He trots a few steps through the final water, but Buck does his thing and jumps smoothly out.

11:27 Tops looks great through the infield brush combo. Kyle Dermody and Lup the Loop confidently over the bank complex and smoothly through the first water. Tops hops handily through the final water.

11:26 Buck and DA Adirmo clear through the bank complex. They then make quick work of the first water as Buck hails a cab.

11:25 Tops has a glance off at the second element of the Stonehenge.

11:24 Atlanta B a bit sticky through the final water, but goes no problem. Tops clear through the first water.

11:23 Nicole Doolittle and Tops headed out on course. Sarah Kuhn and Atlanta B had a runout at Stonehenge while Tops makes easy work of the bank complex.

11:21 Allie and The Dark Mark ride well through the final water. Now headed to the finish.

11:20 Daniela and Cecelia in a bit of a hurry through the final water but clear. Brings Cecilia back to the final fence quite nicely.

11:19 Rachel Wilks just finished with River King, while Daniela and Cecilia jumping the galloping fences out of stride.

11:18 Allie Knowles and The Dark Mark look confident and smooth through the bank complex and the first water.

11:17 Daniella and Cecilia very tidy through Stoneheng in four. River King looking confident through the gallop fences.

11:16 Get Ready looks keen and clear through the final water, then making the last combination look easy.

11:14 Rachael Wilks and River King soft and easy through the bank complex. Tight Lines really making Will work for it through the final water.

11:13 Phillip Dutton and Get Ready nice and strong through Stonehenge. Tight Lines jumping through the brush lines so big that the distance becomes tight.

11:12 Spring Easy hesitates slightly off the bank at the final water but makes it clear. Caroline pushing him for time.

11:10 Spring Easy looking easy through the infield fences. Will Coleman circling at Stonehenge at the B element.

11:09 No Remorse currently jumping nicely through the brush jumps in the infield. Will Coleman and Tight Lines clear through the bank complex while No Remorse navigates the final water quite well.

11:08 The bank complex is riding very well. SBF Cortez looking like a total pro through the final water.

11:07 No Remorse full of running and trying to tell Buck that. They have a great go through the Stonehenge.

11:05 SBF Cortez lovely through Stonehenge, Buck and No Remorse fighting Buck through the bank complex.

11:04 SBF Cortez and Boyd Martin look experienced through the bank complex. Kylie Dermody clear through the final water.

11:03 Very sticky ride through through the final water for Nobie Cannon but clear.

11:02 Femme Fatale straight and clear through the bank complex, but have a little peak at the first water, adding strides but going clear.

11:01 Qorry Blue D’Argouges full of run at the end. Runout at the Stonehenge for Kylie Dermody as just the horse runs on by. Jordan Thompson and Femme Fatale on course.

11:00 Qorry Blue D’Argouges smooth through galloping fences. Nobie Cannon and Bust a Groove have a stop at five, but good through the Stonehenge.

10:57 Colleen Loach and Qorry Blue D’Argouges have a smooth go through the first ride. Jan Byyny and Duke of Diamond tight to the out of the final water but get it done.

10:55 Airlington looks good through the gallop stretch. Has a lovely ride through the final water.

10:54 Michael Pollard and Tsetserleg out on course, clear through the first two. Jan Byyny also on course and clear through the bank complex.

10:52 Airlington packs an extra stride into the one stride at the first water, but makes it through. Follows it up with a great ride through Stonehenge.

10:51 Lauren Kieffer, now commentating, says the footing is perfect. Airlington rides confidently up the bank complex.

10:50 Airlington and Emily Petl-Dimmitt out on course. Carmac has a good ride through the final water. Renaissance is double clear.

10:49  Unfortunately Lillian Heard and Arundel part ways after a misjudged distance at the Stonehenge. Lillian is walking off the course.

10:48 Renaissance has a good run through the final water. Arundel has a good ride through the first water.

10:47 Lillian Heard and Arundel on course. Center Stage had 12 time penalties, no jump penalties.

10:45 Daniel Moguela and Carmac out on course. Quasar confirmed with clear jumping, 2.4 time penalties. Run-out for Carmac at fence five, a corner combination.

10:44 Renaissance clear through the bank complex. Center Stage careful but clear through the final water.

10:43 Renaissance and Liz Riley begin the course. Center Stage entering the galloping stretch.

10:42 Quasar almost leaves a leg off the bank at the final water but Buck sits tight, no problem.

10:41 Pfun appears to be home provisionally clear. Caroline survives as sticky moment in Stonehenge.

10:40 Caroline Martin and Center Stage now out on course.

10:38 Quasar lovely through Stonehenge. Pfun looks full of run through final water.

10: 37 Buck and Quasar now out on course.

10:36 And we’re on! Will Faudree first out on course on Pfun.